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Blog – Fukushima Should Be Remembered 6/1/2016

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Fukushima Should Be Remembered

June 1st, 2016

Some may have never heard of Fukushima (Wikipedia) while others have heard very little. The event received a 7 (the highest level) on the International Nuclear Event Scale. The only other event to be classified a 7 was the Chernobyl (Wikipedia) meltdown in Russia in 1986. I didn’t hear about Fukushima Daiichi on the news I heard about from a buddy who lives in California; a distant neighbor of Japan where the incident took place on March 11th, 2011. You tend to feel too close to a nuclear plant when the evidence of it’s mishap can be found an ocean away.

Fukushima doesn’t surprise me all that much. It’s just another example of man’s complacency with the public well-being as long as the money is rolling in. We’re still not sure about what the health hazards will amount to but we know for sure the evacuation of all the residents comes with negative consequences for innocent people. “We know from Chernobyl that the psychological consequences are enormous. Life expectancy of the evacuees dropped from 65 to 58 years — not [predominantly] because of cancer, but because of depression, alcoholism and suicide. Relocation is not easy, the stress is very big. We must not only track those problems, but also treat them. Otherwise people will feel they are just guinea pigs in our research”. (Japanese health and radiation specialist Shunichi Yamashita)

What does surprise me is how obscure the importance of the event has become. A lot of nuclear programs went to the chopping block because of it but it’s a decision that should still be on the table today. Nuclear power is a viable option as long as “We the People” are involved every step of the way. I believe we can build perfectly safe nuclear plants with the public on oversight. That’s not to say I want to. I don’t trust anything except the sun that burns that hot. ( By reading the Wikipedia page or watching the video the complex is made simple and that’s the way all things should be in an informed nation. There’s always the person beside you who will know a little more than you and the person who will know a little less. Together we can police our leaders and have our say. A core meltdown is a fairly scary event to come to terms with but lets not think that we don’t have the ability to build a nuclear facility that works. We should never sweep a failed undertaking under the carpet. It should be front and center in our planning process. Maybe you don’t like the idea of contaminated fuel rods in our environment, that’s fine but leave it on the table while thinking of better.

I’ve got it stuck in my head that if you can create perpetual motion you can create perpetual energy.

It seems to me that this video shows us a turbine of sorts. While I don’t believe in free energy there wouldn’t be a reason to charge an arm and leg for producing this type of electricity. You better believe that we could create electricity this way there’s just not enough money in it for the powers that be.

A solar hydrogen house is an expensive setup that will pay for itself. This guy claims to have an engine that runs on 80% water. I don’t know if these videos are credible but I do believe it’s possible. The way I understand it is oil companies buy up patents by the fistful to keep fossil fuels in big business. Is it reasonable to believe no-one’s come up with anything better in 157 years? There’s battery power but those things are no blessing to the environment.

Informity isn’t a word but it should be. It’s what every American needs to fulfill our birthright; the pursuit of happiness. Informity puts “We the People” in charge of our destiny and keeps the pursuit of happiness right on course.

What’s best for these kids and their kids after them? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an economy that’s driven by that question? Occupational Parenting. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Skincare 5/25/2016

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May 25th, 2016


I’m not really sure what my motivation was to do a Blog on skincare but I’m going to go with it. At least it’s a little different from my usual vein. Let’s take look at the skin. Skin is 16% of a person’s weight. The adult’s skin weighs about 20 pounds. The variation of color is beautiful and astounding. Those variations also can be indicators about skincare. Most skincare problems come from the skin being too oily or too dry or from to much Sun,

skin care skin    Multi-ethnic group of young women: African, Asian, Indian and Caucasian.

Multi-ethnic group of young women: African, Asian, Indian and Caucasian.

It is far better to have oily skin than dry skin. The worst case scenario is severe acne. There are several benefits to having oily skin beyond the breakouts. Here are 7 Benefits to Having Oily Skin.

Dry skin can actually cause some health problems. Serious dry skin conditions from an inherited group of disorders called ichthyosis can sometimes be disfiguring and upsetting.

Dry skin is likely to cause one or more of the following:

  • A feeling of skin tightness, especially after showering, bathing or swimming
  • Skin that feels and looks rough
  • Itching (pruritus)
  • Slight to severe flaking, scaling or peeling
  • Fine lines or cracks
  • Gray, ashy skin in people with dark skin
  • Redness in people with lighter skin
  • Deep cracks that may bleed

You should see a doctor if any of the following occur.

