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Blog – 22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier 1/25/2017

This month we have a guest blogger named Jennifer . I’m a pet owner and dog lover. This article just gives 22 more reasons to love Rocket. He’s wearing goggles because the poor guy has Pannus and the sunlight makes him go blind. He wears his goggles and has eye drops twice a day and that should preserve his eyesight for as long as we possibly can. I thank Jenny for blogging this month and hope this article inspires you to get a four legged furry friend or love the one you have all the more.

A word about our guest blogger; Jenny was to add a testimonial about her personal experiences her with canine but unfortunately email communication between her and I have broken down. Please feel free to add the smallest or most extravagant description of you and your dog(s) to the comment section. Without further adieu here’s:

22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

January 25th, 2017

Dogs genuinely provide us with unconditional love. They also add real joy to our lives and we have come to accept them as our loyal companions. However, only a handful of people know one of the secrets to a healthier and happier life. Studies have shown that dogs can help improve our physical and mental well-being. So, pet dogs are in way the elixir of life.

Dogs make us healthier, physically and mentally, according to findings from various studies all over the world. You should thank your furry K9 companion for keeping you healthy. Growing up with dogs helps reduce and/or prevent allergies, especially for the young ones, and contribute to the development of a stronger immune system. Children who grew up with dogs, cats, or any other animal in the household typically have immune systems that are much stronger, thus developing reduced risk for eczema or asthma.

This is because dogs are mostly packed with dirt and dust and don’t forget most of them have thick furs. So early exposure to bacteria and allergens could help children develop immunity against the common causes of allergies and other diseases. This means less hospital bills, less visits to doctors, and children will be less likely to skip school because they are healthy.

You can check out the infographic below that we have created to see and learn the other health benefits that our pet dogs can provide for us. It also contains details and supporting research studies detailing why these health benefit impact us greatly.

Scroll down and see the enticing graphic so you can comprehend why dogs are truly important in our lives.

n22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

During a time of Occupational Parenting we will find that the relationships with not just our pets but all the animals of the world will be much improved. As it will be our paid profession to care for our young and their habitats we will in turn be caring for the habitats of all the wildlife which we so desperately need. As we give back to ourselves and The Environment we will surely reap rewards that coexisting with the animal kingdom offers and we will discover new ones every day. Until next month; keep your homes well.

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