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Blog – How Would You End Unemployment? 6/24/2015


How Would You End Unemployment

June 24th, 2015

It’s a good question. I wish everyone was working on an answer. Most articles agree that over 90 million Americans are unemployed. One site acknowledges that there are 320,601,722 Americans so 90 million is almost a third of our population. That’s a huge number. 36 million people work for $7.25 an hour or less. So if you’re one of the fortunate with a job that pays a living wage do you think we should just let sleeping dogs lie? Should we settle for the status quo. Should we just leave well enough alone? I say if we can do better by our fellow citizens we should. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Maybe we’ll be in the lower end of the statistics,

My solution is Occupational Parenting. It would end unemployment for America and people would actually raise their own children instead of paying hundreds of dollars a week or month to have someone else do it. The childcare industry was projected to reach $46.8 billion dollars in 2012 and I can’t help but believe that figure has gone up. Someone is going to get paid a lot of money to raise your children. Why shouldn’t it be the child’s parent. I’ve debated the idea with myself, family members, and acquaintances for years. If you have a reason that it won’t work I’ve probably already debunked it. When Americans raise that index finger and chant we’re number one we wouldn’t be doing it as a nation in decline. Even if you disagree with Occupational Parenting ask yourself if you have a better solution. Most times folks just disagree because it doesn’t feel right and not for any logical reason. They feel that staying home for the children will mean that they are lazy and don’t want to work. It’s a hell of thing to sell the existence of our children’s future for a feeling.

Figuring 435 members in the House of Representatives and 100 in the Senate we pay Congress alone $93,090,000. How Much Do Federal Politicians and Cabinet Members Get Paid? That doesn’t include money from political action committees or the Executive and judicial branches. Also State and Local Governments should be figured into the wages paid. And for what? These are our problem solvers? Can we really say we’re getting solutions that work or is America dying on the vine. I believe our forefathers wanted to create a government to last longer than all the rest giving the people the ultimate power to fend off corruption and inefficiency. I know I’m not as involved as I should be and trying to get anything accomplished in government is walking into a giant strip of fly paper. Still when I have a leg to stand on and can rally some support it is a sticky adventure I’ll be happy to make. For me it starts with a blog and may never become more than that since I think I only have 2 readers 1 of them being myself. None the less I’ll keep blogging.

If you have a solution for any of the problems America’s undergoing don’t let them die with a nation. To me it’s the greatest nation ever written into existence but it can not survive complacency. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – How Much Sleep Does My Child Need? 6/17/2015

How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?

June 17th,  2015

Thank you Sara Thrasher for the suggestion,

When I decided to start my work for Sara’s blog I thought there would be a lot less consensus there is. I love Kid’s Health because it’s always very informative and offers a slew of related topics. All About Sleep agrees with How Much Sleep Do Children Need? which agrees with How much rest do children need? When I say agree, it’s that newborns need about 18 hours of sleep a day and babies need 14 hours of sleep a day; comparisons all within an hour of each other. Older children 3 to 6 years should be getting 10 to 12 hour of sleep a night. According to experts teens need 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night but what’s interesting is that their body’s are telling them to go to bed later and get up later; different from adults and children. How Much Sleep Do I Need? There also tends to be an agreement that children generally don’t get the recommended amount of sleep,

With warranted hesitation my daughter hasn’t had a bedtime since she was about 10 years old. I have a reason for that and I will get back to it. She only gets to make her own bedtime if her health is good, she can stay on the honor roll at school and, treat people respectfully and keep a good and stable mood. Many callings in life demand that we do more with less sleep. The Army taught me that with great difficulty. Though I have hopes that she will join the military as of now she has decided not to. Still college has demands that are not oriented around getting the proper amount of sleep. Performance is not the only aspect that counts. I put a much higher regard on happiness so if she can pull off the entire package with less sleep; more power to her. She won’t have to make any radical changes to the routine she’s teaching herself to keep.

That being said I’d like to leave one more link Sleeping Patterns of the World’s Most Successful People, I really don’t want to use this blog as a defense for how I choose to raise my daughter but I want folks to think a little outside of box and realize that averages are not a specific allotment to their child. An excerpt from All About Sleep is kind of what I use to light the way for my thought process. Start excerpt. “There’s no magical number of hours all kids need in a certain age group. Two-year-old Lilly might sleep for 12 hours, while 2-year-old Marcus is just as alert the next day after sleeping for only 9 hours.” End excerpt. My daughter is 14 now and I want her to figure out what works for her. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Where’s The Love 6/10/2015

Where’s The Love

June 10th, 2015

Thank you Kevin Smith for the suggestion.

