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Blog – The National Security Agency 10/28/1015

The National Security Agency

October 28th, 2015

The NSA (National Security Agency) was brought into existence by The National Security Act of 1947 and Executive Order 12333. It’s come under a lot of scrutiny since it’s birth on December 4th, 1981. I once wrote on Facebook that the National Security Agency could have the very thoughts from my head if it meant stopping a terrorist attack. I meant it. Many do not share the same view. Bernie Sanders, in the Democratic Presidential Debate, said he would do away with the NSA. I think the NSA should be to internal America what the Central Intelligence Agency is to external America. I’m not writing about the torture that is commonly associated with the CIA. I personally don’t know what would drive a person to torture nor do I know what it would take to endure it but I’m not naive enough to think that at the present the conditions for either don’t exist. I write about the intelligence collection and utilization aspects of the CIA and NSA. One for the potential elements of all types of terrorism ethnically motivated, gangs, or sleeper cells here at home (NSA) and the other for the threats of terrorism abroad (CIA). The Federal Bureau of Investigation with the National Security Council could jointly provide policing for both.

I am in no way qualified to know how these things work but as an American I can still think about and even write about them. Hopefully in a future America, in a more functional world every American will be more qualified; that’s to say be more informed about the workings of our Government.

Little do many people know that the National Security Council, CIA, Department of Defense, and the Department of the Air force were born of The National Security Act of 1947. The Directors and Secretaries made $14,000 a year. assistant secretaries and the like made $10,000 a year, Part time employees such as some advisers were not to exceed $35 a day, Times have changed. A special agent for the CIA now makes $74,872 – $136,771 a year.

Americans just don’t get it. We’ve lost the war on finance and manufacturing. If not for our strong military, intelligence gathering, and research and development capabilities our country would not exist. That’s why we need the best in today’s and tomorrow’s technology working for us. I watched on the news that Secretary of Homeland Security and I think the Director of the CIA had been hacked and my first thought was why aren’t those hackers working for us. The next thought was why didn’t American employees have the ability to shut them down before any information was leaked.

Opponents of the NSA want to restrict bulk phone record collection. I think that’s going the wrong direction. if a phone call’s content is “I’m going to blow up the americans now but I’ll be home in time for supper” I want the government to know about it. I’ve done a lot of shady shit in my day but as long as I’m not being persecuted or prosecuted for petty crimes that should be left for local officials to figure out,  I’m fine with sharing my privacy; more so now that my life of crime is behind me (ironically just a little problem with authority). The tussle over NSA snooping explained starts opponents of the bulk phone data collection and ends with persons like myself who thinks the NSA isn’t doing enough.

Congress would disagree with me but I think the NSA should monitor the behaviors of Congress. We should all agree that even if not the NSA doesn’t someone has to step in and do it in American interest vs interest over seas, off shore, big business. Our politicians shouldn’t be involved in anything that’s not in America’s best interest. The balance of powers in the branches of our Government have shifted greatly to the legislative branch due to the corporate interest. Speaking of the branches of Government, it seems to me that by Executive Order 12333 the President isn’t the highest official of the Executive branch when it come to matter’s of National Security. The second sentence of 1.2 (a) “The National Security Council (NSC) shall act as the highest Executive Branch entity that provides review of, guidance for and direction to the conduct of all national foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, and special activities, and attendant policies and programs”. If the pyramid on the back of your dollar represented our Government the NSC would be the eye in the sky. It would be good to have them peered with the FBI on the oversight of the NSA and CIA. The FBI would act as an anchor and provide some drag so that the National Security Council doesn’t float away into the Universe. Just sayin’. The final thought for this paragraph has to do with a comment from the White House. The USA Freedom Act “strikes an appropriate balance between significant reform and preservation of important national security tools.” When it comes to matters of National Security we shouldn’t be looking to strike a balance or compromise in. We should be looking for a landslide victory.

I’ve read the Patriot Act, which I think is a cool acronym, and I don’t see where sec. 215 provides for what the NSA was involved in unless sec, 215 even when used with sec. 106. Guess that’s why I’m not a congress person. Maybe you can make sense of it. About the acronym though; Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act; I told you it was pretty good. There’s a couple of other provisions I’d like to touch on. Title IX of the Patriot Act amends the National Security Act and sec. 1016 is related to big business. This kind of scares me a little bit. It’s about how the corporate world supports the Government and Government has to protect those entities to remain functioning. The average American has the Constitution but can it prevail under these conditions.

