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Blog – Virtual Living 2/24/16

Virtual Living

February 24th, 2016

Thank you Christy Rose for the request.

“Virtual Living” is a huge chunk of imagination and reality today. The definition according to Urban Dictionary is –

Virtual Living: Giving too much time and attention to the internet, especially the virtual world.

So it’s everything from social media, to designing a room, to a virtual sensation suit, to interacting in a virtual world through an avatar. It seems the next progression would be to lose the avatar and be inserted directly to the program.

virtual reality (3)So is all of this good or bad? Like most everything else mankind does it has the potential to be either. A teen aged girl told me that social media is a way of maintaining friendships through the reading and writing of comments. I get that and I agree; just not to the same degree. While researching this topic I read that folks will type more in a comment then they would ever say face to face. I can attest to that as well. Still I can’t see spending most of your day on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Being a blogger I spend a lot of time on the computer but I balance that with no or very little computer time on some days. I fear that some people lose that incredibly delicate balance.

On the television we see rooms that are totally made over with a computer generated image before the first nail comes out. Property Brothers come to mind and there are many others. It’s a very helpful tool. I’ll consider this virtual room even further later in this Blog.

Imagine having a suit that could make you feel rain. sunshine or even a hug artificially by stimulating the correct nerves to these corresponding feelings. Well if you have $3,300 you can own one in July of 2016. If that’s too pricey you can own 1 for $1,800 in December. Tesla is the company that makes the suit. This sensor packed suit will immerse you in virtual reality like never before. The next question is when will someone be able to have the audio and visual to accompany these sensations. The technology already exist on their own and it’s a matter of time before they’re combined. I think it’s awesome but it is and should be a bit scary. If past technology has proven to be addicting what will this bring?

There are virtual reality games like Ever Quest and World of Warcraft.

everquest   world of warcraft

There are other simulations that are more about the experience than getting a win. Second Life is one such simulation which outlasted it’s competitor The Sims Online. In many ways, Second Life (Wikipedia) “is similar to MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games); however, Linden Lab is emphatic that their creation is not a game: There is no manufactured conflict, no set objective”. Second Life has an economy and a currency know as Linden dollar, named after Linden Lab. The exchange rate changes. $270 of these dollars were worth 1 real American dollar at the time that reference was written. Entropia Universe is a virtual experience program with a fixed exchange rate of 10 PED (Project Entropia Dollar) to 1 American dollar. It’s a world that at least 1 user is paying for college with. There are many atractions and real-estate. Jon Jacobs paid $63,500 for “Club Neverdie”. Combine 1 of these virtual realities or a room design program with Tesla’s suit and the line between reality and virtual reality could be easily blurred.

What if your synergy, the stuff that makes you you, could be converted. What if quarks, proton, electron, and, neutrons, the things that molecules are made of, could be manipulated in a computer program. We’d just have to get the real world particles to be compatible to the virtual world. Phillip Rosedale CEO of Second Life was quoted “In just a few years, this is gonna look like walking into a movie screen,” Rosedale said. “And that’s just gonna be such an amazing thing.” In 1966 no-one would have dreamed a microwave oven would be possible. What does the next 50 years hold on the technological front.

The thing that interest me most is the prospect of trying out real world solutions in a harmless virtual world. I would love to try Occupational Parenting in a virtual economy. Maybe someone believes a dictatorship, socialism, or radicalism is a better way to govern using a simulated avatar population.

The possibilities give rise to some difficult questions. What if someone wants to experience murder; either the victim (with a simulated death) or predator. Is it ethical, psychologically or sociologically healthy, or would it have real life implications? I think it must but which implications would be positive and which ones negative?

Some would say it’d be a lot better for the earth if humans did live in a virtual world; a place where our existence does little to harm the environment. Would you allow yourself to be inserted into a computer program if it were possible today? What if you could be superhuman or live forever? What would be the drawbacks? It’s worth thinking about with the future right around the corner.

