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Blog – Do Aliens Exist? 11/25/2015

Do Aliens Exist?

November 25th, 2015

do-aliens-galaxiesNo brainer. There are between 100,000,000,000 and 400,000,000,000 stars in our Galaxy; the Milky Way. Hubble can count 100,000,000,000 galaxies. So that’s between 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and 160,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 suns and that’s just what we’re able to see. Life happens any time it has a chance to. To think that our one planet in our one Solar System is the only capable of supporting life is crazy; at least, the most sever case of tunnel vision ever.

do-aliens-space-shipSome folks have a difficult time accepting the astronomical probability that we’re not alone. At what stage of development are our neighbors? Have they been to Earth? What do they look like? Are they here now? Do they understand what stage of development we are at? Are there police among them? Are they friendly? Exactly how many neighbors do we have. Have they discovered artificial intelligence? How far beyond our technology is there’s. Do we have neighbors that still live in caves and have no technology yet? It’s time to wake up to these kinds of questions. We are space aged now.

If you think this Blog is going to unravel these mysteries you’re mistaken. I would love to be able to but that’s above my pay grade. I can offer some space aged music that many of us are familiar with. This type of music will be the feature of next week’s Blog “Musicians Our Sun, And More“. Foreigner – Starrider, Europe – The Final Countdown and David Bowie – Starman.

do-aliens-sociologyWe still need to learn a few more tricks with mathematics but our sociology is good indicator of our place in the Universe meaning an alien presence would be able to tell if we will make it in the Universe or not by the way we govern and promote The Human Element in The Perceivable Universe. If we are advanced enough sociologically the technology will come, if not we’ll never make it that far. Sociology is a pure language other than math for sophisticated forms of energy.

do-aliens-klingonOccupational Parenting gives us a sociological edge when any of the above mentioned is brought into question. If we Geneople under Occupational Parenting the Universe has our back in relation to The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential. We can be sure our place is preserved as long as we’re doing the correct things. Even if there’s a hostile alien presence we align ourselves to the civil presence with our appropriate actions. If all these things were realized tomorrow it wouldn’t be the end of religion but an update. It wouldn’t be the end of science, just a new beginning. No matter what the future reveals our number one prospect will always be keeping the home. Until next week; keep your home well.

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Blog – Military Experience Through The Army 11/18/2015

Military Experience Through The Army

November 18th, 2015

military-experience-army-crestIt all starts before I enlisted. I had plenty of emotional scars from childhood so there was alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and sex to not cope with the issues. This type of behavior was just adding insult to injury. Then there was more alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and sex for that. I know many with the same experiences but I had something they didn’t. LOVE. Corny? Maybe a little, but that’s the turn my life took. My now ex-wife was beautiful at 17 years old. She made me behave myself as far as sex goes. This was the real thing and I was in it up to my eyeballs; actually over my head. I remember thinking “how was I going to afford housing and necessities like plates, cups, and silverware”.  I went to the recruiter and asked if I could get in. The answer was yes but I had to jump through a few hoops first. I got a letter of recommendation from the town’s First Selectman, a high school English teacher (God rest her soul), and one of the arresting officers from the few incidents I had with law enforcement. I quit the drugs and the cigarettes all at the same time I started running 5 miles a day; sit-ups and push-ups. I was determined that I was going to provide for her and that’s exactly what I did. When she was 17 and I was 20 we married. She graduated high school in Germany as a spouse.

I showed up to basic training born again (in the Jesus sense of the phrase as well as an extreme change in habits). I was a brand new baby getting my basic training. Word Play. In basic training I was hungry. I excelled at everything I did. I did 89 push-ups in 52 seconds. I still believe that’s got to be some kind of Army record. I was awarded Top Gun (Dragon Missile) and later Honor grad of Bradley school.

military-experience-bradley-fighting-vehicleBradley Fighting Vehicle

I scored a maximum 300 points on my physical fitness test. I got my first promotion in basic training. But the down side was being infantry I spent a lot of time away from home.

So we got our plates, cups, and silverware. I also possessed more discipline than I had every experienced. If anyone reading this Blog needs some discipline to secure and keep a job it’d be pretty tough to find something better than the military pursuant to that goal. You just have to be willing to give it your all. Who knows you may like it and stay in.

An M998 High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) drives along a road in the Kuwaiti desert following Operation Desert Storm.  Oil wells set ablaze by retreating Iraqi forces burn in the background.

I didn’t enlist to go to war but I knew that was part of the risk when I signed the paper so off to Iraq I went. I’ve had missiles fired at me; some of them our own, slept in a mine field and recovered a dead and bloated civilian.The back of his head was gone and his brain was exposed. Still I experienced nothing like the type of combat in Vietnam or either of the World Wars. I was split on wanting to see “Action” in that “Theater” of war. (Yes it’s actually called a theater). Word Play. The largest part of me wanted to get home in one piece though. Most of the time spent over there was in boredom. I became the overgrown playmate of some the Iraqi children who lived in a field of undetonated cluster bombs. The separation took somewhat of a toll on our marriage but we made it through. I tried to take advantage of my Army College Fund but I fell ill with both Gulf War Syndrome and Schizo-affective disorder. I started with a 4.0 GPA but that started to plummet. It was as if my brain had been shot down. I couldn’t think or perform a that aptitude any more. I write to you today in that diminished state. I left college with a 3.7 GPA.

military-experience-protestersSo did I like the Army? I loved it. On television there were war protesters with signs that read “No Blood for Oil”. I didn’t mind risking my life for oil. We’ll have to do a lot better for energy needs in the future but at that time we needed affordable oil. There were times when I really disliked a mission or task but pushing through it is all I remember. I’m really torn on weather I would like my daughter to enlist or be commissioned. We’re approaching a day when more and more of our daughters, sisters, aunts and mothers will be coming home in body bags. Folks don’t like to think about it but with the advancement of technology and women’s equality it’s inevitable. I don’t want my daughter to die in the line of duty but being in the line of duty would lighten the burden of that heavy weight.

