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Blog – Westboro Baptist Church And Decisions 8/31/2016

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Westboro Baptist Church And Decisions

August 31st, 2016

wbc and decisions chrurchWestboro Baptist Church or WBC originated as a branch of the East Side Baptist Church 1931. WBC had it’s first service November 29th, 1955. WBC was headed by Pastor Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr. and is located in Topeka Kansas. Fred Phelps and the organization are well known for their gay bashing and website godhatesfags,com. They are also well known for America bashing even though Fred Phelps sought public office 4 times including a seat in the United States Senate. He managed to get 49, 416 votes.

Phelps estranged son Nathan claims that Phelps was abusive to the point of making the children bleed with his fist and sometimes with a mattock handle. He said that the church was just a way for Fred to vent his anger and hatred. These claims are also supported by Nathan’s brother Mark Phelps.

wbc and decisions phelps chartered law firmPhelps Chartered Law Firm was founded in 1964. Phelps took on mostly civil rights cases before being disbarred and prevented from practicing law in Kansas and eventually the United States. When his children were old enough they were hired on at the firm. 11 of his 13 children are lawyers. It is this law firm that collects fees on behalf of the WBC when any of their protest are unlawfully disrupted.

WBC protest funerals, other religious institutions, and high profile events. One such funeral was protected by the Patriot Guard Riders as others have been and will be protected.

The Patriot Guard was not at the funeral of Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder a fallen Marine. Matthew’s father Albert sued the WBC in a suit that amounted to $10,900,000. The decision was reversed and ultimately the Supreme Court upheld 8-1 that WBC’s behavior was covered under the First Amendment. I am absolutely at a loss for reason when the Supreme Court held that Chaplinsky’s (Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire) language was not protected by the First Amendment. Chaplinsky admitted to calling a New Hampshire marshal a “racketeer and Fascist” but certainly didn’t condemn his or his recently killed loved one’s immortal soul in any way. Point being the WBC’s language is way stronger and more volatile than Chaplinsky’s.

wbc and decisions first amendmentThen being the easily broken reeds that we are; Americans raise no objection to George W. Bush signing the Respect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act into law on May 29th, 2006. The  law prohibits protest 300 feet from the entrance of any cemetery under the National Cemetery Administration from 60 minutes before or after a funeral. I don’t want the Federal Government prohibiting the right to peaceably assemble. 300 feet? Fine. Peaceable protesters and protest targets can’t be right on top of each other and remain peaceable but telling Americans when they can and when they can’t protest is stepping over the Constitutional line. Then Barack Obama makes it 2 hours before or after a funeral. Who will make it a little longer? See where I’m going with this.

wbc and decisions LGBTThe Patriot Guard is an outstanding example of how to handle these assholes. Another is, LGBT and Jewish organizations benefited $14,000 when when Pennies in Pledges took online pledges for every minute the WBC protested then donated the money to the very groups the WBC was protesting. The point is let’s not be so quick to give up our rights to Government prohibition because someone’s not being nice. Strong Americans have to find the power in saying, “Whatever. You have the right to say that” and leave the First Amendment be.

WBC and decisions equality houseFred Phelps was reportedly excommunicated from the church when he showed support for Equality House (a rainbow colored house across the street from WBC). The house is used by Planting Peace. His last sermon was September 1st, 2013. He died in poor health on March 19th, 2014. The WBC did not hold a funeral. Fred Phelps is now learning first hand what’s on the other side. Enough said; respect for the dead.  Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Families Of Addicts 8/24/2016

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Families of Addicts

August 17th, 2016

Well after doing the blog “American Heroin,” on 8/3/2016, I was speaking to a reader and friend. She mentioned the hell that it can be for the family of the addict and we agreed it would be good and responsible to blog about that. These are mine and her stories. I will be keeping her anonymous.

Families of addicts your firedI am a recovering addict. I wasn’t an opioid addict but I was addicted to prescription medication; a childhood favorite; Ritalin. I did become addicted to it when I was prescribe it for hyperactivity growing up. I never thought I would be getting into trouble with it as an adult. I know I put my wife through hell. All the yelling wasn’t good for my daughter either. I didn’t go to jail for the forgery or the illegally obtaining a controlled substance but it’s on my record. The stimulants only exacerbated the undiagnosed Schizo-Affective Disorder but I wasn’t treating that. What I was trying to treat was the extreme fatigue associated with Gulf War Syndrome. Now I’m on something that treats the severe diarrhea as well as the fatigue. Before the abuse started I couldn’t carry out my tasks at work. The fatigue wasn’t so much sleepiness but a seriously low energy level. I would go to the bathroom many times because of the diarrhea and sometimes just sit there; head in my lap. Eventually I got fired. I’ve never been a lazy person so this lack of activity was really messing with my self esteem. When I got a hold of that Ritalin it was like “WEE”. I was me again. Money, lying, and reliability were all issues. When the problem was at it’s worst I’d take a 30 day supply of pills in 2 days. It was of course all out of pocket utilizing every pharmacy in the state (exaggeration). I can’t believe I’m not dead using that much of a powerful stimulant. I’d stay up for days then I’d sleep for days. Maybe God has other plans for me. I’d like to think it’s this website and Occupational Parenting. Maybe it’s just raising Mya, my daughter, and that’s plenty enough.