So how do we know we don’t already exist in a virtual world? Are we living in a virtual world? Who could say with 100% surety that everything we know, our entire Universe isn’t an advanced program. How would you even prove or disprove it. I’ve given it much thought and if I was a part of a simulation I would hold the same values, I would still believe in God, and I would consider love to be the strongest force in existence. Basically I would try to maintain the person that am, even in the strangest of places. It is simply a matter of faith. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – The Perceivable Universe 2/17/2016

The Perceivable Universe ( Page 3 of 8 website pages )

February 17th, 2016

This is where I think my thoughts may not be out there in right or left field; so not even in the park. Hopefully this is an out of park home run and not a no show forfeit. Even if some of the rules I present prove to be ridiculous, don’t through out the baby with the bathwater. The Rule of Eternal Human Survivability and Dominion along with The Rule of Human Need warrant economic and social change. The rest of these rules are an attempt at showing how the Universe will embrace Occupational Parenting more fully. It’s what the Universe wants us to do. If one accepts that we do communicate with our Universe it’s not a stretch to believe that The Perceivable Universe is responding to how we’re raising the young. I’m going to attempt to bring this one back to basic home keeping as we think of it (with Jimmy and Elihjuan). I actually think it’s content is basic training to the happy little home keepers we should all become.

The Rule of Governing Energy

The most sophisticated synergy in the Universe governs all energy in the Universe. (I include this rule here and in The Human Element because it applies to both)

Explanation: To fulfill the Universe’s bias, to exist, it grants ultimate manipulation of elemental space to the forms of energy most likely to maintain a Dimensional Space Continuum without causing dimensional rifts.

My idea of a Dimensional Space Continuum is an entity made up of common continuums. A common continuum would be like a sheet of paper between other sheets in a ream (package) of paper. Each sheet of paper holds it’s own form and is separate from the other sheets. Each sheet represents a common continuum but is only one dimension of the next sheet which is it’s own common continuum. From our one common continuum all other common continuums should be as separate dimensions; one nearly exact to the next. Make the paper spherical, infinite, and eternal; then have an infinite number of reams and it’s a Dimensional Space Continuum.

common contiuum (2)         common contiuum

There is a flow of energy and synergies in and out through the sheets of paper that allows them to remain separate. When flow or emissions come from the human element I call it individual synergy.

A dimensional rift is anything that distorts the perception of time and or light. The key word here is perception. I know that gravity distorts time but I’m saying the human element (when perfectly healthy) can and should compensate for those differences to perceive time and space as undistorted segments.

Time is not a thing. It’s an idea. It’s increments that we apply to the length of a motion. The more rapidly a motion or an event takes place the less the amount of time. Gravity pulls on every structure. This pull stretches every part of every structure slightly. A bead traveling around an elastic band will take longer to complete the loop if you stretch the band out in any direction. This causes motion closer to a gravitational force to be slower than motion farther away, so time moves more slowly on earth than in near space. But, time moves more slowly on the space shuttle due to velocity which is the greater of the two forces effecting the shuttle. If I’m correct the more the effect of gravity the more slowly time will flow.

space shuttle (2)Consider the human element in an infinite dimensional capacity. Each dimensional human element interacts with the objects and persons in our common continuum and us with theirs through our individual synergies. The human’s sophistication of energy or better yet synergy can keep it tight; all of it. This type of perception locks the continuum away from other continuums that are in dimensional rift. This is also where “The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential” exists.

human energySo if living at “The Fulfillment of the Creative Potentialis desirable we must focus on the sophistication of our energy (or our synergies). The sophistication of synergies doesn’t just depend on perpetuating a specie. It’s more dependent on how we perpetuate our specie. As the Universe beholds all the  different beings it has contingencies. For a lion or tiger the Universe is like “I can live with this” but a human should want the Universe’s response to be “I can flourish with this.”

When we tell little Jimmy or Elihjuan how they are a part of the Universe; everything around us and everything in us, we show them as well. As the boys’ families attend to their daily tasks (making for a cleanly and healthy environment and perhaps cooking a meal) the superconscious is forging and enhancing or destroying and confounding appropriate places in the near and far Universe according to the boys’ families undertakings. If there is abuse and negativity afoot the Universe comprehends that it can not flourish.  Of course it’s not just the undertakings of Jimmy’s and Elihjuan’s families but the activities of all the individuals of all the families in The Perceivable Universe. In every present moment paths are being drawn to the future here and the future here after. Which path goes to our destinations is being decided in every present thought, judgement and gesture. The smallest things really do count. Creation and destruction in their every capacity hinge to our daily activity.

