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Blog – What Would You Do With Your Billions? 12/30/2015

What Would You Do With Your Billions?

December 30th, 2015

what would you do with your billions childrenAdvertising, Advertising, Advertising. HomeKeeperU would be everywhere a person looked. My website would have all the bells and whistles with as much technical support as I could get. With billions of dollars HomeKeeperU could could make Occupational Parenting a reality. We would all see what an asylum we live in today. That’s a little harsh and I don’t mean to call everyone except myself insane. But how many of wish we could change the world for the better? Occupational Parenting is just my piece of that puzzle. It feels like a mission that I just can’t turn my back on. There may be a few that wouldn’t but most parents would use some of their billions to do better by their children. Occupational Parenting assures that we could put one parent back in the house. Neither of them have to but everyone has the opportunity to. Who wouldn’t want that?

HomeKeeperU may not take all my billions so I do have other plans as well. I’d get a Camaro , Corvette, and a hard top Humvee. I’d have a house in America, Europe, and Africa. I’d leave a lot of what I wear up to the other billionaires so as not to be an outcast. I’d have my own music studio and my daughter would have an art studio if she so choose. My ex-wife would have whatever she asked for within affordability. She’s been a saint trough my ups and downs. It shouldn’t cost a lot of money but I’d get a pardon for my criminal record with the hope of establishing a Governmental department; The National Department of Human Resources. That may be out of reach but I’d have enough money to be heard. The focus would be on employment especially Occupational Parenting. Another focus would be employee benefits. There would Universities committed to the The Human Element‘s compatibility to the Universe; HomeKeeper University.

what would you do with your billions camaro   what would you do with your billions hmv

I’m kind of off a tangent based on the success of HomeKeeperU. Something I would like to do with or without the success of HomeKeeperU would be an everyone housed program. When I was young we lived in subsidized housing the one we lived in was not that bad. It was in a suburban area. Tough kids and drugs were plentiful. Teen-aged sex all the drama that goes with it was everyday occurrences. When I went to the project in the city things were much worse. From the number of people living in them to the urine in the stairways and elevators. The drugs were more plentiful there and you’d have no problem scoring a gun if you wanted. I said all that to say this. I would start housing projects; mini houses or apartments. The catch is that there would be inspections. If you’d like to live there you’d have to do upkeep. If you didn’t know how you’d be trained. what would you do with billions surveillanceThere’d be surveillance cameras in all the stairways and elevators. Rent would be on a scale and that scale includes $0.00 for the unemployed homeless. You just have to be clean. Veterans with children would have first priority, then single parents, then veterans without children, finally the physically and mentally disabled. Folks with mental or physical disabilities will have more extensive assistance. Some asshole is going to break the security cameras or wear a hoodie and piss allover the place but the urine will be cleaned up and the surveillance cameras immediately replaced as many times as need be. Illegal drugs and guns will be fought with all the pleas necessary to keep the housing policed adequately. It won’t just be the pleas of a bleeding heart. It would be a new deal with mock crime in a town designed for police training (also see “Imagine Better”). Criminals would apply to challenge the every ready police force and fire department.

what would you do with your billions learningSo why should some not have to work and others get a free ride? Under Occupational Parenting people will want to work. They won’t be a bit worried about those who don’t. Outside of the house it will only be a 5 hour work day unless an individual wants to work more. Folks that want to use Occupational Parenting as welfare will be sorely disheartened. Occupational Parenting only pays for the quality of a individual not the quantity. Persons may find they only have enough time for 1 or 2 children to test out a good salary in the child’s Bracket of Difficulty. If the parents fail they will be fired and their children placed in foster care or adopted.  In a world where life is fair who wouldn’t want to work?

It’s not that we’re not smart enough to do the right thing. It’s that we don’t have the will. We’ve all heard or parents say life isn’t fair. Well we’re not out parents and our children don’t have to be us. We have an opportunity to make everyone happy; even those who don’t want to be. Why would we not seize that opportunity. Sure, I could use a few billion dollars. How about you? Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – I Believe In Santa Claus 12/23/2015

I Believe In Santa Claus

December 23rd, 2015

Growing up in Philadelphia my birthday and Christmas were the two best days of the year. Call me materialistic but I loved receiving gifts. I still do. Giving presents to my daughter should feel better than the gifts I received as a child and it’s pretty close. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person. Maybe the belief in Santa Claus had something to do with it. I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was very young; about 6 years old maybe. I could hear my mom staying up all night wrapping and refurbishing. I pretended to believe in Santa Claus til I was much older. If the people giving me gifts wanted me to believe in Santa, that was exactly what I was going to do.

