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Blog – Is “The Rule Of Human Need” Complete? 5/27/2015

Is “The Rule of Human Need” complete?

May 27th, 2015

My sister considers the 3 Ps to be a catchall in parenting. The 3 Ps are Provide, Protect, and Prepare. It certainly makes sense to me but I consider “The Rule of Human Need” to be a catchall for happiness in the human experience. If they are both catchalls I should be able to find compatibility between them. I will use this blog to do just that.

Let’s start with Provide. That’s easy – Objective trade providing is kneaded to the first two needs. It’s providing and attaining food, water, and shelter in a social way.

Let’s move on to Protect. Also easy – Guardianship begins with self preservation; something as simple as trying not to fall down and moving on to protecting others; maybe a pet at first and eventually other family members and friends. It’s both nurture and nature. We learn not to kick the cat or pull the wings off of flies and at some point it should just feel wrong to do these things. We also develop a maternal or paternal instinct. These should drive us to be the best guardians we can be and fulfill a sense of purpose from which we derive our happiness. It’s difficult to be happy if you and others around you believe you’re not a good parent. It just leaves a true sense of purpose hanging in limbo. I think happiness is also learned to some extent. Remember it’s difficult to be happy if you don’t see happy.

And the third P presents more of a challenge. Prepare – I think that prepare isn’t readily available as a shining example in “The Rule of Human Need” but when crossed with “The Rule of Eternal Human Survivability and Dominion” it captures the full spectrum of the 3 Ps.

 The Rule of Human Need

The human must engage in guardianship, the making of love, and objective trade providing to be happy and progressing in all of these to be advancing. (This rule considers involuntary needs such as breathing and a heartbeat to be a given before other needs)

The Rule of Eternal Human Survivability and Dominion

Establishing an offspring to the healthiest state of independence in accordance of and to any location in the perceivable continuum is as important for the specie as food and water for the individual.

A complete explanation of each Rule is available by clicking on the link. Until next week; Provide, Protect, and Prepare.

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Blog – Body Cams: Why Not? 5/20/2015

Body Cams; Why Not?

May 15th, 2015

Police brutality, officers killed in the line of duty; who’s to say when it’s one word against another. Recent history has shown us that the word of the police isn’t always the truth. We’ve always been skeptical of the word of a criminal. The fact is that not everyone arrested is a criminal and even if they are our system doesn’t allow for them to be beaten senseless or killed. Officers do have to protect themselves from violent perpetrators and they do have to use force to make an arrest if a perp is resisting but in no other way are they authorized to to use force. It’s often told that if one kills a policeman it is a death sentence for the one thought to be guilty.  Will the police become judge and jury of such an offender; also unjust in the American Justice System. I have no problem with the death penalty for someone that takes another’s life and more so in the case of a police officer trying to do their duty but the death penalty has to take place with due process.

Below is a  list of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2015. Other years can also be investigated on the same page Officer Down Memorial Page. The police have to be ready for violence at all times. Their lives depend on it but we need officers with the psychological fortitude to flip the toggle switch from being in the danger of bodily harm to knowitng when the only danger of harm is themselves. Officer Jillian Smith was killed while trying to protect an 11 year old girl. I think anything other than the death penalty in this case only reflects a weak society.  police killed in the line of duty.

Top 15 HORRIFIC Police Brutality Cases showcases the abuse of power by the police. The dialog is more important than the pictures. I can’t pretend that ethnicity on this top 15 list isn’t disturbing. One would figure the numbers of minorities on the police force would make for more fair treatment of suspected criminals across the board. It doesn’t.

So why would any society in it’s right mind choose to except these types of tragedies. Folks complain that the justice system doesn’t work. The emotional human imperfections and disregard for the truth has never given it a chance to work. We can do something about the disregard for the truth. Body Cams. Knowing that we will be held accountable to the truth will bring around the emotional margin of error. Why would anyone not want every arrest recorded except for the intent of wrong doing ? Is it the expense? That’s a blatant fallacy. Body cams go for $250 to $475 a piece. Hold off on getting one or two new police cars for one year and everyone making arrest can have a body cam. The truth in justice is certainly worth it. Until next week; Keep your homes well.

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Blog – Medical Marijuana Pro’s And Con’s 5/13/2015

Medical Marijuana Pro’s And Con’s

Thursday May 13th, 2015

Thank you James Harper for the suggestion.

Before I get to the Pro’s and Con’s of medical marijuana use I have to state that I take a Libertarian stand on drug use. I believe in the legalization of all drugs. I think it’s my role as a parent to teach my daughter the risk of drug use and the consequences of abuse not the Government’s. It’s not the Government’s job to protect me from myself. Too many voters suffer from Inappropriate Parenting Syndrome. I am a middle aged independent man and I don’t need you or them to be my parents. Their convinced that they can take my rights in the name of public safety. There should be laws against driving and working under the influence and that’s where the boundary of public safety ends. Those trying to inappropriately parent me believe that drug users will ruin their children; not if they do their job parenting. They want to remove anything that could ham their children from society. We wouldn’t remove cars because people die in accidents so why would we remove drugs.