families of addicts foreclosure (2)Although we went into massive debt, we lost our car and our house, my wife always made sure my daughter’s (only about 2 years old) needs were met. I couldn’t be counted on for that. I’d spend every dollar I could get my hands on on Ritalin. We got into the worst name calling and screaming that either of us ever had in our lives but we never got physically violent. I tried never to displace my yelling to my daughter and I tried to be as attentive to her as I could. I really did want to be a good father but the arguing between her mother and I took it’s toll. In elementary school she wrote a paper about her early years. It said my mom and dad would fight 24/7 and I cried myself to sleep every night. That’s a tear jerker but there’s a bright side. She also wrote that we talked things through and made up and that she learned anything is possible if your willing to work at it. That part warmed my heart but it sucks that she had to experience any of it. Getting and staying clean was the difficult work.

families of addicts father daughterBefore the healing began though things got pretty bad. My wife struggled with it for years then divorced me. She went on to rebuild her credit separate from mine and get an apartment for my daughter and herself. I’m so impressed with her strength. I would have contested the divorce, and things would have gotten a whole lot uglier, had I the mental capacity to do so. I knew it was the final line in the sand. I was going to lose my daughter. families of addicts father daughter (2)The Court ordered me into Connecticut Valley Hospital which I just wouldn’t have done on my own and my ex-wife was there for me. I think she was just glad I was getting the help that everyone but me knew I needed. I was properly diagnosed and more recently have gotten treatment for my Gulf War Syndrome. This one has a happy ending so far and it all started when we decided to be civil for the sake of our daughter. My ex-wife never wanted me to stop being Mya’s father she just wanted me to be a good father. I’ve been divorced for 9 years, in recovery for 8 years, and I’m quit proud of the young woman I’ve raised.

My friends story doesn’t turn out quite  as well except that she’s out of the destructive relationship and won’t be getting into another one like it. His drug was more notorious for destroying lives.

families of addicts brokenImagine finding that one, the one you know you want to spend the rest of life with but he’s not perfect. He’s in a sober house for alcoholism. He’s a little broken but you figure you can fix him. You have a beautiful 9 year old son that you want nothing but the best for and maybe this guy could be that.

You find out that he has a previous marriage. One that he hasn’t broken off completely. That marriage is with heroin. You only find out because of the numerous doctors he shops for opioid medication and finally when he can’t get that he turns to something a little easier to to obtain. Well it’s not worth throwing away a marriage so naturally you want him to get treatment. They won’t treat him unless his piss is dirty so you almost get arrested taking him to pick up. You don’t get arrested but you do have to take a ride to the station where there are those who know you and the people you work for. But that’s not the end. There are many instances of stealing and pawning your property. You begin lying and making excuses for him to family and friends because you love him.

families of addicts suicideThings reach an extreme where your 14 year old son confides in him that he wants to kill himself. Heroin Head hands him a gun and says we’d be better off without you. Is it time for a divorce yet? it was for my friend. She writes “When you finally confront them and let them know that you will no longer stand for their addiction. No longer stand for their lies and deceit they turn on you like an animal in a cage and no matter what you do it will not help you finally have to let go walk away and do what’s best for your child”. She sometimes sees anger issues in her son and wonders if it’s because of what he was exposed to.

families of addicts toolsMy friend confided in me that she’s a little lonely. She thinks she may be afraid to let anyone in. She had a raging alcoholic for a father and wanted to fix him too. Now she realizes that the only one who can do the fixing is the addict themselves. Restoring her hope in males is her son; a man now with a family of his own. Knowing the effects of addiction he stays far from drugs and habitual drinking. She gets to see a great dad and a gift of son carrying on despite his turbulent past. She doesn’t hear from her ex-husband anymore and is all the happier for it. It’s been 30 years since we went to school together. It’s been good catching up with her and finding out she’s a survivor and has raised another. Please raise your children with the knowledge that they can’t fix anyone. They can only request and inspire them to fix themselves. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Christians Against Christian Rock 8/17/2016

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Christians Against Christian Rock

August 17th, 2016

This is really a thing. I’ve heard of Christians against Rock before but never Christians against Christian Rock. I suppose it’s believable though. Some Christians are against everything except walking, talking, and sleeping. Still there are those who take a vow of silence. So much for talking. This is Jeff Godwin and he is against Christian Rock music.

