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Blog – Gulf War Syndrome 10/26/2016

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Gulf War Syndrome

October 26th, 2016

gulf-war-organophosphateGulf War Syndrome (GWS) is the second worse thing to ever happen to me in my life. We don’t talk about the first worse thing. GWS is also known as Gulf War Illness (GWI). It remains undefined but it seems to me a probable cause is organophosphate a type of pesticide. Organophosphate is also found in nerve agents as well as DNA and RNA. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists it as acutely toxic to wildlife, bees, and humans. Other causes are suspected as well. The continuous oil well fires, chemical weapons, and chemical weapon antidotes were all investigated. These others come with their own complications but GWS isn’t one of them.  The oil well fires cause acute pulmonary disease and other chronic effects, including asthma and bronchitis. I remember the black rain because the smoke was so dense in the sky. It spotted the letters I would write back home.

gulf-war-bedridden250,000 of us are afflicted with GWS. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors and cognitive behavioral therapy are treatments for the illness. I’m using a treatment that was in no way designed for GWS but is the most effective that my doctor and I have found. The fatigue and diarrhea are by far the two worst symptoms for me. The fatigue isn’t a sleepy kind of tired. It’s a super low energy level; muscles just not wanting move. When it’s at its worse I lay there in bed the slightest activity causing discomfort. I’m unable to sleep and unable to do anything else. It really is an indescribable curse. To truly understand you’d have to experience it.

families-of-addicts-foreclosure-2I got into a lot of trouble trying to treat the fatigue with stimulants. The details of this aren’t pretty. I go into them more fully in Families Of Addicts. I can say GWS is the reason for my divorce and still my ex-wife sticks with me like a trooper though it all. What’s happened over the past 24 years can’t be undone. I would have finished college. I would have had a much more active role in my daughter’s life and there’s a list of other goals I would have at least had the chance of accomplishing. I’ve had to settle for what joy I can get. I love my daughter and loved watching her grow into the young women she is today. Thank God she was born healthy and without birth defects. Still my life has been drastically altered and not for better.

gulf-war-mike-coffmanI have a claim in with Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and let me tell you they are dragging there feet. It’s been years. Originally the VA claimed that GWS was all in our heads. Congress found that their research focused only on psychological aspects and ignored biological prospects. House Representative and ex-Marine Mike Coffman introduced Gulf War Health Research Reform Act of 2014 (H.R. 4261; 113th Congress on March 14th, 2014 which forces the VA to conduct fair research. It’s been a long hard road and I hope my claim gets approved.

should-we-stay-futuristic-soldierHopefully in the future biological issues due to service will be a lot fewer. Under Occupational Parenting there will still be war. That is to say the practice of it. To me there’s not a question of Should We Stay Practiced At War. Even achieving peace on Earth there’s no guarantee the rest of the Universe is at peace.  I would not take back my Military Experience Through The Army though I wish I hadn’t become ill. We have to teach the young to serve and serve in a future capacity.  We are space aged and the question of Do Aliens Exist is a simple matter of mathematical probability. Perhaps we’ll know in our lifetime. If not, some not so distant generation will have confirmation that we are not alone. These children need an economy that will last as long as our Sun. Occupational Parenting is that economy. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Should Truckers Be Forced To Drive 65? 10/19/2016

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Should Truckers Be Forced To Drive 65?

October 19th, 2016

should-truckers-black-rigThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) propose installing governors or speed limiters on rigs. The suggestion to do so is in the name of safety. The administrator for NHTSA said, “This is basic physics. Even small increases in speed have large effects on the force of impact. Setting the speed limit on heavy vehicles makes sense for safety and the environment.” The proposal is still very vague and the DOT is requesting public input as to what the truck’s speed should be governed to. Some numbers that have been kicked about are 60 mph, 65 mph, and 68 mph. The publication Overdrive took a POLL that is now closed. Nearly half of those polled wanted no governors at all. Others choose what they felt was a reasonable speed.

should-truckers-money-truckThere are those who disagree that the proposed change is about safety. One trucker called it a solution in search of problem. Another argued that it is about money not safety. Many big carriers use speed limiters to have more control over what happens with their equipment and to abate fuel costs. Independent trucker Blair Blakely said “The ATA and you and I operate at different ends of the same industry. They are in favor of anything to increase profits of their members and one way to increase profits is to eliminate competition, and we are the competition.”  The (ATA) is the American Trucking Associations.

