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Blog – Retraction for Implications Of Raising The Minimum Wage 3/30/2016

Retraction for The Implications Of Raising The Minimum Wage

(Numbers as of 3/30/2016)

March 30th, 2016

retaction-oopsMy sincerest apologies to my readers and to Walmart for the incorrect information I put out on  February 3rd. I stated that Walmart had a net income of $482 billion dollars when it is actually their gross income. If I’m not mistaken their net is approximately $14 billion. So the mistake is a huge error in which I based much of my argument for the increase in the minimum wage on. I feel somewhat obligated to defend my position with a better contention.

2014 E250 BlueTEC.According to A List of largest companies by revenue Walmart’s take is $485 billion and it’s on a list with 48 other giants. The 49 companies combined revenue is $9,372,000,000,000 trillion. We get an idea of what a billion is in Who Wants To Be A Billionaire. Let’s try to do the same thing with a trillion dollars. I referenced a $60,000 dollar Mercedes in that blog. With $1,000,000,000,000 trillion you could purchase 16 and a half million cars or 5 million homes at $200,000 a piece. retraction-200000-homeRemember the collective revenue of the 49 largest companies is $9,372,000,000,000 dollars. If their 16,859,799 employees were paid $31,200 dollars a year ($15 per hour) the pay would amount to $526,025,728,800. Subtract that from the revenue and it leaves $8,845,974,271,200 trillion. That’s 44,229,871 $200,00 homes and 147,432,905 $60,000 Mercedes. Even a smaller company with a larger number of employees still fairs well. Foxconn grosses $133 billion. If it paid it’s 1,290,000 million workers a living wage of $15 per hour they would pay out $40,248,000,000 billion and be left with $92,752,000,000 billion. Someone would have a difficult time convincing me that that a company can’t run on $92 plus billion dollars. Especially when the competition has the same constraints. It’s the greatest disparity on the chart; income to employees. Walmart has 2,200,000 employees. They would pay out $68,640,000,000 billion and have $416,360,000,000 billion left to reinvest and take a profit. This is only 49 companies and they could hand every person in the world (including the babies) $1,264 dollars; what about all the other companies? There are 45,508 of them listed in stock exchanges around the world. Small businesses would have to receive subsidies to stay in business and that’s just a part of having a capitalist society. We have to leave competition thriving. retraction-pullman-carOld Rockefeller and Pullman and monopoly practices are not successful examples of capitalism. Tax dollars have to keep our capitalist system from consuming itself. The easiest point to see is that with 1.2  quadrillion ($1,200,000,000,000,000) dollars, including all definitions of money, circulating the world there shouldn’t be misery do to the lack of money. The financial world is far too top heavy and the money is not trickling down to the need of those struggling to make ends meet. There are now 1,826 billionaires in the world with a combined wealth of $6,480,000,000,000 trillion. 540 of those billionaires live in America.

retraction-living-wageI sometimes have to step back from the facts and figures and the passion of many other plights to realized the most sane thing we could do is implement Occupational Parenting. It solves for the woes that plague mankind. $15 dollars an hour to a parent would be a great place to start. To not be prideful due to the amount of money encircling us but to do the job at hand. I don’t care if the teen at McDonald’s makes the same living wage that I make. Raising my child in a sensible, reasonable Country leading the world to Genople where there are no working poor and laws are created in harmony with the demands of  Universe and not someone’s childhood issues of obesity. We would live in a world where we let the creative forces shape the way we do everything and not dictate to God or the Universe what it should be but accept it for what it is and therefore are we. The money will come and so will the imperative of the #1 occupation in the Universe; home keeping. For in that cradle sways the young and all they will become. Until next week; keep your home well.

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Blog – The Difference Between Raising A Daughter And A Son 3/23/2016

The Difference Between Raising A Daughter And A Son

March 23rd, 2016

Left unchecked my little girl would be a brawny boy. I did engage in some girly activities though. She could paint one of my fingernails and we even had fashion shows. Still I wanted her to play peewee football, wrestle the boys; the works. She use to tend to her own boo boos including disinfecting with alcohol. She was such a little toughy. Her mom would step in to let me know if I was getting a little crazy with my little tomboy. I realize my tendency’s sprung from the desire to have a boy. There’s a sad story as to why I don’t have a boy but I’m going to keep it in my personal files. So nature and sociology took their course and my daughter is a fine young woman. She loves her makeup, clothes, and shoes but she still plays sports; volley ball for her high school. She does chores like cleaning the bathroom. She even stacks wood. I couldn’t ask for a better balance then what she displays.

tomboySo why did nature and sociology overrule my absurd inclinations?  The Rule of Anatomical Gender and The Rule of Socialized Genetics are both on The Human Element page. They shine quite a bit of light on the topic. So what are the differences caused by these 2 rules? The Real Difference Between Boys and Girls takes notice of disparities in girls and boys even from infancy . By utilizing this information we could parent circles around what we do now. There are predispositions to this or that and one could plan a strategy based those biases to get a desired result.

