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Blog – Are Pets Beneficial To Children? 1/28/2015

January 28th, 2015

My daughter wanted a pet. She got a cat, hamster and dog all within about a two year span. These pets were in addition to the cat we already had. The cats are very self sufficient. She swore she would take care of the hamster and that it would be considered hers. The dog was written into a new house contract. She lets the dog out to relieve himself a few times a week; far from the kind of care she said she’d be responsible for. I do most of the animal care now. It shows her that I support her and kindness to animals no matter what. It shows her what it takes to keep an animal healthy. And when she asks for another animal she knows why she isn’t getting one. All in all I think the pets will prove to be a good experience. Here are some other reasons that I read about.

There are so many reasons why it’s good to raise children around animals. We can start with a better immune system. This article states that’s children raised with dogs in the first year have 31% fewer respiratory tract infections than children without dogs. This isn’t the only article that indicates a better immune system for children with pets.

If the other members of the family show compassion to their pets the children will learn compassion for all God’s creatures. Even that spider smashed with a shoe is not made to suffer. That’s not to say that some of these qualities won’t be inherent by The Rule of Socialized Genetics. The flip side of this is that children can also learn cruelty or express it from some genetic deficiency in there line.

A Personal Testimony

I grew up in a house where the dogs lived in the basement and wallowed in their own feces. In another household my step dad kicked and beat our animals so that’s what I learned to do. At 15 years old, of all dogs to get, I was given a pit-bull. It was a disaster. Fist thrown as hard as I could and bites intense enough to break the skin was an everyday occurrence. It wasn’t that I didn’t love Harley I just didn’t know how to show it. At 19 a girl entered my life that turned my perspective of love up side down. I never hit her. Though I improved with my pets, I was still heavy handed.

When I was 32 I was blessed with our daughter. Pets are a big part of her life because she’s an only child. In addition to the love of that girl, who became my wife. I got an even more grand perspective on love from my daughter. She and I volunteered at the local animal shelter when we were in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. I didn’t mistreat any of the animals there and my daughter had to acquaint hers self with walking dogs and bagging poop. Now we have a house and a rescued greyhound from Florida. I’ve never spanked Rocket (greyhounds get so freaked out in the face of violence). I am now 46 and grateful for the way things turned out. It could have been so much worse but my girls saved me and now I am able to save Rocket, two cats, and a hamster. I dedicate an hour a day to Rocket and we share a wonderful love. The hamster gets a half hour. The point is to raise your children to appropriate and display a good love, as appose to bad love, right from the beginning. That’s what’s being done with my daughter. I’m glad she never saw the ugly side of me. Not everyone can say the same. I am so grateful. Thank you for letting me share. Here are some other articles on children and pets.

Pets and Children

Raising the Next Generation of Animal Lovers

Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Should We Stay Practiced At War? 01/21/15

January 21st, 2015

should-we-stay-peaceWar; it carries powerful undertones and resonates of power on the surface. I believe in war and the purpose of war. War is huge with guardianship in The Rule of Human Need on the Health and Happiness page. There is no higher calling of home keeping than military service. The Universe doesn’t coddle when it comes to it’s own survival and only those ready to defend can exist at the approach of The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential“. I speak of the Universe as if it has a conscious. Well it does; yours, mine, and every sophisticated being that lives in it. In all the workings of energy from the physical form of a person to the subatomic flow of the Dimensional Space Continuum there’s a message, “if you are ready for war, you have to worry less about war”. If there is a flaw in that truth the Universe will challenge you itself. Therefore we should always be practiced at war. It’s the irony of living at the apex of peace.

should-we-stay-weaponIn the future I see weapons powered by the energy a soldier can produce. If a soldier isn’t worthy the weapon won’t even fire. It will come with an aptitude for other areas of soldiering as well. Genetic markers, emotional stability, and personal energy will be the rule. This aptitude will determine his or her position in the military. There won’t be any war mongering stuffed shirts without a care for life moving up the ranks. There will be judgement and justice for war crimes and America can fully vest itself in the ideas that birthed it.

should-we-stay-deathCloning will actually serve a legitimate purpose. Some may have thoughts that cloning is unethical and without reason; thoughts that cloning would only be a perk for the extremely wealthy.  I think along the lines of “if we can do it find a genuine purpose for it”. If soldiers who have died in battle can be brought back and the Universe helps our technology to restore their memories we should do it. Some would say they’ll become reckless because they won’t care about dieing. Easy, a battlefield death comes with a penalty; a two or three year of isolation from home. War could actually be just for practice. An objective could be as simple as a soccer ball in the basement of some apartment building and your job is to retrieve it. We could continually stay at the top of our game and be rewarded with peace.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I should not change. The courage to change the things I should and the wisdom to know the difference.

should-we-stay-futuristic-soldierIf you don’t agree with an issue don’t wreak so much havoc on it that you drive it into hiding. Someone will still be pursuing and advancing it anyway. America had a ban on cloning that doesn’t mean the rest of the world did. So how many advancements have been made outside of American involvement. If we push an issue underground then we’re just playing the catch up game when someone else has developed it fully and in many instances that’s a game we can’t afford to lose. Get and keep everything on the table. That’s the American thing to do. Let the people decide America’s destiny. It may not always be polite but let every conflict have a resolution and let’s keep our children, our homes, and our world safe. Let’s stay practiced at war. Until next week, keep your homes well.