I believe in santa clause kissing   i believe in santa clause surprize

My daughter has never believed in Santa. At least not from my mouth. Her mother and I couldn’t agree on telling her if there was a Santa or not so we told her that her mom believes in Santa but I do not. When she asked me how the gifts from Santa got under the tree I simply told her that I didn’t know and couldn’t explain it. My choice not to teach her to believe in Santa Claus is not a popular one but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell this massive lie with the same mouth that I tell her that I love her and that Jesus is Lord. I want her to have no record of me telling her a falsehood. She said she feels a little ripped off that she never got to believe in the magic of Santa Claus.

I did however tell her that I believed in the spirit of Saint Nicholas and that it could fill every person and the world on Christmas day. Saint Nicholas was very real and is the patron saint of children and sailors. He was born on March 15th, 270 in Myra to wealthy parents. He died on December 6th, 343 but not before leaving his mark on the world. Saint Nicholas become a bishop in 317 A.D. He was inspired by the words of Jesus,”Go and sell all that you have and give to the poor. Saint Nicholas gave away much of if not all of his inheritance. He became well known for his generosity. He is accredited with several miracles including the reformation and resurrection of three butchered children. This event didn’t circulate until years after his death. Most notable is the dowry he paid for three impoverished maidens. (Women needed money from their fathers in the form of a dowry to marry a quality suitor) Some say the dowry was 3 gold balls which have become 3 oranges in some parts of the world and pouches in others. One of the pouches or balls fell into a stocking or shoe that were drying by the fire thus in some parts of the world shoes are left out in the hope of finding coins in them. We hang our stockings by the fireplace for the same reason. Another miracle came about while on a vessel. Nicolas prayed to calm a storm and resurrected a sailor who had perished during the event. Saint Nicholas was barely 5ft tall and had a broken nose. He was said to be a staunch anti-Arian and punched Arius in the face. This of course may have nothing to do with his broken nose. Also, instead of the rosy cheeked pale man that we have come to accept as Santa Claus mid evil artist depicted him as a very dark skinned man.

saint nicolas African   Saint nicolas golden skin

Believing in Saint Nicholas is my way of believing in Santa Claus (from the Dutch Sinterklaas). And in that I do believe firmly. So what ever Santa Claus means to you believe in the goodness and generosity of this one man and believe that others can exude this giving spirit at least once a year. It is also very important to me to remember that Jesus is the reason for even a man as great as Saint Nicholas. Until next week; Merry Christmas and keep your homes well.

I am Santa Claus – YouTube

Merry Christmas in other languages including Klingon


Saint Nicholas – Wikipedia

Who is St. Nicholas – St. Nicholas Center

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Blog – Imagine Better 12/16/2015

Imagine Better

December 16th, 2015

imagine better busA parent at every house is getting their child/children off the bus or out of their eco-craft. They’re coming home from 3.5 hours of school. They will be home schooled for another 3.5  hours more. Of course the home schooling hours can be when ever the family chooses to do so. It may work better at night for some families. The Child and Family Aid is with the child/children and parent for home schooling as well as a few other hours throughout the week. When the child/children aren’t being home schooled the parents and aid are discussing how parenting drives the economy, what politicians best serve raising the children, and what the latest genetic maps of everyone in the family has revealed. They’ll be planning the sociological approach to teaching and learning for the week and how to best manipulate the genetics they’re dealing with by that plan.

Big business of course wants technology to have it’s place and it does. From the initial scope of the genetic prenatal enhancements to the medications that will help the aid and family to bend genetic links to their will. When enhancements are costly parents can apply for business subsidies as long as their is an agreement that there will a reasonable benefit.

Teaching To The TestThe Government administers quarterly test to ensure the child is not neglected in any way which means that every step is being taken to ensure the child/children are an asset to humanity. That doesn’t mean parents have to get their children micro-chipped or have any physical genetic manipulation. The test results only have to show the child/children are not a detriment, thus making them an asset. If a child is born with damage to the frontal cortex and will grow up to be a mass murderer something must be done to repair the damage. Demands such as these  drive modern medicine to the best that it can be.

imagine better crimeBecause there is almost no crime there are applications to be criminals just as there are for the police. The son in this family who is preparing to move out on his own has applied to be a criminal. Entire mock towns are built toward law enforcement training. Fires are also set for the sheer purpose of training firefighters. There are rubber bullets and vests. Criminals are able to keep a percentage of their monetary crimes if the get away with it. They. have a steady for when they don’t.  If they get caught they are put on probation or suspended from the program for what ever time a judge deems fair. The occupants of the town are also selected by application. They too receive subsidies for their assistance.