Combine The Rule of Manipulated Shelter (The Environment) with The Rule of Socialized Genetics and The Rule of Anatomical Gender (both on The Human Element page) and we would have enough information for males and females to be more equal than we ever could have imagined. As crazy as it sounds, if we men wanted to nurse our young we may be able to bring that change about. We could weight train females until it produced strength equal to that of a male generations later.  Some physical differences are desirable. I find the diversity attractive.

daughters and sonsIt’s been found that girls have better recall of events and can reminisce more elaborately about them. This continues into womanhood. Some say it’s the way the parents prep them; perhaps even unaware but Mothers, Fathers Daughters, Sons (pages 50 – 53 seem to contradict themselves somewhat and they’re really all you have to read for this study) hold that it is the child’s persuasion and not parental influence that causes the female domination in this area. If there is parental elicitation it’s probably the mom’s. The male and female chemical factories are very different and lead to different thoughts, emotions, and therefore perspectives. What else should we be aware of as we try to produce healthy individuals to a happy and thriving world? Occupational Parenting would demand that we find the answers.

When I think of the social differences between women and men I think of the movie Grease. There’s a conscious effort to keep the distinct roles that males and females have.

The male is physically stronger than the female overall so we steer them toward endeavors that require strength. This gets written over and over in the DNA and becomes hardwired. Any time we lift such influences we create a loom for other possibilities much like we’re doing with recent generations. I must believe the the key to change is to work with what’s already there rather than break a cycle. Men are home keepers but they can still cut the wood or fix the car. Women are CEOs and football coaches but they can still nourish the children. While it’s important to have male and female roles we shouldn’t be bound so tightly by them that we can’t step out to do something different.

daughters and sons (4) So I’ve come to the conclusion that girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice while boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dogs’ tails. They should walk through this life hand in hand; the boy with a little sugar and the girl with a puppy dog tail . Both should know the whole spice rack and every breed of dog.  Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – The Effects Of Violence On Children 3/16/16

The Effects Of Violence On Children

March 16th, 2016

Thank you Yolanda Gibson for the request.

The effects of violence on children rages from TV violence, to story telling, to the violence a child experiences. TV Violence and Children go hand and hand from when the very first person got shot on TV. In my day we were watching The Incredible Hulk beating people up and trashing shit. Clint Eastwood movies was always good for a half dozen or so people getting shot. Some professionals endorse that Early Exposure to TV Violence Predicts Aggression in Adulthood. I can’t personally attest to that but in a broader scope I’m sure the studies are valid to some extent. The violence on television has gotten more believable and that has to make a difference as well.

tv violenceAlthough a phenomenon know as Disneyfication has happen to many of the fairy tales we grew up with they’ve had some Grimm beginnings. So Are Grimm’s Fairy Tales too twisted for children? I think it’s OK to tell our children these tales. It puts life into a more truthful perspective. Even the circle of life is as dark as it is light. If we raise our children with only the “good” parts of life they’ll be fragile and only the “bad” they be disheartened and depressed. There’s definitely is a balanced to be found so that they’ll be grounded and firm.  If we are solid in our existence they will learn these features from us. You may want to filter The Gruseome Origins of 5 Popular Fairy Tales though.

circle of lifeThis is where it gets really real. The child who experiences violence at home. We Love Our Children. This is true in way more cases than it’s not true even when there’s violence in the home. Some people don’t know how love should be expressed. Many times the abuser is part of a vicious cycle in which they were abused. I’m fully aware that that can’t excuse the behavior but it let’s us understand what an abused child is up against if someone can’t help pull them out of the cycle. I am the son of an abusive parent and I do not abuse my daughter. I don’t buy into the argument of no physical discipline so when someone tells me the Parent’s Use of Physical Punishment Increases Violent Behavior Among Youth I simply tell them so does rough play. That doesn’t make rough play bad. I actually think it’s healthy. I’ve spanked my daughter twice in 15 years. One time she ran into the road I’m not sure what the other time was for. The point is, minimal physical discipline in a very moderate dose isn’t going to destroy your child’s emotional health. I don’t want every loser with a temper and poor judgement to take this as an endorsement to beat the hell out of their kids. I do want folks who use no physical discipline to consider it may actually be healthy. Sometimes that child just wants to know if we’ll do it. My intention was not personal satisfaction but to leave the well learned impression that I’m the boss and I do have a last resort tool. Please do not try to physically discipline your child if you don’t have the emotional control of a well rounded adult.

