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Is Wikipedia Reliable

March 29th, 2017

I was quite dismayed when my daughter came home from school and told me that Wikipedia was no longer allowed as a reference. If you’ve read my blogs you know I use them frequently and hold them in high esteem. So if they have lost or are losing credibility there is only one thing to do and that is to blog about them.

It is the Information Age. There is nothing more important to an Occupational Parenting economy than information and the free exchange of information is a must. Though I believe that one should have to possess the credentials to get the job, I do not believe paid education can go unchecked in the American system. America has chosen capitalism in which there must be competition. Our capitalism is not perfect yet but that’s another blog. Colleges and universities compete but that competition will only provide the illusion of capitalism’s goal. The only true competition to paid information is free information. Let paid information prove the benefit of your money. If we do not demand free sources of information we will wake up with no other point of view than the one that’s bought.

Wikipedia could not happen in Russia. That alone is reason to consider keeping it around. But, has it earned it’s stay? I think Wikipedia has got to decide if it wants to be a global chatroom or an encyclopedia. They will be the first to tell you that it takes time to become reliable information on their website. That will not work for young adults in high school. They need accurate information and they need it quickly. I have been mistakenly using them as an encyclopedia which is what I hope they decide their value is. The need for free information has been a must for I do not have extensive funds. Hopefully my veteran status will offer more in the near future so that I can buy an encyclopedia to cross reference.

About Wikipedia, offers their systems of collecting and checking information. Their underlying intent can also be discerned. They want to get everyone involved. They want to be able to update quickly and they don’t want information ransomed to the highest bidder. I think to go the encyclopedia rout and still stay a global chatroom, they could focus on their  version and reversion controls. I would be willing to donate at least twice as much as I do for that. A Stand Against Wikipedia establishes valid concerns about students using it as a citation but I’d like to make a point about streamlining information. I want to learn how to do everything but I can only choose one maybe two professions. The streamlining of information is necessity in this day and age. The multifaceted individuals that Occupational Parenting will produce will need to know the truth about everything and more deeply fortify information that pertains to their chosen occupation. I want to know how to fix my car but I don’t want to be a mechanic. This keeps mechanics honest and provides them with the challenge of me being able to do it myself; lower prices.

“Segments of this Blog are taken wholly or in part from Wikipedia; a valuable and free source of information” has appeared many times at the top of blog. I’m going to maintain that that is true and buy an encyclopedia in the mean time. I would love to know that my daughter’s school was able to reverse their decision to exclude Wikipedia in academics. If Wikipedia won’t be that go-to source of accurate and free information, I hope for America’s sake someone will be. Until next month; keep your homes well.

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