Most cases of dry skin respond well to lifestyle and home remedies. See your doctor if:

  • Your skin doesn’t improve in spite of your best efforts
  • Dry skin is accompanied by redness
  • Dryness and itching interfere with sleeping
  • You have open sores or infections from scratching
  • You have large areas of scaling or flaking skin

(The Mayo Clinic)

It is fun in the Sun when beach weather rolls around and that can have some not so fun consequences. The Sun can be hell on your skin. Sun Exposure, Skin Cancer sheds some light on the topic.

We can avoid problem skin with 5 tips from the Mayo Clinic. I had never heard never heard of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) clothing or additives. I found a company named Phoenix Brands that sells an additive called Sun Guard and my Google search did turn up some SPF and UPF (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) clothing you can buy. Sierra is one company and you can find many others by Googling “SPF Clothing”. That being said there are some experts who doubt the effectiveness of these additives and the practicality of these garments.

I have very ashy skin along with many other dark skinned people. I hate to use lotion because of the greasy feeling it leaves behind. I’m working out in a gym now and wear shorts often so I’m needing to find a brand of lotion that rubs in completely and doesn’t leave a residue. Would definitely love suggestions.

skincare variations conclusionNo matter what skin you have you may want to care for it. Some are more sensitive than others with respect to the sun. Some are dry and some are oily. But every skin is a blessing for the one that’s wearing it. It’s the first line of defense in an otherwise environmentally hostile world. Beneath it’s warm cover we are able to experience a variety of sensations and feel the tactile limits of our existence. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – The Environment 5/19/2016

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The Environment ( Page 7 of 8 website pages )

May 18th, 2016

These rules are about manipulating and shaping our surroundings and how our surroundings can manipulate and shape us. I’ll end this page with a pet tip about my cat.

The Rule of Manipulated Shelter

The advancement of manipulated shelter can deteriorate the mutative ability to a characteristic unrecognizable to the unmanipulated shelter.

The environment flying squirrelExplanation: Flying squirrels work for this explanation. If the trees are too far apart and the squirrels keep getting eaten by predators something has to change or the squirrels will go extinct. Random mutation is too sloppy and there’d be like a billion mutations to find the one that works. Fortunately for the squirrels they fill a niche and serve a purpose. Every portion of their existence flows to the superconscious like a prayer. At some point a squirrel is born with skin flaps between it’s front and hind legs and  has to spend less time on the ground because it can glide tree to tree. Or maybe it wasn’t a mutation at all and the environment dictated what should evolve. Like the flying squirrels humans have to fill a niche. Squirrels only have to do it in an earthy capacity but humans, being the Command Specie, must fill a niche in both an earthly and Universal capacity.

If we consider our dimensional flow through the plants and birds and rocks and things there is a communication like our constant communication with the Sun and Universe. So does one rock have a more sophisticated energy than another? Yes, depending on how much and what kind of synergy is interacting with the rock. It is by these interactions that bodies know when it’s time to mutate. It is by these interactions that one finds harmony.

mother yelling at children

mother yelling at children

When a child is raised they interact with their surrounding. So, the individual synergy that is produced is held as resonance in the in the walls, ceilings, and floors and perpetuated by all the home’s residents. If a child lives in an environment where negativity is perpetuated the resonance and emissions will be negative thus paving the way for a child to grow into a negative adult. So we could say all dwellings are haunted whether their friendly or unfriendly. When a child says “you suck” it my very well be true but there is a reason for it. A child’s resiliency is dependent on The Rule of Human Need (on the Health and Happiness page) and The Rule of Socialized Genetics (on this page). I believe in a blank slate but the colors of chalk are already there in the individuals genetic build.

I was trick or treating with my daughter one Halloween and arrived at a apartment one town over.  We knocked on the door and a woman modestly girded from head to toe answered the door. She invited us into the dwelling which is a little out of the ordinary. Usually folks just treat you at the door. The difference inside the apartment is almost indescribable. A lightness of feeling all around and even inside me was astonishing. While in her space it felt like there wasn’t a problem in the world. I’ve never been back there but I’ll never forget that experience. I want to be able to do that for my house and my family. It’s probably something that one member of household can’t do alone. I think it must be a family undertaking including the treatment of the pets. It no doubt takes a lot of work and dedication. If it was negativity instead of positivity that I experienced the beast inside me would have been crashing the gates and I’d be very uneasy.