imagine better automationWell the other parent (In this case the mom) gets home from her full 5 hour work day. She works at a plant that makes machines for assembly line automation. Ironically hers is the last assembly line occupation for humans. She is now ready to take her turn as full time  parent. Eight years ago she began as the full time parent for four years, and then went back to work outside of the house. Her husband has now completed four years and is returning to the second largest Industry in America; forestry. (Parenting is the first largest industry). He fits every baby (wild) animal with a microchip for tracking, human defense, and other needed information. Each human has a non-protruding button of sorts just under the skin. If the button is touched it will incapacitate every wild animal in a 70 meter radius. The animal is out cold for a short time and wakes up with a heck of a headache but is otherwise unharmed. The process came about as an initiative to increase the wildlife population without endangering humans. There is a record of who, when, and where the button was pushed to safeguard against animal abuse.

imagine better political awarnessWith everyone working only 5 hours a day volunteerism and political awareness is way up and unemployment hasn’t existed for decades. The entertainment and recreation industries have grown to the mammoth size that was predicted.  The dad prefers to do the house budget himself whereas the mom likes to get a little assistance from the family aide. They try to fit every industry (including continuous home improvement) into their budget for good economic circulation. They live comfortably in a four bedroom 1 and a 1/2 bathroom house. It’s nice but it’s nothing compared to those fat cats upstate. The rich folks recovered nicely in the great disinflation that followed the Occupational Parenting tax. The disinflation had to start at the top and could actually be planned. Soon the rest of the world will want to follow America’s lead. The British are on board. It’s just a matter of time before all of Europe fully convert their economies.

imagine better emilyEmily is only eight but every one of those years she’s been the focus of the future and without a doubt she will do  the same for her children. The economy depends on it. Emily has had people teaching her from conception, including sound therapy in the womb, until now. She’s has an understanding that the world is about her true happiness and The Human Element that she will become as an adult. She and her offspring are key to Universal harmony that makes all the governing before Occupational Parenting sound like wildly distorted and un-timed carnival music. She embraces her environment fully and her environment embraces her; not just her but all the children in America.

eco-craftMom writes up the grocery list and goes online to her bank account. Her direct deposit shows that her Occupational Parenting check has arrived on schedule. She gets Emily into the car seat of their eco-craft and heads to the market. She looks into the rear view mirror to see Emily uninhibitedly gazing at clouds in the blue sky. A tear rolls down mom’s cheek as she wonders “What was life like before this? What was more important?” Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Interview With An Ex-convict 12/9/2015

Interview With An Ex-convict

December 9th, 2015

Why are they called correctional facilities? They don’t seem to be correcting anything. Most come out a harder criminal than when they went in. I think most people know or are acquainted with someone who’s served time in prison.

In 30 states 77% of inmates were rearrested within 5 years of release. We just don’t have the jobs we need for true rehabilitation. It’s a double standard to ask ex-cons to live a crime free life and not provide the means of doing it. If ex-cons were to get the job it means someone without a record will not and that’s certainly not acceptable to society. Again there are too many ex-cons and not enough American jobs. Since 2002 America has had the highest incarceration rate in the world. Since 2002 unemployment has been as low as 4.4% in 2007 and as high as 10% in 2009.

Prison life should be a deterrent for crime and not just an accepted step in a progression of crime. It should be a deterrent by it’s legitimate regulation of punishment and discipline and not the fear of bodily injury, rape, or death. With all of these illegal behaviors going on behind bars it’s self preservation and survival of the fittest. While these behaviors help wild species to hold a place in existence, humans should have evolved to incorporate a higher aptitude for societal governing; a place where there is room for self sacrifice without succumbing to self destruction.

Not having seen a jail cell for more than 48 hours I’ve turned to a good friend who spent years in prison. Of the 5 or 6 convicts that I know he is the only 1 who is rehabilitated. Unfortunately he can’t find a job that pays a living wage. I do wonder if he will eventually return to a life of crime. His only crime now is not knowing anyone with enough clout to get him a job. He has a wife and 3 children and he alone would not make enough to support himself. Here are the results of an interview conducted with him. I’ll not be able to share his name or even the facility he served time in. These are his real answers.

Q: How segregated was the prison where you stayed?

A: Very segregated with very little mixing socially.

Q: Did you need protection while you were inside?

A: Yes, I don’t want you to judge me but I sat with the Aryan Brotherhood.