I’ve decided not to get into the USA Freedom Act because this blog has already become lengthy enough. Perhaps I’ll do a blog on USA Freedom Act and any follow up legislation. Talk about these things in these times with your family and friends. Every household; every home should be involved. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Home Sweet Homeland Security 10/21/2015

Home Sweet Homeland Security,

October 21st, 2015

The terrorist activity of 9/11 2001 gave birth to a pretty big baby; The Department of Homeland Security. They were brought into existence by the Homeland Security Act of 2002. The Act is like reading a paperback novel with no plot twist or even a plot for that matter. It’s 187 pages where the characters are handed their parts for a play in progress. It’s the most impressive show in recent times and all the world’s a stage. I’ve read it for you but if you’d like to read it yourself be my guest. Homeland Security Act of 2002

I playfully make references to plays and books but this is very real. Because of modern times it’s probably what America should have looked like a decade before the attacks took place. 22 separate departments came together to form The Department of Homeland Security. That’s an amazing amount of consolidating for more efficiency.  I can’t overstate how much of a fan I am. If I didn’t have such a past to contend with I’d love to leave my mark by contributing through the DHS.

The aspect you may want to know most about the Homeland Security Act is how much power they have. They have quite a bit. They really don’t have to answer to anyone except the Vice President and the Congress. I think they should have to answer to less; the Vice President and the speaker of the house only. There are too many corrupt elements in Congress for the kind of sensitive information they possess. The goal should be to ween off of such authority when it can be explained to the people why such authority was ever needed.

SEC. 811. AUTHORITY OF THE SECRETARY (of Homeland Security)



The above section is where you can find the limits of authority in the Homeland Security Act.

Departments that joined Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security’s Mission

All that being said I did find some problems with America while reading the Homeland Security Act. It seems to me that the private sector provides much more vital support to our Government than the average American Citizen. That includes the DHS and the DoD (Department of Defense). So much so that I’m afraid the Government is dependent on such technologies and personnel, leaving us (the American people) at the mercy of the private sector (big business). I believe the American Government should always be able to stand on it’s own; that’s stand on the people without crushing them under it’s weight. If this trend continues it will result in an Oligarchy residing over an Anarchy. An Oligarchy is when a few of the wealthiest rule the rest. This calls for a new economy, new perspective, and the redistribution of wealth.

The problem with the redistribution of wealth is when transferring it to the lower classes there’s no way to keep it down there. The price for material goods and services will just increase handing the money right back to the wealthy.  The other problem with the redistribution of wealth is that the wealthy don’t want to do it. I have no problem with the wealthy. I hope to be wealthy some day, as do many others. We need something that will work for everyone and Occupational Parenting is that something. It won’t take a miracle to convert the economy. It only takes the will to do so. If we can coordinate the unification of 22 different departments into one functional department on the fly we can coordinate the changes needed to convert our economic system. It keeps a generous flow of income to the lowest monetary class while calling for the rest of American enterprise to feed that flow. Corporations would be invested in bringing forth the very best humanity has to offer.  We would actually experience deflation and the wealthy would be able to still enjoy the lifestyle in which they’re accustomed because goods would cost less.

If there was a financial revolution today and big business wanted to pull out of government affairs (do to reforms) we wouldn’t fair well. They would take everything they know and can produce with them. The Department of Homeland Security would be a big hitter if the people of America are to have a defense. Someone would have to be able to secure the assets needed for the DoD to provide a favorable outcome for the people of America. The DHS could be The Department of Defense‘s connection to the rest of the world. Some say the American Government is headed for fall. It certainly looks possible. Lets say for arguments sake the leading contractor for for America’s technologies wanted to fail the American Government and declared the American people would now have to answer to him or her. With the control of military and Government technology would we be compelled to do so. It’s easy to say “that’s paranoid and such a company would never do that”. It’s far better to be able to say no such company can do that. The very best and brightest that the world has to offer need to be in a military uniform or employed by one of the Departments charged with keeping us safe. The people would need The Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Constitution, and any politicians worthy of reform. Such a fall would simply be reconstruction.

I’m not convinced that Bernie Sanders view of breaking up these massive entities would work without Governmental collapse but I do agree that the public needs to be more aware. I think we’re at a point where we do have to ask big business to do the right thing and the number of people asking does make a difference. I hope that billionaires, educators, and politicians have read and are reading this site. I certainly try to make it compelling enough. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – How Can We Be More Informed 10/14/2015

How Can We Be More Informed

October 14th, 2015

I want the truth about the human condition including the condition of the world we live in. I want to know what universities and research labs are working on. How far has cloning come? What can be done with a microchip in someone’s body. What can be done without one? I want to know what Psychology knows about me that I don’t know about myself. I want to know if sociology has been used to take advantage of a community or a country.  I want to know what big business is spending it’s money on and why the US Government is borrowing at a rate of $40,000 per minute. I want to know who we’re borrowing that from. I want to know what politicians are invested in overseas so that America’s well being and their money’s well being may be a conflict of interest. I want to know how much more it will cost to purchase humanly raised meat and why it cost whatever that amount is. I want to have the Constitution explained first word to the last word (I have read it). Why should I have to pay (college) for that information. Isn’t America still better off when it’s people are informed. Isn’t it the information age? I want to know why we’re still so ignorant in the information age. It seems like the age of the privileged.