Some of his arguments are a thin veil for personal failings somewhere in his life. This is Pastor Bob Daily and he’s a Christian Metalist.

I’m sure Christian Rock and Rap have come a long way since X-sinner and DC talk. It seemed a little frail to me even back then. It was like the bands where apologizing for being Christian in their tone. It lacked conviction like (ironically) a kid saying “shit” for the first time or those first awkward puffs from a cigarette; inhale or not.

As for me Rock and Roll is king. A lower King than Jesus or God or the Universe but king. Give me some Cream, Jethro Tull, ELO, or Pink Floyd. Metal for me in small doses is the perfect way to defuse those destructive emotions. Nothing wrong with smashing an air guitar. Hell there’s nothing wrong with smashing a real guitar. Jesus never said “Thou shall not express destructive energy”. As long as your not out there unjustly beating somebody’s ass, have at.

If there could be such a thing as a secular Christian it would be me. I mean right on the fringe of all religions and beliefs. Most Christians wouldn’t even call me a Christian because I don’t believe the murder of Jesus saves us all. Yes, I think it’s murder. it’s like mass murder in reverse and it’s disgusting. I believe because Jesus was alive and came here to Earth and taught us all, we’re saved; unless of course you don’t want to be.

Back to Christian Rock. I think it’s fine for a person to stretch the artistic value of their beliefs to the outer limits (there aren’t any) of the Universe. Why wouldn’t a person try reach as many people as possible unless you have some kind of antisocial belief. Being against Christian Rock is like say you shouldn’t paint a cross in pointillism or in an abstract work. Although I don’t really listen to it I say Rock On! Christian rockers. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – HATE 8/10/2016

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August 10th, 2016

Hatred is a deep and emotional extreme dislike. It can be directed against individuals, groups, entities, objects, behaviors, or ideas. Hatred is associated with feelings of anger or disgust and a disposition towards hostility. Wikipedia

Hate emotional chartIn my opinion the emotional pool is more like an ocean and as undiscovered. Most intriguing for me is emotional connectivity to each other and the Universe at large. That connectivity is spoken of more on The Human Element page and that feeds The Perceivable Universe. Can we think of emotions as energy of some sort? You know like vibes; interacting, mingling, effecting each other. I know I think of them as energy with the potential to be synergy that contributes to a compounding Universe. (synergy is when you get more from the same amount that you would normally get from less.) But if emotions can be thought of as this, almost magical, manifestation can something go wrong? I think so.

Hate death penalty chartImagine an emotional disease; hate. If we think of emotions as micro-particles creating waves these particles interaction could actually make hate contagious. Love or any other emotion with prolonged exposure would be contagious as well. I also think of emotions as having a genetic component. Passing a predisposition for love or hate is also quite likely. Right now the Earth’s hurting for emotional stability giving it dimensional stability as well. Depression is rampid and hate, hate crimes, and crimes against humanity are a big part of our world’s makeup. Some people are more prone to outlets for ripples, breaks, and tears in our dimensional space. Hate just finds some people what ever the reason and it’s up to us to keep it from breaking them because once it has justice should be swift and with no joy (the death penalty for murder). Still, that hate goes somewhere. It’s still with us and we still have to defuse it. It’s important to remember that hate can be communicable through acts of revenge or other exposure. The Rule of Human Need on the Health and Happiness page speaks briefly about hate dynamics.

Hate Jesus PittsburghWhat Would Jesus Do? I realize not everyone follows the teachings of Jesus. I can’t say I’m devout but there are some pretty big ones and love is one of them. I think Jesus was God showing us what man’s potential is. I do not think any of us will be like Jesus tomorrow though we can try. His message about forgiveness is resounding. I don’t know that I’m capable of forgiveness in all instances. God bless you if you are. The underlying lesson of Jesus was to love thy neighbor and do unto him or her as you would have done to yourself. Jesus had so much to teach and was so limited in what he could plausibly say. Just look at the result of the little he was able to say in his short time here. What was clear to them then and still is today is that love is an emotion that has the potential to lift us out of our pit of brutality and hatred. If Jesus was alive today and educated in America he’d be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan but besides that he’d be a psychologist specializing in emotional capacities. He’d be able to tell us how they weigh in on our existence in the Universe. That’s just a guess. It would be so nice if he were here to guide us through these dark and dry times.