Some say the intelligence that humans possess today is a mutation of earlier humans. It’s ironic that the same intelligence could separate us so far from our environment that we have no mutative potential in the raw. It is important to remember while reaching for the stars we should also maintain our roots.

The Rule of Guarded Group Individualism

To sacrifice emotional and or cognitive perceivability is to degenerate individual manipulation of the environment when safety is in a direct correlation of like minded individuals.

The environment peer pressureExplanation: This is a catch 22. It’s a continuous compromise. If we give in to much to the group we allow others to make the decisions we should be making for ourselves. When this happens we have lower self esteem and can give into behaviors like bullying (doing or saying something that contradicts ones own feelings or beliefs)  to appease a group dynamic. If our decisions with our group aren’t cohesive enough we could lose the safety that the group provides. We fall vulnerable to attacks on our emotions, intellect, and physical well-being. Still we have to find our own path to be independent and confident. I think an individual’s or group’s success can be measured by how well they do with this rule.

The Rule of Preservation

If there is a desire for diversity do not remove that which separates in a spectrum  or the spectrum will no longer exist. Do not let any one variable consume the spectrum or the spectrum will no longer exist.

the environment diversityExplanation:  I’m going to approach this from the person angle. I visually enjoy a wide range of skin tones, hair color, eye color, languages, traditions etc. but I hated the strife these things caused among different persons. At one time I wished every skin color, hair color, and any other difference would marry, merge, and bleed into one. Then there wouldn’t be any differences to murder, maim, and war over. As I look back now those thoughts reflect a lot of hostility and resonate of “final solution”. The diversity we have is a blessing so we shouldn’t try to fix what’s wrong by destroying what’s right.

The Rule of Socialized Genetics

Through industry and artistic innovation the human does manipulate it’s own evolution. (This rule fits under “The Human Element” but I’ve put it here as well because of the importance of the environment.)

the environment generationsExplanation: Most agree that humans don’t function on instinct but maybe early humans or pre-humans did. Weather it developed slowly or overnight, humans grew thumbs and learned to manipulate their environment more so than the animals around them. I believe there is a genetic recorder of sorts that allows the ability we aspire to, the difficulties we overcome, and the changes we forge in ourselves to be passed on to the next generation. The confounds that we don’t solve are passed on too. These recordings are being engraved to our being in every present moment. The more equities we use as solvent for deficiencies the easier it becomes for our offspring to deal with the same difficulties and succeed in The Rule of Human Need. Change in one is always tandem to an infinite amount of changes in others. Until next week; keep your homes well.

Gotta love cats. Pet tip

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Blog – What Is The Value Of IQ Test 5/11/2016

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What Is The Value Of IQ Tests?

May 11th, 2016

what is the value of iq tests (4)An IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test tells us how smart we are. How valuable is that? As you may suspect the opinions vary. Some opinions hold that IQ test don’t even work while others hold there is nothing more important.

This is my humble opinion. Please consider it as you formulate, reinforce, or change your opinion. I do believe intelligence can be tested and measured. Whether that’s always the case or not is in the test items themselves. I just took a sample IQ test and found instances of cultural bias. I don’t want give away what items are because you may want to take it yourself. The Complete IQ Test. (If you find that you can’t get the results try this one. Free IQ Test – Questions. My daughter thinks the online tests gives you an inflated score because they want you to buy something. Since IQ test are supposed to measure “g” or general intelligence previous knowledge should have as little as possible to do with the test items. They’re supposed  to measure someone’s ability to learn and manipulate information so items that depend on you knowing the primary colors, depend on preexisting facts not your ability. Another element that I disagree should determine total intelligence is time. In problem solving the fastest answer isn’t always best answer. Often in life there isn’t just one answer. Someone may come up with a better answer given more time. I took The Complete IQ Test and scored a 127. I couldn’t make the test give me more time so without knowing the answers I simply took the same test again to give each item more consideration. I scored a 141. The point is that though speed of thought should be a part of intelligence testing, thoroughness of thought shouldn’t be ignored.  A person also may not think that being smart isn’t worth the effort. They may just write off IQ test as unimportant. what is the value of iq tests (8)Motivation and self esteem play a role. A person can be content with the way their life is shaped and not feel the need for enhancement or they can feel like such a loser that they believe an IQ score isn’t going to make a difference. Confidence is part of the scenario. I can do math in my head fairly well unless I have to it on the spot or with an audience. All the numbers go blank. Some folks test in the same manner. Being familiar with testing methods is huge. Someone who’s answered a lot of similar test questions definitely has an advantage. Nutrition and health also have to be considered. Finally the testers motive. I scored a  a 107 on one of the test I took. I think the tester wants you to score low and be faced with the dialog that corresponds to your score. I think they want folks to understands what it feels like if your the one with the low IQ score, but I’ll let you be the judge. Brain Metrix. I don’t think IQ testing is perfected at this time. I took several of these samples and found there is about a 20 point margin of error. Maybe longer IQ test would have less of a margin.