The best defense against the possible bad influence drugs can have on anyone not just children is information; the truth in information. I tell my daughter that I don’t use marijuana because it makes me stupid. I can’t track a conversation or produce any meaningful work. To me that just isn’t a lot of fun. Still I have to admit that chowing down on some muchies is fun. Since her mother has about the same tolerance for pot I’m thinking my daughter’s tolerance will be low. When she tries it she’ll find that our assessment of the experience is true for her as well. If she doesn’t I don’t want her to be criminalized and thrown into jail. I’ve worked with people who can not only concentrate but thrive when under the influence of pot. I’m just not one of those people therefore I don’t smoke it.

That was quite a tangent. It’s time to get to the suggested blog. Should Marijuana Be A Medical Option is the first page of the pro’s and con’s at length. It is so in depth that it’s the only link  that I’ll be using besides my own webpage. You will find the pro’s and con’s of every topic associated with medicinal marijuana use. It is however somewhat redundant as is the nature of pro’s and con’s. Over all I give it two thumbs way up.

I support legalizing medical marijuana and didn’t find anything in the reading that could deter my point of view. Again, information, information, information. There is not, up to this point, enough studies on the drug’s value if any. Occupational Parenting would have gargantuan firms and businesses dedicated to finding the answers to questions just like this one. Daily studies at enormous scales would be finding unique solution for every child. I’m not suggesting the children will be smoking pot but they will be learning so much about themselves that they will know where their vulnerabilities lie. They will be involved in a process that will be shaping them into the best adults they can be and society will reap the rewards of it.

The question of medical marijuana should be figured with facts not emotional intuition. Every question that society has should be solved with facts. It would drive a great and everlasting economy.

Medical marijuana; I support it. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – How Do Adult Relationships Effect The Children? 5/6/2015

How Do Adult Relationships Effect The Children?

May 6th, 2015

Thank you Lisa Kamuda for the suggestion.

This request spans an enormous range of possibilities because every child and adult relationship is different. Some children actually get stronger and more independent as a result of thoughtless parents who argue all the time; rare. They learn that they’ll have to find their own models of normalcy. That being said, their independence may cost them a meaningful intimate relationship in their young adult and adult years. Childhood Maltreatment Affects Adult Romantic Relationships. It took me several attempts at meaningful adult relationships with friends or a partner and still I @#$%^& it up. (Try, try again) A don’t have a marriage but I do have relationships that I can call normal. It’s good to have some one besides myself to depend on.

I was able to find plenty of material on parent child relationships but not a lot on adult adult relationships and their effects on children. I’m just going to go with what I know and use personal experience. I will be referring to my website a few times in accordance with the topic. If Occupational Parenting ( a little long winded for our purposes but certainly applicable) was a reality there would be multi- billion dollar firms dedicated to the raising of each child and would certainly be impacted by adult’s relationships to each other and how they persuade the children.

I think some issues are so intense between the adults a separation would be in the child’s best interest. The problem with that is it shows a child a time to give up but not a time to persevere and work things out. Children growing to adults need both examples because there is an appropriate time for each.

Children learn so much from grown ups that I’m not going to get them all but here are several:

Children can also learn the opposites of these but most times it will be a mix. Integrate them effectively and you’ll get a healthy adult.

While kids are learning from their parents there are other multiple influences; aunts, uncles, parent’s friends, and peers. This is important because if the kids aren’t getting the appropriate emotional and cognitive ques from their parents they will seek to appease their environment with examples from these other sources.

Children watch everything. Their lives depend on it in a primal instinctive way but also in a way that will provide for quality of of life. The essential question of the child is “how will I survive”. They seek the answers to that question with their whole being. If the parents have a good relationship but one parent is closer to one of their friends the kid may learn that marriage doesn’t come first. In a healthy relationship the kids should identify with both parents. When I say healthy relationship the parents are good examples, realistic, and still manage to be playful, putting no other before their children.

If a child sees that everything has an angle from the adults in their lives the child is likely to grow up wheeling and dealing establishing no deep emotional relationships. On the flip side if the kid sees love of family and respect between individuals they will probably grow to fill those shoes.

It would be fool hearty to believe the environment is the whole story behind who a child will become. Look for The Rule of Socialized Genetics on the Environment webpage to get an idea of what else may be driving a child’s development. If a child is to be happy they will also have to fulfill The Rule of Human Need on the Health and Happiness webpage.

The important thing to remember is that if a child sees adults surviving by a certain means or measure they will realize that it is an option for them. The more exposure to those means the more the probability of incorporating them into their own lives. With all of that taking place they are also predisposed to their genetics or the means that their parents and the parents before them used. To utilize as much information as can be had in the raising of each child can and should help adults to model their behavior and interactions with each other to the child’s advantage. Also see Positive Parent-Child Relationships. It gives ideas about community involvement in the raising of children.  Until next week; keep your homes well.

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