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Blog – The Human Element 4/27/2016

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The Human Element (Page 6 of 8 website pages)

April 27th, 2016

the human element (3)The human element has the potential to be among the most sophisticated energy in the Universe. I propose that there are paths working with our subconscious and conscious mind to a superconscious. It’s meeting places for our collective thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When mediation between them is consolable and compatible it regulates form and function throughout the Dimensional Space Continuum. Elemental space can be reworked to ensure the continuity of our continuum and it’s dimensional neighbors. When we are unconscious it takes consciousness out of loop and the subconscious and superconscious go at it on their own. That’s why miracles will happen as we dream. Crazy? We’ve found elemental space’s behavior can change just because it’s being observed, in this case electrons. I think the double slit experiment is just the beginning of how irregularly elemental space can manipulate itself merely by having a human observer. “Dr. Quantum-Double slit experiment“).

The Rule of Governing Energy

The most sophisticated energy in the Universe governs all energy in the Universe.

Explanation: To fulfill the Universe’s bias, to exist, it grants ultimate manipulation of elemental space to the forms of energy most likely to maintain a perceivable continuum without causing dimensional rifts.

So who is most likely to maintain a perceivable continuum? This next rule provides more insight as to who manipulates more energy and to what degree.

The Rule of Residual Synergy

The osmosis of any energy transaction is governed by the nearest likeness of physical mass able to rule the transaction dynamics. (A dog’s physical mass governs more than a rock’s physical mass and a human’s more than a dog’s.)

nervoussystemExplanation: Think of each human element as a tree or a bush; our nervous system like it’s roots downward and our brain the fruit or flower upward; our solar plexus it’s most active portion.  Both our thoughts and emotions merge in our nervous systems to get actions and behaviors. The important thing to remember is that the human element is always communicating with the Sun and Universe beyond it.  Our sun doesn’t have to supernova or become a red giant because of our branches and roots. It can be an eternal fuel source as long as we’re happy, healthy and our existence manipulates elemental space in a positive way. Helium and hydrogen could become local to our Solar System from any reaches of a Dimensional Space Continuum. The humans that do these things most effectively will attempt to bring all other elements into the Universe’s favor. This favor should never be embodied by one person as in times when our ancestors wanted to create gods. The Universe does play favorites however. It wants thinkers and feelers; individuals whose thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are conducive to the Universe’s existence. These persons are more inclined to what should be rather than what is. They want a reason for everything. These persons may be given to a lot of trail and error. They are usually contemplating what is true and where they fit into that truth. In many cases flipping and flopping to try and fit in at all when the truth is not evident. When the trail and error is all said and done their thoughts and emotions should be healthy and productive depending on how they were raised and where they are in The Rule of Human Need (on the Health and Happiness page) . Sociology and psychology are as recognizable to the Universe as the planet, moon, and stars, and they are key in the sophistication of energy and synergies.

The Rule of Anatomical Gender

Any specie of anatomically dependent birthing process will suppress x amount of advancement upon each birth that the two genders do not advance together.

Explanation: I’m making this about gender because historically women have been oppressed more. The type of genetic suppression I’m writing of applies to any oppressed group; men or women. The woman however has experienced oppression within oppression because of forced male dominance (I know in some cultures women have been considered superior but I don’t think it’s enough to weigh in here).  Women have to unlearned that it’s OK or at least tolerable not to express yourself. That it’s OK not to challenge belief systems and practices. That it’s OK not to be your best if it means being better than a man.

human element dnaThe genetic blend of both parents is in there but the one that manifest and expounds itself is the gender we were born to. The stuff we’re made of doesn’t just go away. It’s all in there. A male can carry the hardships of all the women in his line up to his mother but If the disparity between genders is socially severe he will deal with life according to his male genealogy and sociology. The same is true of a female and her genealogy. She will slip into that submissive role if that’s what her society tells her to do. Of course it’s crazy to think that’s always the case. The woman has gotten to where she is today because of the suffrage of  those who refused to accept that role. There are the men who have supported these women with their own kind of suffrage and temperance. Any society making a change toward equality should be cautious. To suddenly remove the oppression over night one has to expect “the kid in the candy store” analogy. I think to expect it is half of dealing with it. There may be a great number of things such as hostility that could manifest subconsciously. These are things that should be considered if one wishes to extend a hand to the oppressed of the world. It’s at least worth thinking about as we advance together.