what is the value of iq tests (9)Is intelligence more important than emotional sensitivity? I think not. Someone’s emotional aptitude plays a huge role in how society functions. If we’re not here to feel then what are we here for? Someone could solve every aspect of our mathematical existence tomorrow. Would that mean that humans no longer have a reason to exist? Of course we would; to feel and experience that existence with every sensor the Universe provides. Better tests will be developed for emotional aptitude.

what is the value of iq tests (10)Ethnicity and IQ testing is a soar subject for many. Though every ethnicity ranges the full scale of IQ scores some ethnic groups do better as a whole than other ethnic groups. This was brought to far reaching controversy in 1994 by a book called The Bell Curve. It did not receive academic support at that time. I have a copy of the book. Maybe I’ll bring myself to finishing it some day. I didn’t like the overtone of a superiority complex. These things should be handled the with the delicacy they demand. So is there a difference in these groups IQ? I think there probably is. Do I think they should dictate public policy? Absolutely not. We are a society that is and should be based on individual merit making the differences in the ethnicity of a group practically meaningless except for the sake of prejudice.



Necessity is the mother of invention. Wherever life was more mentally demanding there should be the evolution of more intelligence and if that’s not the case I’d have to wonder why. I believe these differences in intelligence can, do, and should change as evidence by The Rule of Anatomical Gender and The Rule of Socialized Genetics on the Human Element page and The Rule of Manipulated Shelter on the Environment page. In the past century or so that intelligence testing has been used everyone’s IQ has increased to those of their parents and grandparents. I think changes in large group dynamics as such are normal over time.

what is the value of iq tests (6)I associate all these things to the human specie being in a slumber. A sleepwalk to an unsure destination. Mankind will never realize it’s potential until it puts it’s future first; puts parenting first. Occupational Parenting will take us to Genople and in that all groups will realize their potential. It’s reasonable that different groups maintain diversity but not one group any better than the other. Intelligence is the craft by which we may identify the Universe that we feel and the value of IQ tests and emotional aptitude test are the means by which everyone may enlist. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Welfare-Another Good Reason To Establish Occupational Parenting

Welfare – Another Good Reason To Establish Occupational Parenting

May 4th, 2016 Updated 5-5-2017 Updated 8-16-2017

grain doleWelfare shouldn’t be a national need but is it? Recorded history shows the welfare state dating back to Emperor Augustus who ruled Rome from 27 BC to 14 AD. Rome provided the congiaria or grain dole to those who couldn’t afford it. Outside of recorded history we could take a shot in the dark and say that cavemen practiced some form of welfare. Welfare is usually allotted for women (who still probably gathered) , children, the disabled, and elders. I’m not saying that all bands made these provisions but those who had more probably did.

Welfare in America has quite the negative stigma but something must be in place to keep families from perishing. I’ve tried to be conservative with the numbers. There are 143,390,000 jobs in our Country. The problem is there are 242,470,820 adults living in America. Jobs don’t exist for 99,080,820 individuals. 109,631,000 people are collecting welfare as of 2012.  Theoretically 10,550,180 should be able to find jobs. I figure some of those can’t be filled due to logistics. The jobs that are left are most likely minimum wage jobs, but because there are 316,128,839 mouths to feed and give shelter to the quality of each job is important as well. Is there any reasonable solution to America’s welfare state?