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Blog – Who Wants To Be A Billionaire? 1/14/2015

January 14th, 2015

First let’s get an idea of what a billion dollars is. A millionaire can buy 16 $60,000 Mercedes. A billionaire can buy 16,666 of the same car. Of the 1,645 billionaires in the world 492 of them live in the US. The only other countries that even break 100 billionaires are China 152 and Russia 111 billionaires.

Top dog Bill Gates is worth 76 billion while Warren Buffet is worth 59 billion. If they’re taxed at 24% (high) Bill Gates can still afford 966,666 $60,000 Mercedes. Poor Warren Buffet can only afford 750,000 of the same car. At the split point of $36,055 annual income, the lower of the split taxed at 3% has $34,920 left at the end of the year. Not even enough for one Mercedes. We finally reach a point at $73.354 annual income where an American can purchase one Mercedes with an after tax income of $60,590 but they will have to eat and purchase a house; bye bye Mercedes. These figures express income tax being paid. In reality these billionaires  have very little or no taxable income due to tax breaks. Before taxes Bill Gates can afford 1,266,666 $60,000 Mercedes.

Now lets define what work is. What’s hard work? What’s easy work? And how much more should hard work pay than easy work? I like to define work as a signature energy conversion process. The more the work you do for the least amount of energy consumed the more the work is worth. If 2 persons load 9 bags of grain in the same amount of time but 1 uses 2% of available energy and the other uses 10% of available energy obviously the person that used 2% has the greater value and can do the hardest work.

Some think brain work uses less energy than physical work. Rather solving mathematical equations or watching television the brain consumes about the same amount of energy but that amount is astounding. The brain at 2% of the adult body weight consumes 20% of it’s energy.  “How does the brain’s energy consumption depend on mental activity?” Some would say the brain is going to use 20% of the energy anyway so any work produced at all is a good value. Lets imagine there another product. While energy is being consumed another type of energy is being produced from the work being done. What can the Universe do with the energy produced from 9 bags of grain being loaded. That’s the true value of work but as far as we know or can prove that energy or the technology to measure such a product doesn’t exist .

The point is the work performed with investing and corporate ownership is worth far less than investors and owners are getting. The question you and I are stuck with is “why isn’t everyone doing it”? It takes money up front, education, mentoring, and politicking. It’s still safe to say that some who are cooking pizzas and flipping burgers could be successful at investing. (If we let the complex be made simple and not the simple complex) There’s no doubt it takes smarts and powers of deduction to be a career investor or corporate owner but are they that much smarter. More importantly how much of that work can the Universe use?

There are intangible salary caps. Another words at some income value a person’s work couldn’t possibly equal their income. No-one can convert that much energy. The Universe sets the cap. How much energy do you consume vs. the usable product produced.

There are some billionaires who are for the redistribution of wealth and I stand with them. Occupational Parenting will never find success without the support of some of the wealthy and some of the educated.  

Until next week, keep your homes well.

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Blog – Why Not Cuss? 1/7/2015

January 7th, 2015 Updated 5-19-2017

There has been a retraction for this blog. Some of the information was incorrect and has been rectified.

Blog – Retraction For “Why Not Cuss?”

I’ve always let my daughter cuss. Before you get distressed hear me out. I do not favor swearing and consider it to inherently and expressly different than cussing. Instead of “I swear to God” or “I swear on my mother’s grave”, Let your yes be yes and your no be no. By that concept there is no reason to swear.

Cussing on the other hand is arbitrarily making a word bad. A word is phonetic sounds grouped together to form words. There are no good sounds or bad sounds so why is there good words and bad words. If in an older time there was the need to minimize the change in any specific language over the miles and reduce the development of dialect there is no such need now. Technology has all of us right next door to each other; purely tribal persons excluded. Since I couldn’t explain to my daughter why one phonetic sound was bad and another was good I let her cuss. In the name of healthy socialization she was only allowed to cuss around me; no other adults or children.  Folks really get steamed when you tell them there’s nothing wrong with saying “fuck”. They cling very tightly to bad sounds and good sounds. It reminds me of

Monty Python’s Knights of Ni.

Some words have a bad meaning such as “hate”. I explain to my daughter that it’s a very powerful word and she should only use it when she couldn’t feel or think worse of a subject but I don’t stop her from using it. “Nigger” has become the granddaddy of all bad words. Though it is rooted in ignorance it is only more ignorant to make it unspeakable. It should be redefined to fit everyone.

Nigger: A person that is ignorant to any degree as it pertains to existence.

Niggerism: One’s degree of ignorant thought or behavior as it pertains to existence.

These definitions seem much more productive to me instead of saying The “N” Word like we’re in first grade. This still leaves plenty of room for nigga a word of comradery among some African Americans. There should be an appropriate time and place for every sound we can make. No bad sounds; no good sounds just  meaningful sounds and un-meaningful sounds.

There is an emotional take on cussing as well. Sometimes emotionally only the cuss will do. To scream “fudge” after hitting ones hand with a hammer doesn’t carry the same sense of satisfaction as yelling “fuck”. So why the difference in emotional satisfaction. The Rule of Socialized Genetics on The Environment page holds the answer. We’ve actually bred in the emotional taboo and shock value of the word or words. Some are desensitized to the taboo and shock. Everyone could be desensitized to “Bad Words”. It’s just a matter of what’s best for society.

The last paragraph on the Word Play page is a blurb on this topic. Until next week. Keep your homes well

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