The Rule of Socialized Genetics

Through industry and artistic innovation the human does manipulate their own evolution.

human element evolutionExplanation: Most agree that humans don’t function on instinct but maybe early humans or pre-humans did. Weather it developed slowly or overnight, humans learned to manipulate their environment more so than the animals around them. I believe there is a genetic recorder of sorts that allows the ability we aspire to, the difficulties we overcome, and the changes we forge in ourselves to be passed on to the next generation. The confounds that we don’t solve are passed on too. These recordings are being engraved to our being in every present moment. The more equities we use as solvent for deficiencies the easier it becomes for our offspring to deal with the same difficulties and succeed in The Rule of Human Need. The Human Element is the crown jewel in the hierarchy of this planet which alone governs the Solar System at this time. If we hope to keep unraveling the mysteries around us we need to understand ourselves as the tool by which such mysteries are solved. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Emotional Control 4/20/2016

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Emotional Control

April 20th, 2016

Thank you Christy Rose for the request

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emotional control (3)Definition – Emotional control can be thought of as a facet of emotion regulation, but refers primarily to attempts by an individual to manage the generation, experience, or expression of emotion, and/or one’s emotional responses (Gross, 1999). Emotional control, like emotional expression, is tied the broader context of emotion regulation. Emotional control can occur as part of antecedent-focused regulation prior to generation of emotion or through response-focused regulation after an emotion has been generated (Gross, 1998a). Emotional control can refer to the ability to exercise influence over emotion, and modulate emotion through the use of cognitive or behavioral strategies (Gross, 1998b; Lazarus & Folkman, 1984). The ways in which individuals are able to achieve emotional control have implications for health and well-being (Beck, 1995; Berg, Skinner, & Ko, 2009).

emotional control (4)Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) will be helpful to understanding emotional control. In very raw terms your EI is your ability to recognize and manipulate yours and others emotions. You may be able to empower and inspire someone. On the darker side you may be able to make them choke and fail. Your ability to motivate yourself or look on the brighter side are also examples of emotional control. EQ is that by which EI is measured. Some claim that EI is more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ) when predicting the success of an individual. The argument rages. It seems to me that you could be smartest person you know but if you can’t overcome the urge to tell you your boss “go f**k yourself” life is going to be difficult for you. Like wise if you have complete control of your emotions and are able to sense others you still have to be able to do the math therefor I don’t hold one as more important than the other. A good EI and IQ score are necessary for success. EI is discounted by some professionals because there is no mathematical calculation or formula. Still that’s no reason to disregard it’s value. I don’t think it should be call Emotional Intelligence because it really is a skill that can be developed like any other skill.

Most would agree the ability to delay gratification is a testament to ones emotional control. There is a very simple test called the Marshmallow Test that test the ability to delay gratification. A child is left in a room with a marshmallow and told that if they didn’t eat it they could have two marshmallows when the tester returns. Turns out that the children who were able to wait for the second marshmallow were described as more competent and there was a correlation to higher SAT scores.

I’m impulsive; more so than I’d like to be. I actually think I’m getting worse about it as I get older. I’m having a hell of a time finding the emotional strength to quit smoking cigarettes. Some would say smoking is a big deal and others not so much. A greater value of emotional control can be seen in romantic relationships. I manage to maintain an exclusive relationship and that to me is a big deal. The lack of emotional control greatly contributes to the destruction of many relationships. When I compare that to smoking I suppose I  could be engaged in far worse behavior.

If your curious about your emotional abilities you can Test Your Emotional Intelligence. Don’t be dishonest. That’s the first emotional test.