Q: Has knowing my family changed your Aryan view.

A: Yeah, I don’t think like that anymore. I have kids now. I think it’s senseless now. There’s assholes in every group.

Q: Do you know of anyone who was raped?

A: Yes, and most times the victim would be shunned or ignored so as not to be grouped with the victim.

Q: Do you think conjugal visits or furlough would benefit the prison system or society as a                whole?

A: Yes, there would be less rapes and beatings and the over all behavior of inmates would be more civil.

Q: Have you ever seen an inmate beaten by a guard or other inmate?

A: Yeah, all the time. One guy got jacked up on a desk and wound up biting the cheek off of the attacker; so much so that you could see his teeth through his face.

Oh, yeah the guards beat someone everyday. They had a  goon squad where 5 or 6 guards would rush a cell and beat the hell out of an inmate.

Q: What did you do with your time?

A: Well I was going to school to get my GED, and watched TV. I didn’t have enough time left to take college courses. I played horse shoes and worked out.

Q: Did you have the opportunity for work or education?

A: I got paid to go to school. There was a lot of jobs that paid money. In school I got $1.75 a day; the best paying job in the place. You could take college courses but that would cost you a little bit of money.

Q: Do you think you’ll be a repeat offender?

A: Absolutely not. I made it. If I start drinking again I’d go back.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like the reader to know.

A: It’s like a whole different planet. Every day in there you’re taking a chance with your life. I was a level 1 placed with level 3’s (much more sever crimes). That should be illegal. It’s that they’re overpopulated.

The above answers are somewhat ugly but by no means surprising. By the sound of the term correctional facility a person should come a better person than when they went in. The conditions in most prisons are more suited for animals than people. According to the interview college seems to be the only term of civility in the place. Under Occupational Parenting the prison system would get a massive overhaul. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Musicians, Our Sun, And More 12/2/2015

Musicians, Our Sun, And More

December 2nd, 2015

This is a tough topic to talk about without seeming totally bonkers. I don’t mind going to that crazy place for a good blog. I hope this one gets you thinking.

When I was in college over 20 years ago we were told the Sun was going to supernova in less than a thousand years. In the 20 plus years that I’ve been out of college the Sun’s life span has gained 5 billion years. It’s said that our Sun doesn’t have enough mass to supernova and that it will become a red giant. I can’t help but wonder what the consensus will be in 20 more years. It seems like there would more worry about a supernova in less than a millennium than a red giant in 5 billion years so why wasn’t anyone talking. I guess I mean why wasn’t everyone talking.

I love music and to me it seems like some performers were very willing to get the ball rolling and it also seems that though millions were listening they heard nothing. Though I think some songs were meant to be gibberish (Manfred MannBlinded by the light) some of them are still trying to convey a message.

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon- Breathe; Run rabbit run, dig that whole forget the Sun.

Soundgarden Superunknown: How long til the Superunkown?

Bush – Science of Things: (Just the cover of this CD reeks of Supernova): 40 Miles from the Sun: 40 miles from the sun

Letting the Cable Sleep: If heaven is on the way, We need to talk about it.

Imagine DragonsRadio Active: I’m waking up to ash and dust. I wipe my brow and sweat my rust.

BeatlesFool on the Hill: The fool on the hill sees the Sun going down.

There are other lyrics not so much about the Sun but that leaves the listeners scratching their heads. Some are just futuristic and seem like warnings .

Electric Light OrchestraHere is the News (Best keyboard intro ever): (OK, I don’t have a clue of what they’re singing about. Just to listen to it gives give the listener a fear of the unknown). Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the Moon : I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon. seems sinister enough on it’s own but coupled with ELO’s Ticket to the Moon: I paid the fair what more can I say it’s just one way. makes you wonder if there isn’t something going on up there. Europe seems to be going somewhere other than a Gieco commercial with The Final Countdown: We’re leaving together but still it’s farewell. And maybe we’ll come back to earth who can tell.  

Enigma– asks Do you really want to know? ( couldn’t find the song on Youtube ) My answer; Hell to the Yeah. I want to know.

Some songs are about the technology including biotechnology. (Brain waves, subatomic particles of the human existence, etc)

Fall Out BoyLight ‘Em Up: My songs know what you did in the dark. Hard to make anything out of this one. Probably crosses Rush’s Spirit of the Radio with Peter Gabriel’s Intruder. There’s also U2’s  – Troubles: ( from Songs of Innocence )  Somebody stepped inside your soul. Little by little they robbed and stole but someone else was in control.