The Rule of the Variance of Matter

The variance of matter determines the perception of matter.

Explanation: Everything in the Universe is vibrating and every vibration is different; specific to cause and effect; all except free will. These variances of energy flow from all matter both outward and inward. The reason we don’t perceive all matter is the vibration and variance is far to slow or far to fast for us to perceive. The molecules in a glass window are constantly flowing downward. One can measure the thickness of window at the top and bottom. Given enough time the thickness at the bottom will be wider and the thickness at the top narrower. The naked eye can’t observe this because it take place too slowly. The energy that makes up unperceivable matter is infinitely slower and infinitely faster than that. So fast and so slow that we pass trough them and them through us like your hand through a beam of light or a beam of light through a sheet of paper. The objects of this energy get smaller as they flow inward and larger as they flow outward.  If the the synergies  and energy ever achieves the just the right density by variation of vibration they become perceivable. If an illusionist could manipulate these properties they could make things appear and disappear for real. Jesus could feed thousands from a couple of baskets. So what would keep this synergy from getting weaker and weaker as it flows outward until they no longer exist or so intense as they flow inward (like hydro blasting for gold in an earlier day) that they obliterate?

dimensional earthThe flow has all the appropriate release valves built right in. If the flow has too much resistance it will cause combustion. (spontaneous human combustion). If the flow doesn’t have enough resistance nothing would take shape or form. The blue print has always been there and will always be there for the appearance of all the futures and all the pasts.  Well how far into the past or into the future do the illusions go? All the way back to before the Big Bang and further. All the way ahead to Earth’s many demises and it’s many eternal futures; forever. It is at this point we can not fathom infinity or eternity.

I often think of dark matter when thinking about The Rule of the Variance of matter and The Rule of Dimensional space (up next). As the Universe manipulates the energy conversion process it can leave indicators as to what will happen next. I think dark matter may be the potential for matter that isn’t visible yet. We can see the gravitational effects of what is to be when the variance of vibration of matter matches ours and ours theirs. Planets, solar systems, and galaxies will seem to appear out of empty space while other of these heavenly bodies will seem to disappear. The Universe is reaching in and out of all the different sizes and speeds of matter to manifest all eligible matter to “The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential“. Ineligible matter stays where it is, gets destroyed, or gets reduced to a lower form of life. For those on the other side of Geneople, we will be appearing to them.

The Rule of Dimensional Space

In the conversion of energy to solid mass from any dimension to a common continuum the extreme disparity of size to energy bonds is absolute necessity to the clarification of any one continuum. (I used “energy bonds” to better express how small and how large we are. We can exist undetected between the quarks of some super-dimension and some other sub-dimension between our quarks.)

Explanation: If the extreme disparity of size and variance of vibration did not exist for larger and smaller dimensions, living in the Universe would be like living in a marshmallow with no perceivable boundaries.

Parallel-continuums exist outside of each other’s common continuums and are located at the Universe’s convenience. They are the same size and move at the same speed as our continuum.

Super-dimensions and sub-dimensions have a time disparity because of size and a common reference. This links the time signature one dimension to the time signature of the next dimension with the common speed of at least one particle to the next larger dimension and one particle the next smaller dimension as well. I have to rule out common size because of The Rule of Dimensional Space. I believe the closer they are to each other the more exact they are to each other. Two dimensions can be separated by the difference in the movement of one blade of grass. The more space between dimensions the more drastic the change. The person that represents you may have different hair color, eye color, ethnicity or you may not exist at all in the parallel. A good way to describe it is music. I hope I get this is correct because I don’t read or write music. If one instrument is playing a 5 over 4 time signature and another instrument is playing a 3 over 4 time signature the 3 over 4 instrument will be playing slower. The second 4 common to both signatures in 5 over 4 and 3 over 4 would be the reference particle. This allows the illusion of time travel. This doesn’t just happen for the illusion of time travel but so that one destructive event doesn’t bring about the fulfillment of the destructive potential. There’s always an adequate amount of time and dimensional space for change; enough to evade impending doom.