The AC/DC lyrics in For those about to Rock (We ain’t no legend, ain’t no cause we’re just livin’ for today) is about feeling a whirlwind of emotion; totally out of control. It’s often viewed as living on the edge. On the flip side of the coin would be Spock in StarTrek  often seen as a superior being. Spock’s Vulcan ancestry try to be without emotion. spockThe first leads to self destruction; in many cases taking those cared about with the individual. The second stifles our very means of communication with the Universe. There are cases of those with alexithymia (article). A person can be detached from emotion without being a psychopath. In this instance contentment (when it’s not a feeling) takes the place of happiness. Caring for a family becomes like a mathematical equation. If you work and earn money and your family will eat. Some believe this is closer to how the Universe functions. I say they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Man actually has no purpose if not to be happy. So important is the pursuit of happiness that it’s it part of the Declaration of Independence and is as American as you can get. Even sadness at a certain event is only to serve more understanding and more happiness in doing so. The Rule of Human Need, on the Health and Happiness page, describes what it takes to be happy and that it’s a conveyance the Universe can flourish by. Being a true moderate I hold to the middle ground like with most issues. Finding that appropriate amount of emotion is what serves existence best. So what’s the appropriate amount? It will be different for everyone but perfect to the individual.

Not enough emotional control is bad. Too much emotional deprivation is also bad but just the right amount of emotional control is the key to happiness and the broadening horizon of an ever expanding Universe. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Lost Holiday Traditions 4/13/2016

Lost Holiday Traditions

April 13th, 2016 Updated 4-12-2017

Thank you Christy Rose and Yolanda Gibson for the requests.

I’ve decided to roll up Chisty’s and Yolanda’s Blogs into one. Christy asks what’s wrong with saying Merry Christmas and Yolanda is curious about lost holiday traditions. I’ve included some holidays that aren’t nationally observed but should be. Those holidays that are nationally recognized but have lost any part of their traditions are also included.

Nothing is wrong with saying Merry Christmas and it would be horrible if it became a lost tradition. Newt Gingrich was actually researching a rumor that there was a law against Federal employees saying Merry Christmas. While no such law was  ever found it was found that mail with Christmas greetings could not be franked. Franking is when mail can be sent free of charge. Congress Forbidden to Wish Merry Christmas on Tax Payer Dime. The tax payers do not fit the bill for birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, retirement, condolence messages or holiday greetings. Most of these are so that we don’t pay for politicians personal mail.

This takes us back to lost holiday traditions. I only included widely spread and practiced American holidays. These are basically the ones I celebrated growing up. I’ve also not included holidays that have no traditions associated with them i.e. Washington’s Birthday or Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday.

new year'sNew Year’s (January 1st) New Year’s Superstitions you may not have know about. Have you ever wondered what the hell the words are to that song that everyone’s singing on New Year’s? Auld Lang Syne



Groundhog Day (February 2nd) is widely known about. If the groundhog representing Punxutawney PA. doesn’t see it’s shadow it will be an early spring. If it does see it’s shadow bunker down for 6 more weeks of winter. The tradition began with Germans who practiced Paganism. One aspect of the celebration that isn’t widely known about is that no other language besides German is permitted. If there is a violation of this tradition the violator must pay a nickle or dime per word.

ash wednesdayAsh Wednesday (Between February 4th and February 10th) get’s its name from the ash marks placed on the forehead of those receiving a blessing. It usually in the form of a cross accompanied by the words “Repent, and believe in the Gospel” or “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”. The ashes are palm ashes actual or symbolic of the previous Palm Sunday. It is a fasting holiday representing the 40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness. It seems to me that this holiday is in decline.

valentine's dayValentine’s Day (February 14th) is rich with superstition, some of them lost traditions. Valentine’s Day that has been celebrated since 496 A.D. did not become filled with romantic notions until the late middle ages. Drawing the name of your Valentine was customary in an earlier day. If you wanted to dream of your soon to be love you could handle it 2 ways. (1) Pin five bay-leaves to your pillow; 1 on each corner and one in the middle. (2) Is a bit stranger. Boil an egg, pull the yolk out, fill it with salt, and devour it shell and all. Don’t speak to anyone or drink any thing. Go straight to bed to dream of your love. To predict your love without any dreams one could write names on pieces of paper, wrap them in clay and toss them into the water. The first name to float up would be your Valentine. Another lost tradition remains in our language today. Again you would write the name of your beloved on a heart shaped paper and pin it to your sleeve. So you would be one who wore their heart on their sleeve. I had never heard of heaving (Well at keg parties maybe) until doing research for this Blog. A person was placed into a chair while would be Valentines heave the chair into the the air and march around. To be freed from the chair the person of interest would have to pay in money or kisses to be let down. The women would do it to the men on one day while the men would do it the women on another.

