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Blog – Satanism 7-26-2017

Satanism July 26th, 2017

I’d, first, like to blog about encyclopedia brand Satanism. I used Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia and i will continue to use Wikipedia carefully because it’s just such a good, American idea. Malwarebytes blocked and I will be referencing a 23 year old Grolier encyclopedia disc as well. After that I will be blogging my take on Satanism which is also the Complete Christian’s take because as far as I know I’m the only Complete Christian.

Satanism can be loosely reference with early Christianity labeling other people’s Pagan deity’s as demons. That’s Satanism’s root. There are 2 other Wikipedia references. The first cosmic level evil being that we know of is Angra Mainyu, which turns out to be a Final Fantasy character, of the Persian religion Zoroastrianism. Later in the 13th century, a women named Lucardis headed the Luciferians. Luciferians wanted to see Satan reign in Heaven. These are Wikipedia references and anyone could have added them. But seemingly more reasonable in Wikipedia, satan was a common noun originally. It meant adversary. So while we would be satan to isis, isis would be santan to us.

Today there are atheistic Satanists and theistic Satanist. The theistic Satanist are the guys dancing around a fire, sacrificing living beings, trying to get a horned deity to appear. Atheistic Satanism rejects the idea of supernatural deities. Instead they hold to materialistic non-spiritual brand of life. “What you see, is what you get, and there is nothing more; nothing spiritual.” This type of atheistic Satanism formed a church under Anton LaVey in 1966. There was a splinter movement instituted in 1975, by Michael Aquino called the Temple of Set. Some do not consider it Satanism because it follows an ancient Egyptian deity, Set. Setians do believe in the supernatural. Both of these movements are a part of what scholars call Western esotericism.

A solidifying factor of all the encyclopedias’ is the belief in indulging some of human’s more natural traits. “If it feels good, do it.” Whether it be incest, cannibalism, or murder. Satanists commonly want to shake off the moral disciplines of other organized religions and societies. Some Satanist may stringently uphold social norms if they cause derision or dissension. The Grolier encyclopedia that I referenced over 20 years ago, when studying the topic, made mention of some adherence to nature and the natural. The Complete Christian’s view of Satanism looks at the appeal of nature in it’s fullness. Some were astonished at the inverted cross in the the image for the Blog Complete Christian. It is not Satanic. It is in fact a Christian symbol called Saint Peter’s Cross. Simon Peter requested to be crucified upside down, being unworthy of the same crucifixion of the Lord Jesus. I use Saint Peter’s Cross for reasons I explain in the blog. I hold myself under Jesus’s teachings and know his example in life to be a righteous one. That doesn’t mean I don’t still have questions. Questions that the religious institutions of today don’t adequately answer.

Satan and the Beast are commonly associated. To me there is nothing more Satanic than eating the blood spilled carcass of a living, screaming being. Yet, in the wild, it happens everyday. The spirit it takes to indulge such an activity is a dangerous one. It is the spirit of Satan. This spirit is fully ruled by the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, One True God. I believe God created us through evolution and 7 phases called days or yoms. The savage being that would carry out such a horrifying task is in all of us. Being the being, that’s getting eaten is also apart of us. Some lean more to the savage and some lean more to the prey. The prey is sometimes just as guilty of the savage behavior, a cat that kills a mouse and a dog that kills a cat. And sometimes the prey hurts nothing else except some vegetation; a rabbit or a lamb. There is every degree of people.

The being that does NO harm is the beings Heaven is made up of. There is more than one Heaven. Ultimately it is a place where nothing has to harm anything else to exist. I am sure that I am not ready for, nor am I worthy of  that Heaven. It is the place of creation and only creation; no destruction, or The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential. All of the hearts imaginings are harmless there. I think there are many Hells, the ultimate being a place of total destruction; no creation, or The Fulfillment of the Destructive Potential. All of the hearts imaginings are harmful there. Heaven must always be stronger than Hell to perceive existence. If Hell is ever stronger, we’re on the road to destruction or nothing perceivable. My entire philosophy is based on the fact that God or the Universe wants to be perceived. That is possible through us and our behaviors.

I think between Heaven and Hell, or in The Gain, Satan must always exist in it’s appropriate balance and the Universe will constantly expand, with more and more worlds being created everyday. I do not believe ours is the only world with sophisticated life. I think we are part of a process God has fulfilled many, many times, eternally before the Big Bang and will fulfill eternally after. Perhaps the Big Bang itself is a result of losing that balance in The Gain or Earthly existence. Our perception of a more populated Universe would increase dependent on our place in the 3 dimensional planes; The Fulfillment of the Creative PotentialThe Gain, and The Fulfillment of the Destructive Potential. “If we were living better. We’d have more neighbors.”