The following is an excerpt taken from an article on TRUCKS.COM

should-truckers-accidentSetting a higher limit on truck speeds is less effective than a lower cap, regulators said. They estimate that limiting heavy vehicles to 68 mph would save between 27 and 96 lives annually in speed-related crashes. The safety agencies  said that vehicles limited to 65 mph would save approximately 63 to 214 lives. Setting the maximum speed at 60 mph would possibly save the most lives annually — between 162 to 498 lives.    End excerpt

should-truckers-death-chartThere seem to be advantages and disadvantages to governing trucks. Passing on the highway would become shear hell. One truckers opinion was that traffic congestion, poorly maintained road surfaces, bad weather are more to worry about than limiting the speed a truck can go and limiting it contributes most negatively to the congestion. Chart (left) shows the number of deaths decreasing over the past 2 decades though speed limits have increased. I never lost a loved one to a trucking accident (perhaps it would sway my opinion) I can’t see now as the time for these types of regulations. Sure setting the maximum speed limit to 60 would save between 162 to 498 lives, setting it to 35 would save even more and going back to horse and carriage would all but beat death. That doesn’t mean we should return to horse and buggy.

1 in 10 accidents involve Heavy trucks and most times it’s not the fault of the trucker. More than 80 percent of car-truck crashes caused by car driver, ATA report says.

What’s  your opinion? You can leave it at

I left a comment which reads:

With accident fatalities being down. I do not believe it’s the time to govern trucks in the name of safety. Reducing the speed limit saves lives but that doesn’t mean we should reduce the speed limit to 55 or 35. Truckers are safe drivers; only 1 in 10 accidents involving a heavy truck.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion.

This is the point where I always like to mention Occupational Parenting. The thought of our children’s safety is dominate, as it should be, with most parents. With Occupational Parenting  as our economic system children would start practicing driving much earlier than we do now. It would be a life long practice not just a perishable skill. Continuous improvement would be life’s song and America it’s greatest chorus. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Creepy Clowns All Around 10/12/2016

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Creepy Clowns All Around

October 12th, 2016

creepy-clowns-fleetwood-manorSensationalism! That’s what I call it, not hysteria. It started in August 2016 when police receive a complaint from the tenants at Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville South Carolina. Children said that clowns were trying to lure them into a cluster of trees. Reports of  residents firing shots into the woods soon followed. The threat of mistaken identity and vigilantism has become more real than the threat of clowns themselves. Gags the Clown who is very creepy had firearms pulled on him. This video is about Gags and the original Ronald McDonald commercial, also very creepy. Strong language warning with this one.

It’s humorous, I guess as it should be, that Jordan Jones started the Clown Lives Matter movement on Facebook. The name seems to be kind of an insult to the Black Lives Matter movement, who I don’t have an opinion about for the lack of information (a future blog), but Jones is quite serious. He’s been quoted saying “I fear for my life” and “I’m scared that someone might take a swing.” In Bardstown Kentucky a Man fires his AR-15 to scare clown, but ‘clown’ was  woman walking her dog. There’s also been clown hunting at Penn State in Jordan Jones home state Pennsylvania. He says “I feel that people are out clown hunting because they think it’s cool now.”

What stated as perverse lore in South Carolina is approaching a world scope with incidences in France where police arrested multiple people. Some of them arrested for assault. Clowns briefly made it into the talks of a White House Briefing.

