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Blog – Advanced Prehistoric Beings 2-22-2017

Advanced Prehistoric Beings

February 22nd, 2017

Who’s ever heard the term “missing link”? It’s been a concept that I’ve been fascinated with since childhood. How different are we from gorilla’s, orangutans and chimps; and so quickly. Millions of years of painfully slow evolution then 43,000 years ago Cro-Magnon or European early modern humans appeared out of nowhere. It took homo-erectus 10,957,000 years to become Cro-Magnon and look at us today. We’re exploring our solar system.

I thank James Blake for requesting that I do this blog. The research has been enthralling and I hope you come that same conclusion. I watched 6 documentaries and lectures and listened to one audio book. I’ve listed them as well as rated them for you. Though God is our Father and one of our makers I believe we will soon meet the the other; maybe within three generations. I’d be happy if it was today. I do believe the ones I am writing of, the Anunnaki, the Nephilim, or the Elohim do not pose a threat to us. If they wanted us gone we’d have already been wiped off of the face of the planet but we may pose a threat to space. Our ways are vile. We are polluters and destroyers. We really have to get our shit together for the near future.

I was a believer in the probability extraterrestrial visitation before writing this blog and after writing it I have doubled and tripled down on that belief. The thought of not being alone in the Universe scares the shit out of some people. If I was an Army general I’d certainly be on edge. We must always be prepared for war to avoid it as indicated in Should We Stay Practiced At War . Still God only lets specific types advance in the Universe. It’s a means of self preservation. gets into it a little bit in the definition of Geneople found in The Perceivable Universe and Conclusion.

Here’s the research material. I recommend using at least one of the research materials for the blog to have it’s intended meaning and impact.

Forbidden History of the Sumerians [FULL VIDEO] – 01:23:55 This one is the best and I give it 5 stars.

This lecture covers in depth the ancient Sumerians. Stanley is a pleasure to listen to and he’s humble. He gets into the facts of the world’s first civilization and how they could have possibly even plausibly been so advanced. You guessed it; the extraterrestrial intervention of the Anunnaki. Stanley speaks often of EN.KI or the serpent of the Bible. He draws many other parallels between Sumerian and the Hebrew tales, the Sumerian being over 1000 years earlier. If I had known all of this about the Middle East 26 years ago my time spent in Desert Storm and Humanitarian Effort would have taken on a whole new scope. I’d have gotten my OIC to take me to many of these sites. Again 5 stars; good job.

Ancient Astronauts Theory Anunnaki Nephilim Ancient Aliens Hidden Secrets Full Documentary – 02:02:35 Michael Tellinger keeps it interesting, Speaking first about the potential of sound in science and our existence. He covers important landmarks and gives pretty convincing accounts of how the ancients may have coexisted with extraterrestrials. Michael Tellinger also questions accurately drawn maps of Antarctica long before seismic equipment could pierce the 2 mile thick icecap to reveal landmass. Tellinger belongs to a political party called the UBUNTU Liberation Movement that believes we should get rid of money. I strongly disagree but you may not. The website is I give this one 4 1/4 stars. It’s very idealistic towards the end.

Traces of the Gods : Ancient Astronauts on Earth – 00:38:14 Gets into possible UFO sightings in cave art. We hear words from the skeptics as  well as UFO accounts involving Alexander the Great. The narrators make possible connections to the Bible of extraterrestrial origin. Traces of the Gods  also speaks of impossible construction feats at Tiahanaco. I give this one 3 1/2 stars.

Sumerian Artifacts & Ancient Astronauts – 0:39:14 Shows us the Antikythera Mechanism; an artifact out of time. battery powered light bulbs in ancient Egypt at 00:01:25. The astronomical alignment of ancient landmarks, the Flood Tablet, and symbolism are also touched upon in this lecture. I give this one 3 1/2 stars.

Chariots of the Gods 00:43:17 Richard Karn (Al Borland) and Erich Von Dahnieken speak of what some archeological digs have revealed and interesting aspects of some known landmarks. Some ancient temples are built as scale models of the solar system as well as the mystery of the Antarctica maps. They discuss what appear to be ancient landing strips and the Egyptian light bulb is again visited. I give this one 3 stars.

The Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets True Meaning Revealed – 02:01:55 is a little boring. The speaker throws some numbers out there as to the probability of the existence of life in the Universe. These can also be reviewed in Do Aliens Exist . (I recommend reading this blog. I’ll see what I can do to update it.) Though many of these documentaries and lectures cover the same material this one really offers nothing new. The speakers voice is monotone and I struggled to stay interested. He drones a little too long on language but he does however say something that intrigued me and that is to go to these sites yourself. See them touch what you can touch and develop a personal experience. I give this one 2 1/2 stars.

The 12th Planet written by Zecharia Sitchin (Audiobook) – 02:18:08 Seems a little snewtty but is very adept at covering mankind’s time on earth. Also the relationships of the “gods” to each other and to humans are covered. I give it 3 stars.

We are in the future and there’s a future still to come. We are not ready and every preparation possible should be on the agenda. As the Anunnaki observe their creation what are they thinking? We were built for work. What has that meant in our development? Do we have a higher work ethic and ability than Anunnaki themselves? Are we busier beings than the rest of the being in the Universe left to evolve slowly? Perhaps we need to slow down a bit and “BE”. I think Micheal Tellinger is great but I do not believe we should get rid of money. Money is a terrific motivator. That motivation is just misplaced it should be on the care of the young. Occupational Parenting is an ever lasting economy that focuses on preserving the human existence in the healthiest state of independence possible; not attaining and preserving rocks, minerals, and fruits (gold or oranges). They will have their place in the Occupational Parenting economy as will everything we know today. It’s the space age and information age. Let’s apply the information we gain to prepping and stabilizing our real space aged existence. Until next month; keep your homes well.

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