child abuse50% of the time the child is not the direct victim in a violent home but still there is direct psychological and emotional trauma and it can be overwhelming. The child may absorb and surface aggressive behavior. It may show itself with their peers and then their family when they grow up. I consider myself very fortunate to have come from an abusive background to have the relationship that I do with my daughter. I found myself being ultra passive from the physical abuse. I struggled to find some aggressive behavior at times that I needed to defend myself. I think it must not be too uncommon. I’ve known people who got it a lot worse than I did. It got to a point where they really just didn’t care about the ass whoopings anymore. They were very aggressive. I worked my way from being afraid of my own shadow to an assertive posture. I think some children should be exposed to more violence so that they don’t just shut down when confronted with it. The studies show what they show, just don’t stop thinking for yourself. It could be that you know what your child needs more than a study. This is not advocacy for child abuse and perpetrators of should be dealt with at the limit of the law. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – About Me 3/9/2016

About Me ( Page 4 of 8 website pages )

March 9th, 2016

about meA little about me: If need be I would take a bullet, stand in front of a moving car or go to jail for my daughter. That’s the most important part of who I am,

I’m from Generation X; 1965 – 1984. I first thought Generation X was an insult meaning unknown capabilities / productivity. We come from the baby boomers (questions about overpopulation), a lot of LSD and other experimental behaviors. I think many of us are turning out fine. Some better than fine. I’ve had my share of experimental behaviors, run ins with the legal system, defeat, and hopelessness but there have been some successes as well. I have many likes and not a lot of dislikes. I don’t like people who don’t like children. They creep me out. If a person doesn’t like children it’s pretty sure bet that they probably don’t even like themselves.

Dog and I (1) (2)I love good friends and family and if I’ve met for more than 2 minutes I’ll probably love you too. I have much affection for all my Facebook friends especially for those friends beyond Facebook. Children and animals are awesome! I couldn’t live without them. I’m quite social and outgoing and I love to blog. My niece who is a young adult now told me a joke. Why do seagulls live at the sea? Because if they lived at the bay they’d be bay-gulls. The innocents of childhood fights to stay with us well into our teens. By the time we reach adulthood it’s just a memory, not even a feeling anymore. We may have that kind of wonderment for a second or two then it’s gone. Though I no longer have that crisp and clear innocence I love to see it in others. It’s well worth nurturing and protecting. It’s worth Occupational Parenting.

As a child I had an abundance of hope and recently that hope was renewed by the birth of my daughter. I say recently because 13 years ago seems like yesterday. I’ve pulled my hair out trying to divert her from some of the spirit breaking revelations that I’ve experienced. My ex-wife thinks it’s time to let go a bit and see how she does. I agree. I consider her to be a young adult. She’s very mature and can almost look me eye to eye.

about me Mya (2)Her generation is called the Millennials  or Generation Y; early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. In Generation X we’ve seen the invention of the microwave oven, the cell phone, the PC, and computer cars. The Millennials have reality TV, dubstep, and a lot less scorn and judgment for the folly folks can find themselves in. I can’t help but wonder what the future of their children will hold.

We’ve tried to teach them to use good judgment without a belt across their ass: as was done when I was growing up. It didn’t teach me to use good judgment; just to live in fear. The Army can teach a person to use better judgment and in my case it did. I think the hands off approach to child raring can go too far as well. A child needs to know that a parent can just eat them like in the wild (just kidding). I’ve spanked my daughter twice in 13 years and hopefully it served her well at those times that she really needed to know that I’m the boss. She’s way past the spanking age now and I just ground her from her technology.

I mentioned the Army; one of the successes in my life but it came at a price. I suffer with Gulf War Syndrome and anyone who has it can tell you It’s very hard to motivate yourself to do anything but my daughter is my driving force now. I only wish that I would have started this website sooner.

I know I would be a much better parent if the focus of our economy was on parenting and I would have been a better person if Occupational Parenting was the case for my parents. There’s nothing I want more for the Millennials than to provide a life in which they achieve happiness. I believe that happiness and contentment are languages the Universe can understand. Unfortunately they’re languages that many people do not understand.