The present is the most minuscule window of time through which the future becomes the past yet it is infinitely and eternally present. There would be the appearance of time travel to peer into these dimensions; the further out into the larger ones the further into the multiple pasts, the further into the smaller ones the further into the multiple futures. None of these are the true past or future of our common continuum.

If someones daughters, Rebecca and Kim, want to be time travelers when they grow up they would have to realize they’re not performing time travel but dimensional travel with the illusion of time travel. They would have to match the speed of all their molecules and subatomic particles to the next faster or next slower dimensional speed. They would also  have to grow or shrink a great deal. How in Gods name they would do that I don’t know. It seems like they would stretch themselves to obliteration in any such attempt. Hopefully at The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential Rebecca and Kim will be smarter than you or I and the advancement and safety of technology will be more adequate. When ready to pass away and wondering what will these kids do, I want to be like “they got this.”

To look at our existence further let’s consider distance and infinity. Zeno proposed that if one were walking toward an object that one would have to go half the distance to the object before going the full distance, before going half the distance, one would have to go a quarter of the distance, before a quarter an eighth and so on. So how does a person ever arrive  at the object when the fractional range is infinite.

Here we deal with infinite increments of distance. As always perception is key. We can not perceive infinity. It’s far too small and far too large, for us to see or fathom. It’s good that human perception is limited. It is at that limit we can begin to observe motion. In some dimensional capacity one is always preparing to move toward the object because the constant rippling of dimensional motion from any present and all present motion. You have to think of a pebble thrown into the water and the ripples move inward as well as outward. The ripples represent the flow of emissions; synergies and energies. The pebble entering the water always has been and always will be entering the water times infinity.

ripplesThis allows the illusion of an infinite number of pasts and an infinite number of futures as well. Somewhere in the illusions of the past the person will always be arriving at the position where he or she was initially standing and somewhere in the illusions of the future they will have already gotten there. It’s kind of like flipping through pages where the image on each page has been altered slightly. We see the illusion of motion, except to our five senses the motion we experience is real and not two dimensional with an infinite and continuous flow of life through the dimensions. If the fractional part of distance or time is too small or large we simply do not perceive it.

The Law of Inertia Refined

An object in motion will stay in motion unless the specific behavior of mass is recalibrated internally or externally by another force. (Remember the double slit experiment)

Explanation: I’d like to use the idea of sub-matter,  super-matter, and parallel matter to make this explanation more plausible.

Human persons, through the superconscious, have the ability to avert asteroids by changing it’s mass, density, speed or location using the dimensional overlaps and folds of sub-matter,  super-matter, and parallel-matter. I think the Universe barrows and gives the energy conversion processes cross dimensionally all the time, everything from sound waves  to particles, for the correction of dimensional rifts. I think this is one of the explanations for deja vu. It’s when an individual is the focal point of dimensional loaning, borrowing and or sharing. Deja vu is the feeling that something you’re experiencing has taken place before and even the feeling that you should be able to predict the next thing. Suddenly the feeling’s gone, I think the Universe, through the superconscious, has just made a change to preserve the continuum. Deja vu could also just be neurons firing  to trigger memory at a time when we’re not trying to remember anything at all.

    asteroids (2)          asteroid

About those asteroids. Human focal points can provide the perfect ebb and flow of energy to avoid disaster. The superconscious is the places where prayers are answered. This may sound to good to be true but who’s to say? Certainly not the dinosaurs. A specie that can’t survive it’s first assault by an asteroid is not going to last in the Universe.

The Rule of Energy

Energy does not create or destroy itself. It only converts it’s form.

Explanation: I define work as motion and motion as energy.  This rule considers everything to be energy, both perceivable and non perceivable.

 Sound is pressure from an impact or motion. The pressure causes molecules to vibrate. Our ears and brain translates these vibrations to sound. In empty space there is no detectable sound because there are no molecules. I don’t believe the atoms are uneffected just because we can’t detect the effect. I have no reason to believe sound dissipates to nothing but rather converts to a form beyond our perceivability. I think sound is underrated in our understanding of the Universe. Interdimensionally through the superconscious sound could be what we call dark energy; allowing continuous expansion of the Universe.  Everything is an energy conversion process.