My idea of Heaven is really Paradise, like the Garden of Eden but with all the technology we can muster, in balance with existence. I don’t want the Heaven where I do no harm and have no harm done. Some would say that, not wanting that, makes me worthy of Hell. I say that’s for Jesus and God to decide. I’m a worker bee. I want to work for the existence of Heaven not entering there in. I want to work to ensure the creative forces of the Universe always out weigh that of the destructive forces so that infinite worlds can find Heaven or Paradise for eternity. Jesus left us with spoon fulls of wisdom that could be absorbed by the people of that day and still what he did leave got him murdered. There was an even bigger picture that he did not disclose. If Jesus came to teach today. I’m sure he would use the things we know today to teach us as he used the things people knew 2000 years ago to teach them. God and the Universe are more boundless than the practitioners of religion and scientist teach.

I gave 4 years of my life to soldiering. I both loved and hated it. Still, until the birth of my daughter, it was the most worthwhile pursuit I had ever accomplished. So feeling the way I do about Jesus how could I justify serving a military who’s highest distinction, the Medal of Honor, is an inverted pentagram. When I entered the Army I wanted to provide a life for the women I loved and had no skills to do it. Because of my belief in Jesus, I told my girlfriend, at that time, I couldn’t kill another human and for that reason I may not return home. She said, “We if someone’s trying to kill you, I think you should kill them.” By the time the tires of the plane hit the runway in Saudi Arabia, I instantly began to see things her way. Does this mean I choose her advice over Jesus’s teachings. I absolutely believe Jesus’s teachings are the way into Heaven and I would kill or die to protect someone practicing them. I practice them my self except the belief in violence for self-defense and defense of others worthy of being defended. I express to Jesus, in prayer, that’s though it’s not “turning the other cheek” and unworthy of Heaven, might it gain me a place in paradise. For me the Constitution upholds the same. Love thy neighbor as self. It doesn’t allow us to mistreat each other… I don’t believe in trying to die for your Country. I believe in trying to make the other guy die for theirs and that takes violence, and a good measure of it. I would not want to go into battle without Satan behind me. That’s the spirit needed to win. Some of my Christian brethren would point out you can’t serve 2 masters. My simple answer is I don’t serve Satan. He serves me.

Because it is such a powerful spirit one can easily become lost to it. It happens to soldiers all the time. An animal can carry out a violent act and get right back to business as usual. It doesn’t contemplate the good or evil of what’s it’s just done. Even with animals the best policy is a swift kill. Cats sometimes play with their wounded and suffering prey. For this reason I nicknamed my cat Lucifer. Humans, since the tree of knowledge have a higher calling, to make sense of whats good and what’s evil and thereby become closer to God. Some would seek to keep us as the animals not knowing right from wrong and simply doing what we’re told. It’s to late. The fruit, symbolic or not, has been eaten and we must move forward serving, God and creation, or Satan and destruction in our intelligent capacity. The Christian soldier and those like them have the highest charge, not to be taken by the Evil One when carrying out their duties. We in the United States Military are killers. We are not murderers and we allow folks to carry out whatever religion they choose as long as they don’t seek to mistreat others by it.

To the Christian brethren who say “a house divided against itself can not stand,” I say a house has one Rule. That doesn’t mean there is no disagreement in the house. Each resident must know their desire is beneath that of the Rule. That’s how I interpret what Jesus was saying. Satan left to his own devices would destroy all of perceivable existence but God and creation is the Rule. Something as aggressive as insects, without birds and spiders to eat them, would take all of Earthly existence, while something as passive as a tree, without it’s branches to block the sun, would grow over all the ground until there was none to walk on. The tree and the insect must fall under one Rule and that is creation. Jesus said you may speak against him and still find salvation but if you speak falsely of the Holy Spirit you are in danger of eternal damnation. He cast out, what we take care of today with medication, using the Holy Spirit. He was accused of using the spirit of Satan to do it. We nearly ignore the spiritual existence today and we keep 7 spirits more evil than the first from coming back with medication but we haven’t solved the afflicted’s spiritual deficit… Jesus did… When that person passes, and has no medication, they still have to deal with their demons. We must get the world in a position to use medication but still solve the deficit, I think, it’s not blasphemous to cast out devils with medication but it’s arrogant to think the job is all done. People need be aware of where they stand in existence.

The spirit of Satan tried to take the lead in Peter’s assault on the servant, when the authorities came to take Jesus. Jesus said get the behind me Satan and Peter was subdued. Jesus wasn’t trying to get rid of Satan but would not let him have the lead. In the temple when Jesus overturned the money changers and belongings of the profiteers Satan was behind him and Jesus used the violent spirit to carry out his righteous deed, Not a man in the vastness of the temple’s court stood against him.

So the Complete Christian’s take on Satanism is it has it’s place and never the Rule. Until next month keep your homes well.

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