Some people hate in the name of God or Allah.

Hate christian haters   Hate isis flag   Hate isis in english

Hate overbearing loveHate hurts. The individual who possesses it and the individual or group that is victim to it. Prejudice can range from a lack of understanding to a form of hatred. It actually has a scale called the Allport’s Scale that’s used for measuring the amount of prejudice in a society. As Americans we’re kind of sheltered and don’t think the world is that bad. My daughter will probably never see someone butchered for their belief or a little bit of money. God bless America. I think some of the societies in the Middle East, some parts of Africa, and for sure other places are real problems for us and our world’s elemental space. Occupational Parenting is built on healthy love and is meant to show and tell and therefore spread. The only way to truly battle hatred is healthy love, not obsessive, or overbearing, or any of the unhealthy lesser forms of love. Those are still better than hate but they can be a gateway. Love can fight hate from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. So, America is a bastion of potential to do that work. In our founding documents are the pursuit of happiness and the establishment of tranquility. Oh we’ve got our hate problems but compared to some other countries we’re at the upper levels of love. Occupational Parenting would seal the deal.

Hate kkkI would never stomp free speech to get rid of hate speech but like all Constitutional rights, you should either have them or not have them and nothing in between. The way you exercise your rights still has consequences. If someone was to call me a nigger or from the other side of the house white trash, I should be able to file that as harassment and get a restraining order. If someone in a crowd of people singles one out and tells the others to murder her they should go to jail for conspiracy to commit murder; consequences. On the other hand if some one at a public speaking event says, “In my opinion white people are trash” or “All black people are niggers” they haven’t infringed on my rights or free existence. Certainly their position should be noted because there is the potential for a future hate crime.

Hate Geneople (3)Hate crimes should be and I believe are punished at the extent of the law but none of these convictions should come without mandatory therapy. It should be a foremost goal to get a hater to stop hating. I really do think it is a disease and it can be cured. Such is the nature of hate that many times after the action of a hater we don’t want a cure or any good thing for them. I know it’s difficult for me but the only true way to stop the rein of terror, that is hate, is what I call Geneople (gen-a-pul) (It can be found in the Glossary of I’d like to take a minute to realize that I bring up a lot of ideas that I know I’ve never heard before but the question is are they creditable in the face of what we know today? I believe these are at least as any as I’ve heard. In Geneople we’ll lose that dead weight. There has to be enough promise in an everlasting future to pacify the Universe and we’ll be in Geneople.  The Universe understands all the complexities of sociology and psychology. It has a superconsious. These views are harmless and for me they drive a higher pursuit. I hope for them to challenge conventional thinking and skepticism. They aim for and would result in a better world; a better America. I’m a person who has to be solving for the problems that ail us. Maybe some of these explanations will be good enough for you too or prompt you to think of some you like better. As long the correct answers are found it’s progress and perfection is a progressionary state .

Now I will proceed to show some crimes ranging from a beating to human burning. If these are too disturbing you may choose not to scroll down. You decide, does something have to be done to save us all? It does. Let Occupational Parenting turn this tide.












Hate crime maximal   Hate black man hanging (2)

Hate crime and maximal   apartheid killings (3)

Hate brutal murder   Hate boys murdered

Hate baby at gun point   Hate black man hanging

Hate isis killing (9)   Hate isis killing (5)

Hate brutal murder (2)   Hate brutal murder (5)

Hate isis killing (7)   Hate isis killing (4)

Hate brutal murder (3)   Hate brutal murder (4)

Hate isis killing (6)   Hate isis killing (3)

apartheid killings (2)  Hate crime minimal

When you can image the people doing these things to the victims, when you can see it taking place in your mind you can imagine hate. There’s just more and more every day. I do believe Occupational Parenting starting in America could eventually over time change all this madness into something productive. We do still really deserve better. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – American Heroin 8/3/2016

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American Heroin

August 3rd, 2016

You probably have met someone who has used heroin or other opioid. With the way things are going it’s probable that you’ll meet someone who will die from opioid overdose. This epidemic is claiming 78 lives a day. Folks are starting to take a look at this addiction as stronger than the average willpower. It was thought that “just degenerates and undesirables get strung out on that junk” but it’s showing up in the homes of suburban middle class America.  Gloucester Mass.  Police Chief Leonardo Campanello says “we lost the war on drugs”; at least by the way we were waging it. Heroin is significantly cheaper than it was when the war on drugs started in 1971 and 3 to 5 times as many people are engaging in illegal drug activity. So Campanello started treating it as a public health issue. That is instead of putting people in jail for drug abuse the police department gets them into treatment and other police stations are following suit. We have to get rid of the idea that people who use drugs are scum. Addicts should be thought of as a normal person with a pretty severe problem but a problem that they can overcome. Help from others goes much further toward a solution than hate from others. There’s a person lost in the, “I’ll do anything for a fix,” alien that’s before you. If you knew one of the 78 dead today you’d miss that person.

