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Blog – How Do I Keep My Lawn? 2/25/2015

How Do I Keep My Lawn?

February 25th, 2015

Thank you James Harper for the suggestion.

Before doing some research I was the worst person to ask about lawn care but after reviewing many websites and videos I may try to grow something other than moss. As you can imagine there’s plenty of information on this topic. It seems the push today is toward natural or organic and away from chemicals. If your lawn has been maintained with chemicals it has an addiction to them and going to organic may take years. The organic alternative seems to be in the best interest of everyone and everything including your lawn.

As common sense would dictate the soil is quite important; not just the nutritional make up but it’s density and soil life. There are actually insects that thrive on pest that will eat your lawn. Believe it or not the Ladybug eats a pest known as an Aphid therefore Lady bugs are good. You may have guessed that worm poop is a good fertilizer and you can purchase combinations of it to be great fertilizer. These websites and videos will take the battle for your lawn to the microbial level.

The first site has the most reading. Depending on your preference you may want to save it until last. Natural Lawn Care Techniques has a link called “organic fertilizer” where you can purchase lawn products if you choose to do so. It is thorough but still leaves room for the other websites and videos to be informative. They include facts that you may not have know about; like removing only 1/3 of your lawns length is best for your lawn or that thatch which is normally reincorporated back into the soil can accumulate at the base of your grass and leaves your lawn susceptible to disease. Thatch can be raked away or a specialized tool may be used.

The next site is “The Best Management Practices for Lawn Care & Landscaping“. It uses California to reference different types of grasses but chances are there is a grass type that matches your region. You may want to talk with someone in the lawn and garden department about which of the grasses mentioned is best for you.

Prefer videos? SafeLawns has more than a few videos to watch. Earth friendly with some techniques and tools you may not have known about like the reel lawnmower. I’m thinking about getting one. They’ve come a long way.

This last site includes herbicides. That’s not a choice I can’t make for you. Just remember your lawn will get addicted to chemical fertilizers. You can always mix and match chemical and natural lawn care methods. “To Over -Seed or Start Over with Your Ugly Lawn?” has options such as “Not to Bad” to “Pretty Bad” to “Completely Horrible”.

Hopefully you have found what option is right for you in this blog. Until next week; keep your home well.

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Blog – What About Supper? 2/18/2015

What About Supper?

February 18th, 2015

Thank you Jennifer Fernandez Page for the suggestion.

The difficult thing about writing an informative blog is that most anything a person is interested in can be Googled or found elsewhere on the internet. I will definitely include the links that I have found for you. Two of them were from the Google entry “quick and easy meals.”

20 Fast Dinner Recipes

Quick and Easy Recipes

I think 45 minutes is the most time you’ll spend with one of these recipes. There are actually cookbooks out there for this link; “Racheal Ray’s 30 Minute Meals“. I’ve bought two of these cookbooks.

I certainly believe in quick and easy meals and have many that didn’t come from a cookbook. I usually try to stay true to a 3 part meal; protein, starch, and a vegetable. Keeping that within about 30 minutes means a canned or frozen veggie, a skillet ready meat (you can also bake meat in less than 30 minutes), and a packet or boxed side (noodles, rice, scalloped potatoes). Nothing beats homemade mashed potatoes. I don’t use this simple format all the time but I’ve gotten it down to a science as a go to alternative. You’ll still have to get your fruit at breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Hmmm dessert?

I have one more suggestion for your lasagna and shepard’s pie. season your hamburger to taste with garlic salt. It makes a huge difference in the end result. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Does Spanking Teach Your Child Violence? 2/11/2015

February 11th, 2015


This never fails to be a controversial question but my address should first include a view on violence. I try to think of violence as appropriate or inappropriate. I want my daughter to learn about, think about, and practice appropriate violence. The best example of appropriate violence is self defense or the defense of another who is incapable of self defense.

You go out for an evening and a man strikes your girlfriend in the face. You can dial 911 and wait while your girlfriend’s face is being pulverized or you can try to stop the assailant. Might may not make right but sometimes the end result is decided by violence.

The example above is far from disciplining a child so lets move more toward that direction.

I’ve read several articles on the issue and there seems to more support for never spanking your child vs spanking your child. I think the way folks try to make it right or wrong, good or bad, or black or white is silly. It does a great injustice to common sense and moderation. The articles I’m presenting are no longer than a page and are worth reading to get a grasp of the volley in the question. I don’t fully agree with any of the writings but I think each one has some merit. The first author is a proponent of spanking.