That’s enough about me and mine for now. Read the rest of the website and demand meaningful change. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Does The Supreme Court Circumvent State’s Rights 3/2/2016

Does The Supreme Court Circumvent State’s Rights?

March 2nd, 2016

Thank you James Harper for the request.

Tenth Amendment – Rights Reserved to the State or People – The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.    National Constitution Center

There are so many questions about the Supreme Court infringing on State’s rights that I couldn’t possibly try them all here in this Blog. The Supreme Court has mad some monumental blunders as when it truck down the Civil Rights Act of 1875 as unconstitutional. It ruled that section one of the 14th amendment didn’t supersede section five of the same Amendment

Fourteenth Amendment section one – Citizenship Rights, Equal Protection, Apportionment, Civil War Debt – All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.    National Constitution Center

Fourteenth Amendment section five – Citizenship Rights, Equal Protection, Apportionment, Civil War Debt – The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.    National Constitution Center

As a result discrimination based on ethnicity remained lawful for the private sector.

There are as you may imagine some fanominally good decisions like Loving vs Virginia. I didn’t even know that laws against interracial marriage existed in 1967. I for one am glad that they don’t exist anymore. Here you can find The Best Supreme Court Decisions Since 1960. You can also take a gander at the worst decisions via the same page.

Back to the point. Does the Supreme Court make some rulings with no regard for State rights? The Supreme Court rulings are the supreme law of the land and I think they should be. Lower courts should just be an extension of the Supreme Court. I don’t think there should be a federal speed limit but if State Governments are failing the welfare of their citizenry the Federal Government should step in with the backing of the Supreme Court. In this example the State was lousy with car accidents the Constitution should provide for the Federal Government to set a 65 mph speed limit. If the State in question has no speed limit but experiences fewer accidents than other States it should be left alone. They’ve proven no need for further Government intervention. Whether you like this example or not it frames the spirit of the law.

Now a days the rights of the Individual are on the chopping block. While attempting suicide is no longer illegal a New York politician (It may be Bill de Blasio) was attempting  to outlaw 20 oz or larger soft drinks. According to the Constitution the Individual should maintain the right to be healthy or unhealthy even to the death. This brings us to the

Ninth Amendment – Non-enumerated Rights Retained by the People – The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.    National Constitution Center

What the Ninth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendments tells me is to hold on to my Individual rights as if my life depended on it. My quality of life does. Like the repeal of the prohibition of alcohol, no drugs or guns should be illegal (I’m all about background checks for guns) . Take marijuana for instance; I hate it but I should have the right to decide that.


marijuanaAnti-drug legislation is just some of the People trying to parent others of the People. Put parenting where it should be, in the home, and we’d learn to live with these things present and not a pretend world where they don’t exist. My rights end where your nose begins doesn’t mean your nose should be in my business. It means as long as I’m not hurting you I can do whatever the hell I want. Drugs are too addictive. Wah. We should be trained from a very young to practice an adequate amount of self control where drugs are represented by marshmallows. Then by the amount of technologies in our lives then by one puff of marijuana and so on. The access to these things are undeniable. The problem with our society is that we don’t use build up. Your 21, you got your license 5 years ago you were old enough to buy a handgun 3 years ago and now you can consume as much alcohol as you want. We should learn the emotional strength and what our tolerances are from a very young age. Responsible gun handling is taught; with a BB gun, paint ball gun and so on As adults we should coexist with our temptations instead of having the Government say “NO” my daughter or son, you can’t or there will be grave consequences. The Constitution intended to produce strong, independent, responsible adults and not children with discipline issues. The Supreme Court isn’t close to fulfilling it’s purpose; Occupational parenting would.

child gun traing  child gun training (2)

The Constitutional rights of the Federal Government vs the rights reserved to the States could bash heads for decades over the subject matter that I’ve mentioned and the People are the ones who really pay the price. Don’t take the salt out of my food or enact a saturated fat law. Don’t take my guns or my right to resist temptation. It amounts to the People domineering the People and the Constitution gets lost. The politicians simply want to do whats popular no matter the cost and while the Supreme Court should be the embodiment of the spirit of the law their decisions are steered by big money and the advancement of industry; better yet technology. They’re going decide on what ever keeps the wheels of this well oiled money machine turning. Technology is global and doesn’t always have America’s best interest at heart. I hope we all wake up and realize that democracy doesn’t mean a popularity contest and the majority shouldn’t always win if it in any way suppresses the rights set forth by the Constitution.

constitution   supreme court justices

Until next week; keep your homes well.

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