Growing up I was kind of indifferent to clowns. I neither liked nor disliked them. At the circus they were a distraction from the good stuff like the lions and elephants. I now find them creepy after being influence by professionals like Scott Bonn, a criminologist and professor of sociology at Drew University in New Jersey. He says “We don’t know what’s beneath that makeup. It could be anyone or anything. They’re actually very frightening.” I had never thought about it but I guess that exaggerated and fixed emotional expression gives me the willies. I haven’t even seen “IT” yet (the remake will be in theaters next year). A spokesman for Warner Brothers told CNN that there is “absolutely no connection” between the film and recent clown sightings. Stephen King, the author of “IT” Tweeted “Hey, guys, time to cool the clown hysteria–most of em are good, cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh.”

USmapThere are 24 clown sightings on this map but Creepy Clown Sightings Map 2016 gives more details about it’s 14 sightings by clicking on the indicated location. Some of the incidents have been at least unnerving. Fairmont man wearing clown mask chases kids with baseball bat is about Gary A. Valentine, a 34 year old of Millersville West Virginia. The children being chased were ages 6-11. There was a verbal exchange between Valentine and one of the youth’s parents but no violence ensued. In Alabama police made at least 9 arrest in a little more than an week. Seven of them were originally charged with making terrorist threats but some of the charges were reduced. Rainbow City Police Chief, Jonathan Horton wanted to make an example while the allure of clown misconduct is in it’s early stages. To be charged with making a terrorist threat you have to intentionally or recklessly terrorize another person, cause the disruption of school activities, or cause the evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation.creepy-clowns-flomo Makayla Smith, 22 years old, of Flomaton Alabama and 2 juveniles were charged with exactly that. They conjured up Flomo Klown and Shoota Cllown (right) to threaten individual students on September 15th, 2016 at a local high school. The school was lock down for several hours while 30 law enforcement officials made a sweep for threats. The Facebook page now simply tells of the arrests but when it first posted it had threats like “I’ll just kill you at school.” Do to the nature of the threats the FBI did get involved. There’s plenty of more reports like, Knife-Wielding Clown Attacks Boy, Threatens Woman in Michigan, 13-YEAR-OLD BOY FROM MAY’S LANDING ARRESTED FOR ‘CLOWN THREATS’ TO SCHOOL, and Knife-Wielding Clown Menaces Subway Riders, Chases Teen out of Station. There are also hoaxes and some mistakes like Viral creepy clown video turns out to be haunted house marketing stunt in Agawam Massachusetts.

Here are some creepy, homemade clown videos. Amid the sightings — real or not — the hashtag #IfISeeAClown took off to predictably hilarious results.

creepy-clowns-shhhSome schools including a New Haven school here in Connecticut have banned clown costumes or guises otherwise concealing the identity during the Halloween Season. Clown sightings, pranking, and actual threats are only expected to increase. All of even this pranking would be alleviated by Occupational Parenting over the long haul. I keep conveying that Occupational Parenting is solvent for all America’s social and economic woes. Don’t keep quiet about Occupational Parenting. Pass it on, will you. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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Blog – A Home Beyond Earth 10/5/2016

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A Home Beyond Earth

October 5th, 2016

a-home-beyond-earth-dragon-2-capsuleIs there a need to get off the planet and set up shop elsewhere in space? I think so. To keep advancing in technology and the evolution of industry, space is the next and only progression. There are also those who hold that an extinction event on Earth is inevitable and that if we don’t go deeper into space we’re just sitting around waiting to die. My feeling is the the more mature we are in the space age the better the chance of avoiding an extinction event. An example would be using the gravity of a spaceship to change the course of an asteroid. Colonizing other planets and moons alleviates human’s populating problem as well.

the-atmosphere-today-space-junkHumans are a red hot mess when it comes to war, the threat of self annihilation, global warming, so on and so forth. Should we really be dragging all of our extra baggage deeper into space? Where just babies in the space age and we’re surrounded in debris and space junk. We still haven’t learned to clean up after ourselves. What do our neighbors think? Do Other Kinds Of Aliens Exist? Yes, I do believe we have neighbors just waiting to to see what it is exactly that we’re going to do. To see if we’ll be an asset or a liability. If you think we’re the only sophisticated beings in the Universe that’s OK too. As things are we are a liability but that won’t always be true. All the space programs themselves have us being more civil toward each other, uniting us in a common goal. We recycle now and there’s agencies like the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) policing our pollution. We just have to keep progressing socially and civilly as we advance technologically and we have to apply those advances to keeping it tidy.