st. patric's daySt. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) celebrates the Patron Saint of Ireland who was actually British. When Patrick was 16 he was captured by Irish pirates and taken into slavery. He escaped to his home in Great Britain only to return to Ireland as a free man and he brought Christianity with him. Little is known about the dates of Saint Patrick’s exploits but as a tradition we don our green and boil the corn beef and cabbage. The shamrock is where the green comes from and is also a part of the Irish tradition. St. Patrick used the three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

easterEaster (March 27th) is fun and the only thing that threatens it’s traditions is plastic eggs. I would hate to see the boiled eggs go away. There is one other tradition that seems to going along the way side and that’s new clothes. Traditionally a new outfit was bought or made for church on Easter Sunday. This holiday celebrates the risen Christ.

april fool's dayApril Fool’s Day (April 1st) goes back to the 16th century and is celebrated by many around the world. It is not however a national holiday anywhere. Jokes on us because we will be going to work on that day. It seems to me that April Fool’s Day has faded in popularity since I was a child. I hope the silly pranks and antics stick around. It’s been here for quite awhile so please prank someone so it always will be.

mother's dayMother’s Day (The 2nd Sunday in May) was first celebrated by Anna Jarvis as a memorial for her deceased mom. She pushed Government to recognize it nationally and in 1914 Woodrow Wilson proclaimed it to be the second Sunday in May. The traditions that would have been were pushed aside by commercialism. Anna intended for it to intimate right down to a personal letter with special gifts that would only mean something to the mother and child/children. Greeting card companies became en-frenzied. Gift and flower giving became big business. Anna tried to have the holiday rescinded but it was too late. Today we take our mothers out to dinner or even cook for them but one thing is clear. Mom gets the day off.

Memorial-DayMemorial Day (May 30th) Traditionally the first cookout of the year. I don’t foresee any danger to losing this one. Memorial day merged Union and Confederate holidays in remembering those who died in military service. It started as Decoration Day in 1868 when folks would leave flowers and decorations at the grave’s of past soldiers. I think this happens a lot less these days but it’s surely a tradition that should stick around. If you know of grave sites where military members are laid to rest bring them a flower. I will.

father's dayFather’s Day (The 3rd Sunday in June) hasn’t had much time to have traditions other than what Mother’s Day has. It wasn’t signed into law until 1972 by Richard M. Nixon. It’s history, before many failed attempts at making it a National Holiday, is originated in the Monongah Mining Disaster of 1907 where 250 fathers lost their lives. July 5th, 1908 was it’s first celebration by Grace Golden Claton and her church. The date was changed to the third Sunday in June because of July 4th being Independence Day. Other know sponsors of the holiday are Sonora Smart Dodd, Jane Addams, and Harry C. meek. The US Open golf tournament is scheduled to finish on Father’s Day. I’d like to see beer and wine become one of its traditions.

independence dayIndependence Day (July 4th) was the first Holiday Act of Congress in 1870. It became a paid holiday in 1938. We all know that the fireworks we see represent rockets and cannon fire but did you know bell ringing, speeches, and the reading of the Declaration of Independence used to be a part of the celebration as well as mock burials for King George the III. It may seem as if our fireworks displays and band music are set in stone but as the cost of these shows rise the participation dwindles. We should always celebrate it even if it’s with one fire cracker and the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

labor-dayLabor Day (The !st Monday in September) is quite possibly the last cookout of the year. It became an official holiday in 1887. Trade unions and labor movements pushed to have a holiday to celebrate labor. Oregon was the first to do so.