Does Spanking Teach Kids to Hit?” This article explains that spanking is as natural a teaching tool as touching a hot wood stove.The point of view is that there are social boundaries in addition to the physical boundaries a child will encounter and it’s up to us to teach those bounderies. The author fails to address intensity frequency, or duration of any physical discipline. Clearly there is a problem when a parent is trying to appease their anger and frustration on a child’s backside or face. Usually when this occurs the intensity and duration is far too extreme. It’s not discipline, it’s child abuse. With too much frequency the child will become desensitized as the so called spankings become a normal event in the child’s life. I think this can make the child indifferent to the spanking and can influence an infatuation with inappropriate violence.

In “SeeSaw: Read what our parents think about Spanking” there are parents on both the pro and con sides of the physical discipline argument. While some parents seem to see spanking as barbaric and ignorant others feel it’s an indispensable part of child raring.

The articles against spanking “The Long-Term Effects of Spanking” and “Why Shouldn’t You Spank Your Kids? Here’s 9 Reasons” site study results which makes them more attractive. Still none of the studies address a low frequency, short duration and mild intensity to Spanking’

Somewhere there is a happy medium. I believe my ex-wife and I have found it, used it, and enjoy the benefits of it. My daughter is an only child and that may make disciplining an easier task (I don’t know). I simply use physical discipline as a last resort except in the instance it should be first (child runs blindly into the street). An example of last resort is when she refuses to take a timeout or the timeout doesn’t get a change in the unwanted behavior and she displays the same type of tenacity with negative reinforcement (taking away something she would normally have access to). I have spanked my daughter twice in 14 years (one year later than the excerpt I will site). Both times were on her meaty little butt. I do not believe in hitting children in the face. My ex-wife has hit her once for disrespect. The first time I spanked her was for running into the road and the second was a complete loss of respect. The first time was three whacks and the second was one. It seemed as if she wanted to know if we would do it; if there were no boundaries she couldn’t cross. I think she was happy and content when she settled into her role in the family; that of a well loved daughter. We always reasoned with her about what she had done wrong until she fully understood our position. And we always, always, always tell her we love her.

Here is an excerpt from the About Me page of HomeKeeperU.

We’ve tried to teach them to use good judgment without a belt across their ass: as was done when I was growing up. It didn’t teach me to use good judgment; just to live in fear. The Army can teach a person to use better judgment and in my case it did. I think the hands off approach to child raring can go too far as well. A child needs to know that a parent can just eat them like in the wild (just kidding). I’ve spanked my daughter twice in 13 years and hopefully it served her well at those times that she really needed to know that I’m the boss. She’s way past the spanking age now. I just ground her from her technology. End of excerpt.

I would like to add one more thing. I was born into an abusive environment. All my life it was difficult to not abuse weaker beings and there’s almost half a century spent correcting those impulses. If you were abused at any time in your life and have violent impulses you may not want to administer physical discipline. Leave it to you spouse or enlist the help of a professional therapist. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Should You Put Your Child On Drugs For ADHD? 2/4/2015

February 4th, 2015


I was on Ritalin for ADHD. I developed a nasty habit but there are extenuating circumstances. When I was taking Ritalin I was prescribed a higher dose than what most children are prescribed today. I was on 25mg twice a day and at one point I think it was higher than that. I was between 4th grade and 5th grade. I went from being a D and F student to an A and B student over night. The conduct problems I was having seem to disappear.

The trouble for me was taking the Ritalin came with a feeling of euphoria. A feeling that could only be matched by cocaine. For a while everything went fine in the structured environment of my foster home. I was content to get my high twice a day and the rewards that came with it; honor roll and being a model citizen. Then I left my foster home for a less structured atmosphere with less adult supervision. That’s when I started stealing the pills and abusing them. The social climate of my life for the most part was very unstable. There was physical abuse, verbal abuse, and more. I was carrying an enormous amount of emotional baggage from the time that I born to the present but I have healthy coping skills now. I also got into trouble later in life when I came back from Desert Storm with Gulf War Syndrome. To make a long story short the VA had no plan for dealing with the extreme fatigue and severe diarrhea associated with the syndrome and as far as I know it still doesn’t. I thought of my old friend Ritalin and almost wound up in prison for self prescribing.

The articles I’ve sited here seem to be contradictory to my story but if read carefully I think they’re not. My opinion is if a child isn’t in a stable social climate they should not be put on stimulants for ADHD. No parent wants to think think that the social climate they provide is inadequate but in truth they know. Do your kid a favor don’t go with stimulants. It will only negatively impact problems that are already there. First stabilize the living condition. These articles are based on evidence that support medicating your ADHD child. You’d be hard pressed to find one that is against it.

Does Stimulant Medication Cause Addiction

Do ADHD Meds Lead to Addiction

ADHD and Substance Abuse

Until next week; keep your homes well

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