a-home-beyond-earth-space-dustI have some pretty crazy ideas on how we could be doing things differently. I think we could be using all that radioactive debris from junked satellites and even making more of it on purpose to bias a planet’s surface and atmosphere. Grind them into dust and spread it all over the already highly radioactive planet we hope to inhabit. Human vibes and emotions are greatly underestimated. They’re powerful and would only gain in that power by more learned Emotional Control and exuberance. Amp up love and desire tone down HATE and dismay. The Human Element streamed trough satellites and every day contact, to a lesser extent can actually bias the The Environment to the human advantage and eventually help us make an atmosphere more suited to human livability. OK, that’s my bit of craziness. It wouldn’t hurt to try and we’d be cleaning up the Earth’s atmosphere in the process.

What NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)  is doing is prepping for its mission to Mars by the mid 2030’s. It’s a three phase plan the first being Earth Reliant then Proving Ground and onto Earth Independent. The Journey to Mars Overview speaks briefly about each phase. In Proving Ground an asteroid is actually captured put into the moon’s orbit where samples will later be taken by the Orion. I do hope you’ll check out the overview. It’s quite exciting.

Even more exciting to the point of scary is SpaceX’s very ambitious plan to start colonizing Mars by the hundreds by 2022 or 2024. I think everyone is pulling for Elon Musk the founder and CEO of SpaceX. Still, with a battle cry of you have to be “prepared to die” to be among the first candidates for their mission to colonize Mars it seems as though SpaceX doesn’t have the same dedication to safety as other space agencies. How Crazy Is Elon Musk’s Mission to Mars? Even the skeptics seem to want him to succeed. A NASA representative was quoted as saying, “NASA applauds all those who want to take the next giant leap and advance the journey to Mars. We are very pleased that the global community is working to meet the challenges of a sustainable human presence on Mars.” Elon Musk provides new details to his ‘mind blowing’ mission to Mars. He believes his only reason for existing is to achieve interplanetary space travel in our lifetime, relatively speaking. He proposes doing it at a cost of $200,000 a ticket.

SpaceX’s system is ITS (Interplanetary Transport System). The rockets are 400 feet tall and 39 feet wide but can they get the system to fly correctly?

There have been mishaps in the past. SpaceX Figured Out Why Its Expensive Rocket Exploded and there was another explosion of the CRS-7 shortly after lift off the previous year. I think SpaceX has to establish some consistent success in space flight to achieve the colonization of Mars. ITS is dependent on reusable rockets which is unheard of. NASA and I’m sure others reuse engines but not whole rockets. A running string of successes like the in the following video and I’ll certainly be on the Musk bandwagon.

We’re not just looking to Mars. We’re investigating moons and other planet’s life sustaining potential. This chart shows all 10 of the likeliest ocean worlds in space and where there’s water there may be life. As long as that life is primitive enough we could learn to share without totally taking. We don’t have a good track record with each other. Hubble may have caught jets of water squirting out of a potentially habitable moon. It’s so exciting to think of generations to follow living and working in space. The only thing that’s missing is Occupational Parenting; an economy that ensures all humans will stay the focus not just Earth’s resources over Mar’s resources or vice versa. Such a scheme really could go towards dividing humans into a more pronounced (haves) and (have nots) scenario.

a-home-beyond-earth-occupational-parentingWhether you think we should be exploring the outer reaches or whether you think we should just sit our asses right here at home we still need a stable, healthy, and long lasting economy. Occupational Parenting ensures that our specie will endure as long as it possibly can and steers us away from the dangers that open up when only the wealthy can fly away. It’s an economy that keeps us on level ground while inspiring us to blast off. Until next week; keep your homes well.

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