I think Peter Gabriel’s Intruder is all about advanced surveillance using The Human Element and it’s synergies as a device: I know how to move quietly creep across creaky wooden floors.

Rush Spirit of the Radio: Invisible air waves crackle with life.

HKU (HomeKeeperU) – The Human Element: The Rule of Residual Synergy

Pink Floyd’sThe Final Cut: Is where Roger Waters and the rest of the band split. On the turning away: On the turning away from the weak and the weary: We can hear even more division and then The Division Bell (blog-Subliminalized) seems to draw a line between the (knows) and the (know nots) of society. High Hopes: Beyond the horizon in a place we lived when we were young in a world of magnets and miracles. Our thoughts trade constantly and with out boundary. The ringing of the division bell had begun. Simon and Garfunkel’sSound of Silence: People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening. comes to mind when ever I think of thoughts trading constantly without boundary.

Did you know that Walt Disney did not have his head cryogenically frozen. The first cryogenic freezing took place about a month after is death. The proximity of the dates probably gave rise to the urban legend. So what’s been the headway with preserving the head. The notion shows up a lot in entertainment. There’s the Talking Heads, Radio Head, Max Headroom, the Don HenleyDirty Laundry: Is the head dead yet?  EminemRap God: I’m the walking dead but I’m just a talking head a zombie floating. I’ll fully appreciate being burned to ashes, which is, by the way, what Walt Disney had done almost 50 years ago. Technology must have come somewhere in that time. Just makes me wonder what can be done in terms of preserving life or preserving the dead for later life. Will everyone get to know about it or just a privileged few.

Futuristic incarceration or a jailed planet – ELOHere is the News: Someone’s broken out of satellite 2Imagine DragonsRadioactiveI’m breaking in, shaping up then checking out on the prison bus. (I’d like to remember at this point that bus can be applied to computers) The who – came out with Magic Bus in 1970 but the computer bus had been out since the 50’s. I don’t think The Who was speaking about a computer bus but it’s good to realize how long ago the crossover in language was.  RadioheadOptimistic: Nervous messed up marionettes floating around on a prison ship. CreedMy own prison: I created my own prisonRushFree will: A planet of playthings we dance on the strings of powers we can not perceive. I believe technology can produce a computer generated reality and that may possibly apply here. Perhaps not our technology but the technology of other advanced beings in our Universe.

Time travel is an illusion. Dimensional travel is a lot more probable. ForeignerStarrider: Through years of light lands a future and past; until the heavenly gates (gaze) were sighted at last. – And in the light of my years shone the rest of my days.

HKUThe Perceivable Universe: The Rule of Dimensional Space: The present is the most minuscule window of time through which the future becomes the past yet it is infinitely and eternally present. There would be the appearance of time travel to peer into these dimensions; the further out into the larger ones the further into the multiple pasts, the further into the smaller ones the further into the multiple futures. None of these are the true past or future of our common continuum.

I listen to my daughter’s mainstream pop music today and it just feels a little flat; personal  experiences, sex, and money.  Are we on the dark side of submission? Have we given up on humanities’s tomorrow? The hard questions about the human condition have been posed and it’s time to come up with answers. Most of today’s pop seems like more of a distraction from what really matters; the issues no-one talks about because they’re not personally effected by them at this time. There are exceptions like One RepublicSecrets: And everyday I see the news all the problems that we can solve ’em when a situation rises just write it into an album singing straight to gold but I don’t really like my flow, no. Gary JulesMad World: When people run in circles, it’s a mad world.

I can’t say for sure what’s going on in this our space age but I do know science and technology are light years ahead of the common consumer. It’s amusing to think about the possibilities that are above our pay grades but it’s also very serious. Is our Sun going to explode in less than a thousand years? Let me ask you this if Supernova was the case and it was thought that nothing could be done about it would the powers that be let us know? Would we be more difficult to govern? I suspect it would cause at least some breakdown in our societal infrastructure. Oh hell, we could devolve to animals in the first generation. Maybe the powers that be think ignorance is bliss when thinking about the future our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren. The point is we can do something other than rolling onto our sides and saying wake me up in 5 billion years or better yet don’t wake me up at all. The something we can do is Occupational Parenting and I really think we should do it sooner than 5 billion years just to be on the safe side. Occupational Parenting will be just the medicine that the doctor ordered when it comes to our invisible communication with the Sun and the Universe around it as written about in The Human Element and The Perceivable Universe. We need to make the move to Occupational Parenting to come out on the good side of Genoeple in any case.  Pink FloydKeep Talking: All we need to do is make sure we keep talking. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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