halloweenHalloween (October 31st)  Whoohoo!!! Candy, man. Lots of it. I’d be on a sugar high for days. I didn’t care about all the adults saying eating that much candy will make you sick. I never experienced that; even to this day but there’s much more associated with Halloween than eating candy. Samhain (sah-win) or (sow-in) the Celtic harvest festival comes to mind. Halloween does a pretty good job of mixing this Pagan festival with the Christian All Hallows Eve in which some Christians fast. Like Christmas the church placed some of their holy days around or on the day of other faith’s religious holidays to more easily compel them to convert. Nighttime bonfires represented by orange and black proclaim the Sun’s strength among the death and decay of winter. Since the 16th century some folks engage in mumming and guising. Mumming is to play out scripted roles while guising is to wear a disguise. They would go house to house receiving food as payment. Food offerings were also left outside for the Aos Si (ees-shee); fairies from the other side. At Halloween the veil between this world and the spirit world is thinner and crossing to and back is possible. Tables were sometimes set with an additional setting for the previous resident to visit. We see a lot of traditions of Halloween to be changed but still with us. In times past, this just scratches the surface of religious rites and merriment. In more modern time people have taken advantage of its lore to do mischief. As one man recounts his childhood. He speaks of dumping people’s garbage on the street to get their wooden barrels for the barrel burn on Thanksgiving. In my day I’ve know people who have egged houses and toilet papered trees. For me it was all about the costume and getting candy but I’d really like to learn more about it’s rich history.

veteran's dayVeterans Day (November 11th) Due to Memorial Day Veteran’s Day doesn’t get the attention it should. It is to honor those who served dead or alive. Unfortunately adults are making arrangements to have the children looked after because they get the day off from school. Some argue that giving veterans the day off would take too much of the work force and businesses and government wouldn’t be able to function. If the kids are going to get the day off give everyone should get the day off. Let’s start some new traditions.

thanksgivingThanksgiving (The 4th Thursday in November) unfortunately is bittersweet because an important component of tradition has been wiped out with the annihilation of many Native American tribes. I’d like a tradition where today’s Americans recreate Native American culture with the tribes that still exist today. We owe a grave debt to the Great Spirit. Some Native American traditions shouldn’t be recreated like running buffalo off a cliff. We’d all agree not to recreate those. Most of us do the bountiful food thing and many, including my house, watch football. We give thanks for our various blessings then eat like it’s our last meal. Barrel burning used to be a part of the festivities but you’d be hard pressed to find wooden barrels today. All in all I see the meal staying forever. It’d just be more complete if we added a Native American sentiment.

christmasChristmas (December 25th). Good Lord, the war on Christmas. There has been a war on Christmas since the dawn of Christianity simply because not everyone is a Christian. Then there’s Christian groups who boycott Christmas; some of them saying it’s a Pagan holiday. Jesus was probably not born on December 25th. Years before Christ’s birth and long after his death we would be celebrating the Winter Solstice on the 25th (when the days start to get longer again). In the 17th century Puritans had laws forbidding the celebration of Christmas. In the 20th century the Soviet Union prohibited Christmas celebrations under the Doctrine of State Atheism. All this and now the controversy over saying Merry Christmas. Thank God for the first amendment. There has been much to do about displaying of the Nativity Scene; even Christmas trees in public places. I think it should be handled in the same way of saying Merry Christmas. Have it be all inclusive instead exclusive to any. If you would like to see Buddha etc. displayed for a certain holiday simply request it and have all request met. That’s the richness of America. It’d be a learning experience for everyone. America shouldn’t be about shaping the many cultures but letting the many cultures shape us. Doing anything thing else has gotten us into trouble. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Health And Happiness 4/6/2016

Health And Happiness (Page 5 of 8 website pages)

April 6th, 2016

I’m not a scientist or economist. I am simply a home keeper and I’m not the best home keeper but I consider home keeping to be the alpha and omega of  occupations and this is why. The Umbrella Set E Law Human Earth. You won’t recognize it because I wrote it in 2004. It’s not appropriate to use the word law so I will call these rules. Hopefully these rules will prove to be empirical. I don’t have a degree but I have a good imagination. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the world entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution”. (Albert Einstein) I’m sure if Einstein were alive today he would agree the imagination must embrace the Universe to embrace evolution.