Blue find job button

Blue find job button

I’ve said many times in the past and I’ll keep saying it until it is a reality. Occupational Parenting. The big question is how much would it cost? It would cost approximately 3.7 trillion dollars and we’re buying a perfect economy. That money goes directly back to the hands of We the People, people doing good and profitable things. The wealthy need to step up to plate and hit the ball. Even if it’s just a bunt, do something toward a permanent solution. Just to get an idea of how much the wealthy can help out. Take a look at U.S. Companies Are Stashing $2.1 trillion Overseas to Avoid Taxes. I’m left wondering if making the 540 billionaires that live in America pay their fair share of the taxes would be enough. Still there would be the middle class paying taxes. The lower class making a an adjustable living wage of $15 per hour or $31,200 a year, not a minimum wage, would be taxed as well (Retraction for Implication Of Raising The Minimum Wage). There would be no working poor. If 121,235,410 or half the adult population was employed at home there would be a 22,154,590 job surplus and many new positions would be created from the profession itself, not to mention automation could go into full swing. No-one wants to compete with a machine. welfare automationPeople would be spending money like it’s going out of style because the living wage automatically adjust to the cost of living. So with everyone pitching in (the very wealthy for the most part) it is possible. The wealthy would have less to spend while everyone else has more. This would most likely lower the cost of products and create a broader manufacturing tier to the Occupational Parenting economy. Capitalism needs incentive. If there $500,000 profit instead of $1,000,000 there’s still plenty of incentive. I, for one, would still try to earn the $500,000. Capitalism has become synonymous with SYSTEMATIC GREED and it should not be so. I love America and I love capitalism but if it’s not policed it will destroy our way of life. Don’t feel too sorry for the wealthy. They’ll still have more than everyone else and that’s fair if they earn it.

Technology has made gadgets less expensive to build than ever before. There would simply be less of profit being made. Apples markup on some of it’s devices is 300% and they’re not the only ones I assure you. (37 Products With Crazy-High Markups) In other words extreme stratification would disappear in the U.S. and it would disappear permanently. Those who do more work should get paid more money but not at the disparity of billions of dollars. An anesthesiologist making 13 times more than a fast food cook is extreme but our problem is much worse when considering Bill Gates, one of 540 billionaires that live in America, makes 7, 308 times more than an anesthesiologist and 95,393 times more than a fast food cook. Do more work make more money. Know-one is doing that much more work than the fast food cook.

welfare movingOccupational Parenting is something that can’t be implemented by force. I mean what’s to stop our 540 billionaires from moving their residence to another country where they could hold on to more of their personal wealth? Could the U.S. Government then put a band on their products and services and turn to the business people who are left in America? Could big business still keep their personal wealth without American consumer-ship? In any case the most wealthy would have to take a shine to Occupational Parenting. They can change the world through it and there’s no better place to start than America.

For the sake of the economy parents would be allowed to parent until the child is 20 years old. During the last 4 years it would be more practical, than previously, to have another baby and let the 15-19 year old start training to be a parent with their sibling. Once the child is out of the house the Occupational Parenting check stops, whether they’re 15 or 19. There would be monetary incentives to have less children rather than more. The more children you have the less Occupational parenting pays for each child and they still must  test out adequately in their bracket of difficulty (Test established by the private sector in child development and implemented by the Government) The American economy would completely change to reflect a new set of priorities and values. What are our values with a consumption based economy that depends on spending more tomorrow. Greed, excess, and self indulgence become the values of society. A consumption based economy is not sustainable. We need something else. Occupational parenting is that something. Society’s values become appealing with a focus on how we raise children.

Something’s got to be done as America is trying to tread water but is drowning in the process. Can you imagine an America where only the world’s wealthy, and those who serve them, reside. Almost all manufacturing jobs have been sent out of the country and pay less than American workers have ever known before. There are products for the poor and products for the wealthy. The poor’s products being a low grade frequently replaced items.welfare budget While the wealthy enjoy superior products and services. Misery and oppression is the message we’ll be sending to the Universe and the Universe will respond, as the bleak situation encompasses the world, the world will meet with it’s demise in agony.

A world without end Amen is worth doubling the American budget. All 3.7 trillion goes back into the hands of the people and is taxed. The U.S. could get out of big business as long as the private sector is supporting Occupational Parenting. Every incentive for them to support it would be in place. Basing an economy on anything other than our well-being now and in the future will get less than our well-being. The reasonable answer to the welfare state is it’s protagonists Occupational Parenting. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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