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The Presidential Election For Those Who Scratch The Surface 6/29/ 2016

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The Presidential Election For Those Who Scratch The Surface

June 29th, 2016

Thank you Christy Rose for the request

This is going to focus mostly on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I’ll also briefly include Jill Stein  and Gary Johnson but before I do I’d like to get into the election process itself.

the presidential election votingIn no way is this a true or direct democracy. Sometimes the person who is elected wasn’t elected by the people to include George W Bush in 2000. The votes of the people are undercut and the electoral college puts who ever they want into office. That doesn’t scream democracy to me. Even the primaries are decided by nominating conventions and indirect elections so at what point do the people vote for whose in office. If the argument is that the general pubic is too ignorant to vote themselves, it is a poor one. The average IQ of America is 98 and ranks fifth in the world for college graduates. We’re certainly smart enough to choose our own leader. So why are we not allowed to put our President into office?

the presidential election origin of democracyDemocracy has come a long way since it’s beginnings in Athens Greece in the 6th century B.C.E. Paper ballots or casting your vote with a stone is ancient, causes too much confusion, and gets unreliable results. Industrialization has brought us into a day where “1 person 1 vote” can be effectively realized with computers. I don’t really see an argument against direct democracy. It would force politicians to be more accountable to the people. Informity (public awareness) would reach new heights. Politicians would want you and I to know about more than ever before. The movement to write the Constitution started somewhere and I understand this would that big. I would never through away the Constitution and our forefathers could only guess at the evolution of technology and education. In this day they would be seriously kicking around the idea of direct democracy. I think Jefferson would win.

The problem is America contradicts itself. Americans want to be thought of as individuals yet hold so tightly to the status quo. If daily life is not disrupted we don’t want to try anything new. Everybody (within reason) has to be on board. The first African American (really mulatto) President was OK. Possibly the first female President, again OK but if it’s something that the American public has to do differently forget it. I’m not trying to be negative but I’m so tired of people complaining when we can just take matters into our own hands. I believe in the American public and I believe we would do well and effect change with a direct democracy.

the presidential election trump (2)Donald J Trump should be considered very close to American individuality. It’s why the American public is eating him up. He doesn’t just beat the same old tired political drum. Americans identify with the need to stop being so damned politically correct and not changing anything but the allowance of trans fat in restaurants. It’s not just racist and bigots that like Trump. A vote for Trump is really a vote for individuality. Personally I think some of the most asinine drivel comes out of the man’s mouth but it wouldn’t be heard from any other politician. I mean some of what he says just needs to be interpreted. For example, the ban on Muslim immigrants means that a fire has to be lit under the “good Muslims'” asses to put a stop to isis. If isis was a supposedly american group spreading it’s own brand of democracy, you can bet your paycheck America would put a stop to it. I expect more from the true Islamist than anyone else. I think a wall on the Mexican boarder is a good idea. It’s fundamental if you really want to keep illegals out. Anything else is pissing into the wind.

the presidential election trumpTrump is not that amazing businessman that some perceive him to be. He has so many investments it would be impossible for all of them to fail. If most any of us were born to his life we’d be doing the same or better. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and doesn’t know anything different. He wouldn’t continue health insurance and pension benefits for the workers at the Trump Taj Mahal and I think we be in for more of the same indifference with Trump as President. This Country is facing the worst monetary stratification in it’s history and people want to put a billionaire into office? What are they thinking? Is he going to help out the ever dwindling middle class or is he going to help out his billionaire colleagues and friends. It’s a real turkey shoot to say who will help them more, Donald or Hillary.


the presidential election jillJill Stein is the candidate for the  Green Party. She’s all about a healthy planet and healthy people but she seems to have failed almost every political endeavor she’s attempted. Stein is a Physician and health expert. I personally don’t want my health to be a legal matter. I do want a cleaner planet. Stein’s testimony on the effects of mercury and dioxin contamination from the burning of waste helped preserve the Massachusetts moratorium on new trash incinerator construction in the state and she later testified in the effort to get the Massachusetts fish advisories updated to better protect women and children from mercury contamination. If the environment is #1 on your agenda she’s your candidate. Though I like Jill Stein the question of experience is too big to ignore.

US Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson speaks to AFP during an interview in Washington, DC, on May 9, 2016. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is running for president as a Libertarian, just as he did 2012 when he managed to get 1.2 million votes. Regardless of his chances of a win, Johnson is reaching out to undecided Republican voters who are looking for a third-party option and are unconvinced that Donald Trump is the answer. / AFP / Nicholas KAMM (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)Gary Johnson, I love this guy. Definitely an individual. Gary was the Republican Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. He is not status quo. He’s the Libertarian Party candidate and believes in small government. So much so that he canned 1,200 state employees (that’s still job losses). He reduced the 10% budget growth while increasing spending for education. He believes in the decriminalization of marijuana because he thinks it should be a public health issue not a criminal issue. Johnson compares it to the failed prohibition of alcohol. He vetoed 200 of 424 bills in his first 6 months as Governor and line item vetoed most of the rest. His leadership during the Cerro Grande Fire was undeniable. He told his driver to stop the car where he got out and started stomping some small flames. His wife and staff followed suit. He was all over that fire the a state should be. He was the first New Mexican Governor to be elected for 2 successive four year terms. He left the state with a $1 billion surplus. If this guy could get more of the media spot light, Clinton and Trump would both be in trouble. Also with more media we could get a better feel about how he’d do with foreign affairs.

I really liked Kasich the best of all of the candidates. My daughter says if teenagers were allowed to vote Sanders would be the next President. We avoided a Cruz missile and a late night with Ben Carson. When looking over the democratic candidates they appeared like fighters against paper champions (Sanders and Clinton); just not not memorable.

thepresidential election donald vs hillaryBack to Donald and Hillary. Trump will find himself over his head as President especially in foreign affairs. The one thing that he will be able to effect is where the money goes and unfortunately it will be flowing the wrong way. Some would say Trump wins this election either way with Hillary being so cozy with the wealthy folk. Hillary could carry out the same old same old bullshit or she could realize the younger more optimistic less pessimistic Hillary. She’s not fooling me. I think she buried the Hillary Clinton that I would have like to have known when she had to defend a child rapist. She learned that compromise even for something that horrible was OK and self gain became her comforter.

** FILE ** Arkansas' first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is seen in her inaugural ball gown in this 1985, file photo. Clinton admits her fashion sense is not nearly as sharp as her political instincts in the latest issue of Us Weekly. Clinton pokes a rare bit of fun at herself, playing along as the celebrity magazine explores some of her more noteworthy fashion disasters over the years. The New York senator and presidential candidate tries to explain some of her more questionable wardrobe selections from drab golfing attire to strange hats. The magazine hit newsstands Friday, Feb. 8, 2008. (AP Photo, file)I’ve always contended that if everyone who really wanted to vote outside of republican, democratic cast did just that we would see an independent or third party president. I am a hypocrite. I’m voting for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. If I get rocks thrown through my window I’m not sure I wouldn’t deserve it but there’s just no way I’m putting a billionaire into office. The electoral college still may. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Transgender And Restrooms 6/22/2016

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Transgender And Restrooms

June 22nd, 2016

Transgender- or trans – is an umbrella term for peoples whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth. Trans people are diverse, and there are many different terms that fall under the transgender umbrella, reflecting a wide array of experiences. These include gender queer, gender nonconforming, FTM (Female to Male), MTF (Male to Female), transsexual and many others. Cisgender, on the other hand, refers to people whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth.

Transgender maleThis man would be forced by law to use the woman’s room because he was born with a vagina.

I can imagine being transgender and feeling incomplete or defective. The last thing I would need in my life would be some asshole trying to tell me what I need to do because of my uniqueness. (Uniqueness, approximately 3 tenths of 1% of the population) I’d feel like I’d want a different body or different sex organs. Personally I’d feel more complete by being totally male or totally female. I’d have the counseling, the hormone therapy, and ultimately a sex change. Someone who wants to leave things as is, should get respect as well. They want to stay the way God/the Universe made them. Some people can’t imagine what it would be like. Totally guessing, something like 90% of all bigots maybe more couldn’t imagine it. It’s a curse to not be able to let your mind and spirit take a stroll in some-one else’s shoes. To do so is the root of all compassion. Some people have next to none and I find it very sad. I’m able to put myself in their position and it is a cold world indeed.

trangender femaleThis woman would be forced by law to use the men’s room because she was born with a penis.

