This is where parenting fits into life’s bigger picture. If you like nothing you read here there will be a consolation prize in the form of a pretty good, fast, and easy recipe at the bottom of the page. Hopefully you will like what you read and the recipe will be a bonus.

I define a homekeeper as- One who performs the duties that result in the maintenance, upkeep, or reinforcement of anything that can be considered home.

I’d like to open the website with a poem that I wrote when my daughter was born It’s called “Beautiful“. I can attribute this website to it.

After talking with my buddy Dave and a few others, Soccer Moms are my target audience. I haven’t really geared this toward that audience. My bad. I’ve geared it more towards scientists, philosophers, and maybe religious leaders. To me the cliche “Soccer Mom” means someone who cares a great deal about parenting. I’m one of those. I’m not a Soccer Dad I’m a Volleyball Dad and I do care about my daughter more than anything except God, and it took me a while not to put God second. Now I believe God is perfect order in the Universe and I need that first for my daughter to live in before I can even have a daughter. The rest of the writings aren’t really Soccer Mom or any other parent friendly but I’m going to work on that as time passes. If you think you’re a pretty smart parent or person with a craving for something new please read HomeKeeperU.com and help me connect with the housekeeping side of parenting more than I’ve done here. Please leave comments and tips on the topic that I will gladly review. If you’re not interested in parenting, please read some of the blogs. I try to bring them back to parenting but they’re multifaceted. If I haven’t blogged about something your interested in please let me know in the comment section. I like to blog all request. There is some strong language but I intend for children to read with the guidance of their parents. Please enjoy.

I’d like to give you a brief foreshadowing. It reads, “Home Keeping and the Universe” at the top of this page. I’d pretty much try to stay true to that. In this website you will find that spirituality shakes hands with science. HomeKeeperU speaks about how raising our children to Universal independence is more important than raising our children to earthly independence. Raising children is the most important job in the Universe. HomeKeeperU simply encourages that tying it to our financial existence will insure that we do it correctly. It will also insure a economic system that will last as long as the specie itself.

This is definitely not the Martha Stewart version of home keeping but I’d like to be able to connect with that side of the house when ever possible. Hopefully someone from that side will want to tie in to this website’s ideas as well.

When many of us think of home keeping we think of cleaning supplies and thankless house work. Don’t get me wrong, doing chores and upkeep are very important but there is so much more to home keeping. We have to prepare and maintain the surroundings of the young. This site is about the Universe and caring for our beautiful children. These things really do work in tandem.

My ex-wife says my webpage is out there in left field somewhere. I know that by perception that will be true for some persons. I’d rather it be out there in right field where you just have to wait  patiently and the ball will eventually come to you.

This site has four goals.

1)  To maintain a constant focus on how keeping the home pertains to every individual’s dwelling, city or town, state, country, planet, solar system, galaxy, and perceivable Universe.

2)  To influence persons opinions on having the most important occupation in the Universe be a paid occupation. Occupational Parenting

3)  To gently bring persons out of their slumber into a Universe that we can win favor in. To approach theThe Fulfillment of the Creative Potential“. I don’t want to be condescending when I say, “bring persons out of their slumber” but the entire population of our planet isn’t as aware as it should be, including myself.

4)  To have billions of persons sharing ideas and information about how we exist, why we exist, and how we should exist.

I know I use persons instead of people and I capitalize Universe. I do these things for reasons I will later explain. I’ll explain “The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential” (in goal number 3) right now. There are definitely two paths you can go by but in the long run you still have to make a decision. “The Fulfillment of the Destructive Potential” is the other path the Universe offers, but the Universe can only favor one of these and still exist. You may have discerned that if the Universe favors “The Fulfillment of the Destructive Potential” it would have destroyed itself eons ago to fulfill that potential. Instead the Universe uses the destruction of one thing for the creation of something else and I believe it probably does this very efficiently. The place where the Universe fulfills the most creation for the least amount of destruction is the “The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential“.

I never want to lose focus of the full spectrum of home keeping so please share any tips on parenting, pets, cooking, cleaning and or your opinion on the continuity of the Universe. The continuity of the Universe doesn’t seem to mesh with the other things in this paragraph but nothing meshes more.

Also I’d like to acknowledge that I’m an average person with an average mind. I ask that Sheldon Cooper not take my head off with words, phrases, and theories that I won’t even understand. If possible explain your objections in simplified terms.

Now that recipe I promised.


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3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Tashee

    At first paying parents seems ridiculous. Yet after reading your site and giving it some thought I think it’s a very good idea.

    For so many families, it is necessary for both parents to work because in today’s economy, most families can’t survive on just one income. As of now parents who work, pay an extraordinary amount for strangers to care for their children. Even with two incomes the second income is minimal due to the cost of child care. For those who are wealthy enough to need only one income, the partner that doesn’t work is as economically dependent on the bread winner as the children. They’re held economically hostage. Then there is the scenario where foster parents are paid to raise the children of others. Now, one of the reasons children find themselves in this predicament is because the parents couldn’t afford to care for them. So why pay strangers when you could simply pay the parent who would then rear their own children. Finally, it is a cliché that children are the future, but it is true. There is a major benefit to society to live in a world of well adjusted, socially responsible citizens.

    With all of this in mind, it makes perfect sense to pay parents to stay home with their children–to protect, provide, and prepare them for the future.

    1. myhome@homekeeperu.com Post author

      Thank you for your comment. It’s a good one. Why does our society accept that it’s ok to pay anyone else to raise your children except you.

  2. joe

    Dec. 4, is National Cookie Day. How about trying these No Bakes, quick and easy? 3 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder 2 cups white sugar 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup butter 3 cups quick cooking oats 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract Heat cocoa, sugar, milk and butter over medium heat. Boil these verrrrry slowly (they will turn out better). When they reach the boiling point boil them for no longer than 90-120 seconds. Stir together oats, peanut butter and vanilla with a big wooden spoon. Pour the hot mix over the oatmeal mix and drop on wax paper.
    Destin Log

    Dec. 4, is National Cookie Day. How about trying these No Bakes, quick and easy?

    3 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder 2 cups white sugar
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup butt…


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