The Rule of Eternal Human Survivability and Dominion

Establishing an offspring to the healthiest state of independence in accordance of and to any location in the perceivable continuum is as important for the specie as food and water for the individual.

survivalExplanation: The Universe teaches us in our earthly existence that no specie can avoid extinction without having babies and the babies have to be self sufficient in the wake of the adult’s demise. Who can argue with that unless someone defeats death and the need for childbirth. I think the Universe will run interference on that one

Are humans and their offspring healthy as the Universe defines healthy? Humans are more health oriented now than they have been in all of human history. God bless Michelle Obama. I wouldn’t want to tackle the question of obesity vs. “baby fat”, “genetic origin”,  or “big boned children”. I think the question I’ve posed is a much easier one to answer. survival (2)There is no way to roll up healthiness in the Universe’s eye without considering physical health but we can say happiness goes a lot further to the core of this question. A person can work out for four hours a day every day and still be discontented. Misery disrupts the much needed energy conversion process. To interact with someone who’s miserable can be a drain on your own energy. You walk away feeling blah and usually try to avoid that individual more so than others. Humans must engage in certain behaviors to be happy and or content. The Universe can detect and respond to happiness as productivity. This rule is better than “Don’t worry, be happy”.survival (3)

The Rule of Human Need

The human must engage in guardianship, the making of love, and objective trade providing to be happy and progressing in all of these to be advancing. (This rule considers involuntary needs such as breathing and a heartbeat to be a given before other needs)

guardianshipExplanation: Guardianship begins with self preservation; something as simple as trying not to fall down and moving on to protecting others; maybe a pet at first and eventually other family members and friends. It’s both nurture and nature. We learn not to kick the cat or pull the wings off of flies and at some point it should just feel wrong to do these things. We also develop a maternal or paternal instinct. These should drive us to be the best guardians we can be and fulfill a sense of purpose from which we derive our happiness. It’s difficult to be happy if you and others around you believe you’re not a good parent. It just leaves a true sense of purpose hanging in limbo. I think happiness is also learned to some extent. Remember it’s difficult to be happy if you don’t see happy.

The progressive nature of guardianship is The Bill of Rights, civil rights, and human rights in war crimes. There is quite a bit of discontent driving the development of the works mentioned but the discontent should not exceed the goal.

loveThe making of love is tightly bound to guardianship. It applies of course to our children, family, friends, pets and our significant other by whom we become one in the flesh. “BABIES!” I think the first purpose of sex is to procreate. It’s been made to feel so good to ensure that humans will participate. There is a question about the strength of the love for a significant other vs. the love of a child. I know that for me the love of my child is strongest. I do think scientist will be able to specifically calculate this in the future? It’s as sure as emotions cause chemical and physical changes in the brain and body.

The progressive nature of love can be seen in the status of women, children, and animals in the family.

I speak about love and there are those who think, “What of hate?” Hate is as abnormal as love is normal. Hate is the fastest way to the fulfillment of the destructive potential. It is a manufactured product of a deficiency in The Rule of Human Need. The loss of a love one is huge here. A person may reject love rather than be vulnerable to that kind pain and discomfort again. The illusion of strength can become proving to everyone else that love is just vulnerability. if that person is successful it begets the spread of hate. In actuality strength is to love again.   

Objective trade providing is kneaded to the first two needs. It’s providing and attaining food, water, and shelter in a social way.

caveman    man cave

(Caveman)                                                                        (Man Cave)

It’s easy to see the progressive nature of this one when comparing clubbing an animal for food with a trip to the grocery store and the variety of change when comparing a house to a cave.

(Family Cave)

family caveIf a human is fulfilled in these three needs they are happy. If anyone can think of something more or something less than these things I invite you to comment. You’re always invited to comment. Just be nice.

While all of the above is true it’s still very difficult to prevail in The Rule of Human Need because we are climbing the double helix genetic ladder of all our ancestors trying to emerge as self. It has been done, can be done, and must be done. Until next week; keep your homes well.

Here’s a pet tip about my dog.

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