Emotionally awkward; that’s the least that can be said about transgender bathroom use. Because of it’s emotional instability we should lean to reason. Family bathrooms are reasonable and are being put to use in more and more pubic areas. Speaking strictly to the emotional aspect men still get the warm willies when they think of a beautiful woman dropping her panties in a bathroom stall. And I suppose women get a similar feeling when thinking of a man grasping his manhood to put it to use. If not for these gripping emotions the male and female bathroom would have been eliminated long ago in favor of co-ed facilities just like port-a-potties . With individual locking stalls there is no moral dilemma. It’s not legalizing sex in a restroom it simply indicates that we have spiritually matured enough to not equate bareness with sex. “Rape will increase in the lavatory!” Don’t panic. I think the incidence of rape will stay the same but it will increase in the bathroom only if patrolling doesn’t increase. Some shady character will want to prove what a bad idea gender neutral bathrooms are. Having “WOMEN” posted outside of a restroom isn’t going to stop a rapist from raping nor will it stop a rapist from entering whatever bathroom the damn well please.

transgender family restroomAn increase in family restrooms pretty much puts this to rest. Because family restrooms allow both genders, gender neutral are the next logical step in the march to our maturity, though the law may get there first. The politicians keep this on the table because they won’t have anything to do again until the next menial issue arrives to capture our attention from the financial pit we’re in. I don’t suggest it’s menial to those who are transgender. I just think this issue has such an obvious answer that it really shouldn’t be the big deal that it is. Make the allowance in your comfortability to allow people to be who they are. It’s certainly not the same as making allowances for child molesters and rapist.

Anyone who wants to know more about transgender issues can read the Standards of Care.

Quora- Caitlyn Jenner

Transgender folks are fortunate in one respect. Like many people with uniqueness or disability. They have friends that are for real or they don’t stay around long. To a transgender person I say, “Don’t settle for those you’d rather not have around. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Christmas Etiquette 6/15/2016

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Christmas Etiquette

June 14th, 2016

Thank you Jennifer Fernandez Page for the request

First and foremost try not to get too drunk on Christmas. No-one likes a drunk Santa and It’s a lousy way for kids to find out about Santa.

christmas etiquette drunk (2)   christmas etiquette drunk

It’s approximately half way through the year; a good time to address a request given to me0 right after Christmas last year. Compare last year’s values and etiquette with what you would like this year’s to be. I agree with all of The Twelve Rules of Christmas except number 10. It says to fake it if you don’t like a gift. Whether it’s an old relationship or a new found friend or relative the value of being honest can’t be overstated. Even if the gift giver is mildly upset that you don’t like the gift or would prefer something different they will gain appreciation for your candidness. When a more serious issue arises they will know they can count on you for the truth and that you won’t be trying to spare their feelings.

Christmas etiquette fightSometimes it’s difficult getting along with family all the year through. Siblings and parents sometimes have personalty clashes and that’s just the way it is. But at Christmas everyone’s best effort should be put forth to avoid civil war. This may mean holding back an opinion that’s sure to rub the wrong way or not even bringing up certain topics at all. You can’t ensure that all family members will bite their tongues when needed but you can be sure about yourself. If Christmas goes south for some reason you can be sure that it wasn’t anything you did or said. If all goes well with family members being on their best behavior for Christmas you may find you can employ the same tactics throughout the year.

christmas etiquette in-lawsIt’s hard enough pulling off a pleasantly spent Christmas with one family. It can be even more daunting when the in-laws are involved. The Golden Rules for Hosting Christmas should be a big help if you happen to be faced with that prospect this year. If the in-laws are willing to have Christmas at your place this year consider being their guest in the years to follow. Being on both sides of the ball may spark good will and happy feelings between the two families.