The request, “Blog about how getting older with a decreased sex drive doesn’t mean we love our woman any less” seems to suggest that all men are in agreement on the topic. While that may not be true I think it there’s enough men who feel that way to approach it from that angel in the next paragraph. An example of when it’s not true would be a man falling out of love with a woman. He can no stand the way she talks, laughs, or anything else about her. There’s a sizable chance that his sex drive in regards to her has decreased. However even that isn’t always true. When I was young there was a girl who just irritated the shit out of me but I knew she was a sure thing so I would do it with every opportunity I had. It was like “One More Night” by Maroon 5. Eventually I couldn’t stand her so much that the even the sex wasn’t worth it. I have to admit that my irritation was not that young lady’s fault in any way. She was a sweetheart. I was just self centered and selfish; not a good match for anyone. Now that I’ve mentioned a couple of situations with the lack of love, lets talk about a situation where love is present.

If love and respect are a part of the package the amount of sex doesn’t dictate how much or how strong the emotions are. Though the article “Do We Have Sexual Peaks?” debunks the idea of sexual peaks I must admit I do buy into them. Males are going to be producing more testosterone at around 18 than their hormone factories will ever produce in the rest their lives. The same is true of women’s estrogen except it will happen in their late 20s or even 30s. Though I do believe there is significant psychological and sociological impact I also believe that all that heightened chemical activity has got to have some command in an individual’s sexuality. The reason I brought it up at all is the possibility that male peaks start first and end first and a female starting later and ending later sets the stage for our time to come. Call me old fashioned but I’ve seen it first hand and in the folks around me.

How Aging Affects Male Sexuality” is a little unlubricated but takes us right to the core of this topic. Sometimes normal ware and tear such as producing less testosterone or decreased blood flow can decrease the sex drive. “Is loss of sex drive normal as a man gets older” ponders other possibilities for a decreased sex drive. It could be anything from stress or depression to the side effects of medication but age will almost always be a coupled factor.

I’ve been with my significant other for 27 years in August and I’ve never loved her more. That being said I’ve never been less interested in sex. I’m almost 47 and I’m content. Maybe that contentment is part of my reduced sex drive. I don’t care about spreading my seed as far and wide as possible like the young more primordial me did. While young men are concerned with quantity I think young women are concerned with quality. So women too (if everything goes right) become content with the quality male they have chosen. Still I think intimacy is important and contentment can become laziness. A couple owes it to themselves to be as sexually active as they can be for as long as they can be. There may have to be some common ground sought if there is a great disparity in their wants and needs. The two should always consider that they’re not the same and may be cycling differently and that an abundance of love does not equal an abundance of sex or vice versa. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Equality Within Inequality 6/3/2015

Equality Within Inequality

June 3rd, 2015

Thank you Dylan Field for the suggestion.

All of humanity has a commonality. No two persons are totally equal. We may share the same test score or go tit for tat in arm wrestling but there will always be something that sets us apart. No pair of identical twins are actually identical. Even cloning can’t conquer the inequality of men. So the one commonality or equality that we all have is inequality. To tackle a meaningful discussion and explore how inequality is actually a good thing I’ve enlisted the help of former sports writer and guest blogger James Harper.


I look at life through the lens of a sports journalist, and any time I’ve dealt with attempting new topics, I do it through sports. The idea of equality within inequality is discussed in the realm of sports on a regular basis. What era was better, which player? Through the comparisons we attempt to discern who is the greater athlete, which is the greatest sport?

One of my favorite comparisons is to juxtapose the careers of Earl Campbell and Barry Sanders. On the surface they are equal. Both all-time greats who were inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame when their respective careers were finished. However they are not truly equal, as in, they are not the same. Their running styles couldn’t have been more different. Campbell was a tank who bulldozed any would-be tacklers, while Sanders was quick and elusive.

Aside from the ascetic, their career statistics is where the inequality is more prevalent. In terms of history, again, they both are Hall of Famers. But one, Sanders, could be argued as the greatest of all time, while Campbell is “just” an all-time great. Sanders ran for 15269 yards and 99 touchdowns in 10 years with the Lions, while Campbell compiled 9407 yards and 74 touchdowns. The numbers alone can’t show the whole story. However, they do reveal that the two players are not equal despite being considered a couple of the great backs to ever tote the rock.

What made Sanders more “special”?

That’s less discernible, but what is important is the fact that inequality exists amongst all the NFL”s most hallowed names. This example is just a microcosm of the equality within inequality present in our society.

Thank you Harper


So “All men are created equal” is obviously a pile of horse manure. All men and women are created with equal rights rings in more true. I think Martin Luther King Jr. would agree as would our founding fathers. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. Let folks  be different. What makes them happy and prosperous may not be the same as what makes you happy. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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