When I think of these questions I’m overwhelmed but isn’t that what our politicians and educators are for? I don’t give a shit about trans fat or what size soda you can drink in New York by comparison to real life questions. The media makes totally disproportionate matters of life and death the focal point of our lives. I care about the family that burned to death in the fire but please don’t use it as a distraction. What are the other billions of people and dollars doing. War and conflict is a good one. How much do we know about everything defining those events. I agree with a need for National Security but couldn’t we be told more if we could understand more. We shouldn’t have to fight for this information or be shut down because we want to know. I’ve had professionals tell me that I was having racing thoughts or that I was confused. Sure I’ve been in the loony bin and the only way out is to say “I feel much better now and I’m not having those thoughts anymore”. Then take a handful of daily pills to keep your “sanity”. The world is insane and the children, their families, and their planet are becoming fragmented because of it. There is no conspiracy except money and power it’s the common denominator of all the a fore mentioned questions.

We are like snakes at the feet of our politicians and they know to tread lightly but does that mean we should be satisfied with being snakes? “Want To Know How To Become An Informed Citizen? Here’s How” gives us some resources to stay more informed. But let’s face it most folks don’t want to use there well earned relaxation time on political science. And who understands the stock market? Better yet who understands how the two work together and the knowledge vital to be an informed agent for change. Do you think our Government and big business wants us to know more about what there what they’re doing or less? Unless your job is actually in politics or business law who has time to effect change. Such people are busy little bees and still may find it difficult to make the time needed. Even if they put forth efforts in direction of positive change  and patriotism is not on their employer’s agenda they may find their job gone as well as any other future job. So if the American landscape is to still exist we’ve got to make time for what’s important.

I spend most of my time doing research for this blog. I feel America slipping away into a void of governmental and economic failure. I’m going to grab on and anchor it as much as one concerned citizen can. If the American Government fell to anarchy the rich would still be rich and therefore in control. An oligarchy can exist within anarchy. The politicians would become whatever little pets their decisions had allowed them to become. Everyone would be living a life of every man for himself or herself and those of us in a lower income bracket wouldn’t fair as well. There’d be no laws against murder, rape, and burglary. Many civilized citizens wouldn’t make it and doomsday preppers wouldn’t seem so crazy. But why worry about that? America’s never going to fall. It can’t. Can it?

I have a couple more websites that focus on informaty (which isn’t a word but should be in the information age). The first is “12 Steps to Being Well-Informed“. The second focuses more on today’s technology “7 Ways To Stay Informed And Up-To-Date Online“. I’ve really got to do my part. I still use a printed Random House Webster’s dictionary. The article I’ve linked is lousy with ads but it does speak to a more technologically advanced world.

I think we become more informed by knowing the legislation being voted on in local and Federal arenas. We should have all the technical jargon translated to a language that everyone can understand. And there should be an advocate of the people to perform those functions. Our elected politicians just aren’t doing that for us. The gap in the wealth of information is as stratospheric as the gap in monetary wealth.

I feel overwhelmed and punching the keypad of computer is a real life saver. I foresee a future where I have the wherewithal to do more. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Scientist Now Say We Use 100% 10/7/2015

Scientist Now Say We Use 100%

October 7th, 2015

Yes, modern scientist like neurologist Barry Gordon seem to leading the pack when writing off the idea that humans only use 10% of their brain. In “Do People Only Use 10% of Their Brains” Gordon calls it laughable. Psychologist William James gets much of the credit for the myths origin. It’s also said that Albert Einstein perpetuated this untruth. John Henley, also a respected neurologist says over the course of a day humans use 100% of their brain.

Well that’s kinda boring and isn’t very hopeful either. The thought of having and untapped 90% of the brain’s wealth is much more amusing. Thinking that we may be able to figure out how to make everyone an Einstein fills one with a sense of anticipation.

At any rate, It turns out that the brain is made up of 90% non-neuronal or glial cells also known as astrocytes and oligodendrocytes. These cells surround and protect neurons. They stabilize the neurons though homeostasis and provide myelin which is the fatty covering on the axons of neurons. It’s widely accepted that inactive cells degenerate and seize to be living organisms. What if glial cells stay just active enough to survive and are awaiting evolution or some stimuli to a higher function. In the very same article “Do People Only Use 1-0% of Their Brains” in the last paragraph the author states we don’t know the full function of glial cells.

glial cellneurons

neurons (2)

So this may be a little like believing in Santa Clause or it may just be in the spirit of discovery to think that mankind has not yet reached their apex; that evolution has not yet produced it’s final product, or that God’s handiwork isn’t done. I for one choose to believe that there is more to come. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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