My advise? Join. It will be the best thing you ever loathe until one day you find yourself liking it. After 4 years of service I left the Army as a sergeant. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Direct Democracy And The Constitution 11/11/2015

Direct Democracy And The Constitution?

November 11th, 2015

Democracy from the Greek dêmos (δῆμος, which means “people”) and krátos (κράτος, which means “force” or “power”). I’m sure our founding father’s didn’t want to make the same mistakes the ancient Greeks made but still there had to be a form of government where the people had the power to rule themselves. That’s the best way to minimize corruption and oppression isn’t it? The best answer of our forefathers time was a representative democracy and I think it still is but it’s certainly not the only answer. Direct or (pure) democracy may work just as well or better than today’s representative democracy. Direct democracy is when each citizen gets a vote toward the solution of any governmental issue. The Greeks failed because of the human condition. The many are not always correct or uncorruptible as was shown with the execution of Socrates. I imagine another reason it failed would be logistics. It’s very difficult to run a government on a show of hands or white stone (yes) black stone (no). Paper ballots run into difficulty even in our current age but what about a personal computer. If everyone 18 or older could cast their vote on a secure sight. Direct democracy could work in this day better than it could in any day before it.

Every seat of the American Government could remain, with Congress introducing bills with a responsibility of trying to sway the vote with information. The people could vote on the bills and the President could pass or veto them. The only other difference is the Supreme Court would not only rule on the Constitutionality of bills but of  vetos as well. It’d work like a charm. I don’t support it at this time though.

Our Government is a cross between Greek and Roman government with many original aspects as well. I believe the Constitution should be changed as a matter of need not want. There should be nothing an amendment won’t fix but should only be used if there’s certain undesirable ends. Though I don’t think direct democracy should be implemented lightly the threat of direct democracy should keep our legislators honest and doing the right thing. Many American people are not idiots but there are some in Government that would like them to be. With the amount of free time that can be gained with Occupational Parenting it would allow for plenty of time for political awareness and involvement.

America can do what many think can’t be done; a Government for and of the people by the grace of the God. Until next week; keep your homes well,

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Blog – The Gray Area Of Abortion 11/4/2015

The Gray Area Of Abortion

November 4th, 2015

It’s titled “The Gray Area of Abortion” because abortion is no easy matter. I know women who still have nightmares over an abortion they had in their teen-aged years. My desire is not to bring a woman to tears over a decision she made or is about to make. I will reveal some pictures later in this blog that are totally up to the reader’s discretion.

I personally do not agree with abortion and given the choice would never kill my potential son or daughter. I say potential because it’s rather important when deciding this issue. I think it’s a personal decision for each individual as long as it’s not murder, which of course is illegal. So when is it murder and not just the killing of a group of humanoid cells; self awareness. It’s what separates humans from houseplants. When can the fetus feel it’s fingers and toes or hear the muffled sounds from it’s world outside . Most important when can it feel pain; at what developmental stage is the nervous system.

I hate the categories Pro-life and Pro-choice. Especially pro-choice for the male. He gets no choice. If he wants to lovingly raise his child to adulthood he can’t unless the mother wants to as well. The opinion that it’s her body, her decision is not valid as long as she carries an embryo with 23 of his chromosomes. They share her body. She should be bound to carry that baby for 9 months. (To put 9 months of pregnancy ahead of 90 years of life is insane). After the pregnancy she should pay 18 years of child support. It’s what’s expected of a male if he doesn’t want the child. The father’s rights have to be taken seriously if equal rights are to be taken seriously.

I am pro-life but my legal posture is pro-choice. I couldn’t imagine not having my daughter. I can’t say that everyone puts the same value on having a child. The individual making the choice knows better than I do what their baby would be born into and have to endure. Perhaps a life that is a struggle every minute of every day due to a slue of abuses or monetary restraints or perhaps a job that takes all of the parents time. These are some people’s reality. Still there’s prophylactics, birth control pills, shots, day after pill, or adoption. I don’t see why abortion would really even be an issue with so many other options but it is. There were 20 abortions out of every 1,000 pregnancies in women 15-44 years of age in 2008. That’s 7,700 potential lives that were snuffed out in 2008.

These pictures will put the issue to rest for many. If you’ve already had an abortion this won’t be what you want to see unless you’re trying to talk a friend out of it. If you haven’t had an abortion this is the truth of it.



POST-ABORTION PHOTOGRAPHS (click images to enlarge)

Abortion Picture - 7 Weeks From Fertilization
Abortion Picture - 8 Weeks From Fertilization
Abortion Picture - 9 Weeks From Fertilization
Abortion Picture - 10 Weeks From Fertilization
Abortion Picture - 11 Weeks From Fertilization
Abortion Picture - 24 Weeks From Fertilization






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Until next week: keep your homes well.

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