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Blog – Media Hype 2/10/2016

Media Hype

February 10th, 2016

Thank you Yolanda Gibson for the request.

Yolanda wants to know why “the media is blowing everything up”. So what is media-hype?

Collins English Dictionary – media-hype: Intensive or exaggerated publicity in the mass media. – media-hype: Concentrated favorable publicity for a person, corporation, candidate, etc.

Also pertinent is media circus.

Collins English Dictionary – media circus: If an event is described as a media-circus it is when a large group of people are there to report on it and take pictures. – media-circus: An occasion of very extravagant media coverage, esp television.

The tendency to blow things up is never more apparent than with entertainment and politics. The two are very easily confused. Donald Trump is the entertainer of the year while several actors and musicians have political agendas. We can blame much of the “blowing up” on technology. Years ago it was more difficult to reach your audience in a timely fashion but today there’s a zillion more channels and stations not to mention stories, photos, and videos at the end of a few key strokes. Leonardo DiCapprio went viral on social media for a wide eyed look at Lady Gaga after she accidentally bump into him at an awards ceremony.

This would have been nowhere close to news worthy 20 years ago maybe even a decade ago. So we can get information in real time and from many different sources. My daughter has to have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and maybe more. She walks in intervals from her room to the living room watching TV and fussing with her iPhone. We are surrounded by media throughout the day and it would be no surprise to me if we dreamed electric sheep. All this media; who controls what’s true and not true or how much a broadcaster can skew information. The answer is no-one.

There use to be a tool called the Fairness Doctrine imposed in 1949. It was a policy of the Federal Communications comion (FCC). This is a video that is full of propaganda and hype but it lets you what the Fairness Doctrine was. 3 min 48 sec.

Just to be fair and balanced I offer you this mock interview with one good point in the whole thing. 9 min 10 sec.

The one good point it makes is not so difficult to get around. I say let broadcasters say what they will in the form of opinion.

First Amendment – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

You should not be able to broadcast anything known to be untrue as true and vice versa. That should be illegal. Let the liberoids and conservaroids, radicals and fascist stand at their polar extremes and spout what ever gibberish they believe to be true but increase the licensing fees to give rise to the moderate view. Bulldoze as much air time for that moderate view that sensationalist get regardless of the ratings. America was intended to have an informed public to cast an intelligent vote based on the truth. It’s the sole purpose of freedom of the press. This accommodates both the Spirit of the Law and the Letter of the Law. The 1st Amendment is to be sure that our Country doesn’t constipate the People’s ideas so that the People will always be a true part of the political process. It’s also intended to stop the sickening diarrhea that we’re all drowning in (lies and bias). Free Speech is not to lie, deceive, and degenerate. It’s to uplift the People from the bonds of tyranny and ignorance yet be governed civilly by the truth. While the Spirit of this Law seems undeniably dominant to me but the letter can not be disregarded. A person has the right to say whatever the hell they want as long as it doesn’t amount to yelling FIRE (when there is none) in crowded movie theater. Broadcasters have a responsibility to yell fire when there is one. Some speech amounts to burning embers in the walls of the theater. “Iran can be trusted with a nuclear arms program”. Free speech and Freedom of the Press are to warn us of the impending fire that we can’t see. Mandating a moderate broadcast service allows us to mend the fabric of Free Speech right in the middle where the more extreme media activity have torn it. 1/3 of the time, money, and channels/stations for the conservatives, liberals, and moderates will keep the wealthier group from buying tomorrows reality. There’s no law that states you should be able to buy a people’s demise because you can afford it.  If the People do not stay the mainstay of this Government, this Government will fail.

So Yolanda media-hype and media-circus sideshows are blowing up because that’s what sells. It’s what gets the ratings with no regard for groups that consolidate information to a single truth. It’s a distraction for the People as to limit knowledge about the real State of the Union and I imagine it to be the same for other countries around the world. When you’re watching TV or you’re on your phone or computer be sure to consider there’s always more that you don’t know as opposed to what you do know. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Implications Of Raising The Minimum Wage 2/3/2016

Implications Of Raising The Minimum Wage

There has been a retraction for this blog. Some of the information was incorrect and has been rectified.