heroin map of programsNaloxone will reverse an overdose if administered soon enough after the event. It’s brand name Narcan, I believe these are hydrochlorides. You do not have to be a professional to obtain or use the substance. You may be able to find a kit and training in your state. To the left is a map of where programs are setup in the United States. Click the map to enlarge.

The (HRC) Harm Reduction Coalition conducted a survey of 140 organizations to get an idea of how effective naloxone kits were. 136 of them completed the survey that ran from January 2013 to June 2014. In 2013 43,982 people overdosed. 16,235 (37%) were opioid prescription overdoses. 8,257 (19%) were heroin overdoses. 152,283 kits were supplied to (81.6%) of other drug users, (11.7%) to family members, (3.3%) to service providers and (3.4%) unknown. There were 26,463 overdose reversals; people who get a second, third, forth, or how ever many chances it takes to get clean. Why should folks be provided with that many chances to live? Because of how powerful heroin and opioid addiction are. Until we raise children that are better equipped and prepared to coexist with such powerful substances we should stay the course. It’s going to help someone that you know directly or indirectly at some point. Also at (81.6%) is the amount of heroin overdoses where a naloxone kit was used. More has to be done to get naloxone into the hands of prescription opioid abusers who had twice as many overdoses as heroin. With the popularity that naloxone has found comes increased prices. Yes, it will cost a little more to be brought back from death’s door than it used to. This could hurt the effectiveness of any overdose treatment structure.

Heroin chart naloxoneOpponents of naloxone distribution say it’s given addicts the green light to do as much heroin as they want; that naloxone allows addicts to have riskier behavior. One doctor compared it to seat belts in a car causing more reckless driving. Not only that; naloxone takes your buzz away and plunges you into instant withdrawal. I don’t think that’s attuned to the addictive personality. The “it’s not my problem” approach to this problem isn’t working. As more and more families are effected by addiction people are seeing that the criminalization of drug abuse fills prisons takes massive resources and doesn’t produce less offenses. It actually produces more. It creates a stigma of worthlessness that is still with us today. States have passed legislation to make naloxone easier to obtain with the exception of Kansas, Montana, and Wyoming. Above is a chart of survey respondents starting to and continuing to prescribe naloxone kits to laypersons.

The reaction to heroin and opioid abuse is becoming one of compassion now that addiction has reached the suburbs. When the spike of overdoses was in the urban areas it spawned the war on drugs and demanded more incarceration. President Obama put it best when he said “My kids are a lot less likely to get into trouble, thrown in jail, and have a felony record than the kid who lives in those inner cities”. If you are in crisis right now and need help but you can’t go to local law enforcement. Someone may be able to help you at Young People in Justin Luke Riley, the president of the organization speaks with the President of the United States and other panelist. The video is 1:17:06 in length. This meeting of the minds that gives credibility to addiction being a disease not a moral failing or character flaw is worth watching. Besides President Obama rescuing “Luke” from babbling a couple of times he also hinted that we may find genetic components to addiction. Justin Luke also brings the “All in” approach to light; not just supporting prevention, or treatment, or recovery but all of these branches of the opioid epidemic.

America makes up 5% of the worlds population and consumes 80% of it’s pain medication. Doctors are on the front line of the war on drugs which shouldn’t be the war on the populous. But by prescribing less pain medication there is a push toward cheaper than ever heroin. Naloxone and medicated treatment for addiction illness should meet with much more success than arrests have. Folks went nuts when the needle exchange program to prevent the spread of HIV came into existence but intravenous spread of HIV went from 64% in 2000 to 8% in 2014. I suspect that any solution that flat out rejects people is destine to fail. People must be embraced to make any headway with a societal problem.

I happen to take the libertarian view on drug policy but we’ve been told what we can and can not do by the government over individuals rights for so long it would be a catastrophe to eliminate such legislation overnight. We need to handle current drug problems as public health issues while keeping drug laws in place but promulgate Occupational Parenting and the need for such laws will dwindle away. Children will turn out strong, success minded, and individual. The way I believe the Fore Fathers of this great Nation intended it’s citizens to be; not crippled by external temptations and recklessness. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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