I’m for lightening up a little if your someone’s guest. I want to be sure that every event isn’t a cardboard cutout of the last function. Always be in good humor but ready to apologize if you offend. If tension is too great you may have to stop being your good old self to avoid further friction. A great fallback is Christmas Guest Etiquette. It may feel not as genuine but even if there was a couple of bumps you still want the day to remembered as a success.

christmas etiquette re-giftTry not to be sneaky about re-gifting if it involves someone your close to. You will inevitably get busted. Time is of the essence. Not that you have little time but let some time pass if you’re uncomfortable. Simply tell the re-gifted that “It’s something I’ll rarely use and I thought you may like it and utilize it more”. Tell the gift giver “Johnny would really like it so I’m going to let him have it. Please don’t be mad”. If this does get you into trouble with the relationship the relationship is far too frail. I’d rather have a relationship where the gift giver says “Awe I thought you would really like that. I’m definitely going to surprise you next year”. (if you know this would hurt the gift giver’s feeling just don’t re-gift it). If it’s just a secret Santa or someone you hardly know don’t worry about the re-gift. The chances that they’ll ever find out are greatly reduced and so are the chances that they’ll care very much.

christmas etiquette moneyChristmas Tipping is customary. The currency the previous link is the British Pound and the dustman is the garbage man. You will find that the custom of who is tipped a little different than America; at least to best of my knowledge. We tip our mail lady $20 and are a bit more generous tipping at restaurants around Christmas time. Being American is about having a thousand different ways to do the same thing. I think that same thing here is being more gracious with tipping around Christmas time. Even if you’re not a native born American or Christian chances are you know someone in the service sector who is. Nothing’s warmer in a cold winter that some gratitude. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Conclusion 6/8/2016

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Conclusion ( 8 of 8 Website Pages)

June 8th, 2016

All in all I think our forefathers weren’t of the mind that the American dream would be realized overnight but rather the American experiment (George Washington) could evolve to meet the happiness and prosperity of every man, woman, and child.

conclusion city    conclusion utopia

I think the thoughts of Americans revolved around the Bible in that day. I remember reading something along the lines of “All a man has is to take joy in is his toil”. It’s in quotations but I’m sure it’s not exact. Anyway a woman or a man getting paid to raise their baby just wasn’t going to happen. I think our society still lingers a little bit in those words whether they are solvent for today’s problems or not.

I did say I’d give a reason for capitalizing Universe. I capitalize Universe for the same reason I capitalize God. To me they are one an the same entity. One true God, one true Universe. Any other universes are only a part of the Universe, Any smaller versions of god are only a part of God. There are no bigger versions of it.  It is infinite and eternal. If the earth was undone tomorrow the Universe would not be undone. I believe in perfect order in the Universe even among the most ravenous chaos and for me it is the equivalent of hope and tranquility because I know I will pass to The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential.

I believe our planet and solar system can be revitalized, our planets colonized and our perceivable continuum sealed. This can take place if human kind can fill it’s niche in the Universe. It all begins with parenting correctly. Occupational Parenting is the best way for us to reach Geneople.

conclusion geneople conclusion geneople (2) conclusion geneople (3)

HomeKeeperU has gotten some good comments. Thank you. I do have one request. More input. I want you to give up some ideas about the Universe and or your tips on home keeping. It will become more and more prevalent what one has to do with the other. I hope to hear from you soon.

It is the information age and the way to honor it is not to stifle it. Don’t get me wrong everyone should get credit for the information they come up with or prove but once the information is realized it should be put out there for everyone. Institutions such as colleges and universities that charge money for information would be and should be changed but these institutions aren’t going anywhere except further into the home. So when I type free exchange of ideas I’m not saying the information age shouldn’t be part of our economy, I’m just saying everyone should have access to the same information and the money for the information they choose to fortify and put to use. There’s just too much bottle necking when Geneople opens a brand new day of discovery. The free exchange of ideas forges a better future for all.

Finally a society has to look thoroughly around every corner with a firm grip on the past.

conclusion isis    conclusion kkk

It can not teach hate or oppression and murder in the name of God, Allah, supremacy, or science. A society must find its place in the Universe or lose its place  completely.

conclusion nazi    conclusion inquisition

We can’t just sit stagnant either; afraid to move forward because of the past. It will take both our reasoning and emotional sensibility to not repeat past mistakes or create brand new ones. The Universe does recognize us. We are intimate with it and can remain so eternally. We can discover that the Universe isn’t cold and careless but warm and with reason. Think about the Universe daily, feel about science, and measure your love. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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