Blog – Retraction for Implications Of Raising The Minimum Wage 3/30/2016

February 3rd, 2016

Thank you James Harper for the request.

implications-of-mimimum-skillsEveryone wants to know if raising the minimum wage would cause inflation. The answer is it’s up to employers. They can try to recoup the wages paid out through consumer price hikes: boom inflation. Still it is a capitalist system we live in and companies have to try to keep prices down to compete. If the past is any predictor of the future minimum wage increases should not cause significant inflation but there has never been an increase as high as the “Fight For $15” is trying to accomplish now. There are opinions that state there will be massive inflation and there are others that say any increases will be negligible.

implications-of-povertyWhat possibly could be the politics for opposing a minimum wage increase. Is it that big business can’t afford it? An increase to $10.10 was supported by 90% of Democrats, 71% of Independents, and only 53% of Republicans. I don’t know how some people can rationalize the monetary stratification that is present in this Country. If the wealthy folks were paid by ability some would have to outperform Superman for what they’re getting paid. It isn’t right. If a person works their 40 hours a week they should make enough to live with a few extras to treat the family.

implications-of-child-signWith Occupational Parenting this is all nonsense anyway. We steal from the young when one parent can’t be at home to raise their own child. If the parents work different shifts it steals from the family dynamic and they are ships passing in the night. People like to boast about how tough they had it as a kid. STOP! It’s not a competition. If you had it tough and turned out OK it doesn’t dictate that everyone should be able to do the same. We are not all created equal but we should all have equal rights. The Fight Against 15 is an article that states that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will decrease employment hurting those it was intended to help. By the same argument would lowering the minimum wage help them even more by creating jobs. There are positions that must be filled or productivity will drop. I don’t think employers are just filling unneeded positions because they have a lot of extra money laying around.

implications-of-raise-the-minimum-wageThe bottom line is greed. It’s blocking the redistribution of wealth and the numbers support this statement. The minimum wage was at a record high when compared to the cost of living in 1968. Since that time the wage has eroded 67% while profits have increased 300%. The purchasing power of a dollar is the real issue here. If the trend in 1968 had kept to the same rate the minimum wage today would be $16 an hour and if the trend had kept with worker productivity it would be $22 an hour according to  Raising the Minimum Wage Boosts Growth and Does Not Cause Unemployment. If the minimum wage was increased to $15 dollars an hour and inflation rises to defeat that same purchasing power we’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.

minimum wage profits Walmart (God bless them if they start to use American based resources) made 482.2 billion after taxes and overhead in 2015. (See Retraction for Implications Of Raising The Minimum Wage) That’s enough to buy 3,213,333 houses at $150,000 a piece and if they do this every year in a decade they could purchase over 32,000,000 homes or pay 6 month’s rent (at $700.00 a month) for every family in America. If Walmart paid every American employee $15 an hour they would still clear $438,329,000,000. If they included overseas employees they would still net $416,480,000,000. Imagine, that’s paying 2.1 million employees $15 an hour and still clearing over 416 billion dollars. I don’t want to pick on just Walmart. I like Walmart and do much of my shopping there. Here is a list of largest companies by revenue. Inflation certainly doesn’t have to be a result.

implications-of-increaseSome have brought to light that $15 is not the same wage in Mississippi as it is in wealthier states. I think this is a good point and one that can easily be resolved by a living wage. The living wage would of course be enough to live on without state or federal assistance. I personally think it should be enough to buy a car and pay for gas, insurance, and registration. It would be equalized by basing it on the cost of living in each state. A living wage should have an automatic increase based on the the cost of living increases. The term working poor would be redefined as we know it. There’d be none. Everyone would be making $31,200 a year relatively speaking. Maybe $31,200 across all the states would make for more mobility. I don’t know. I’m not an economist I’m just trying to stimulate them. Big business raising the price on items would only trigger an increase in the buying power of the individual with an automatic increase. The subsidies the Government now pays out to the working poor should go towards helping the small business person to battle inflation If need be. The informed population should patronized smaller businesses so that they won’t all be replaced by corporate giants. I make sure that I shop at the smallest grocery store in town from time to time because it’s what makes capitalism work at it’s best. There is consumer responsibility that should be widely practiced and discussed. Pass a living wage into law and practice good consumer-ship. That’s not very complicated. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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