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Blog – Occupational Parenting 8-30-2017

Occupational Parenting   August 30th, 2017

I’ve run Occupational Parenting as a blog before and it’s one of the permanent pages of I’m running it again because it is of overwhelming significance in the salvation of America and then the world. It is the reason for the book I’m writing “Geneople” which is a science fiction, action, thriller, hopefully to come out next year. I’ve never read “Dianetics” but from the results I’m seeing in Scientology, I’d be willing to believe they’re polar philosophies. Occupational Parenting is fully dependent on the wholeness and fullness of the United States Constitution and the freedom of choice. Please enjoy Occupational Parenting.

There are six types of persons that block progress. Some are afraid of change unless it’s a sure thing and everyone else is on board. There are those who are so addicted to their misery and suffering that they really don’t want answers because they would then have nothing to complain about. There are others who try, fail, and give up. They believe no one has the answers because their answers didn’t work out. Some folks don’t agree with anything that doesn’t personally benefit them. Some people will just not admit they’re wrong. There’s a sixth type of person that just doesn’t care. I think Occupational Parenting is a sure thing and hopefully I can convince you of the same.

occupational-parenting-diaper-changeThe American Government isn’t working as well as we need it to and the correct response will be unconventional. We’ve become complacent because the answers today don’t seem a hell of a lot different than the answers yesterday and they seem just as ineffective. Presently we have to admit that today’s answers are less effective because America’s financial situation just keeps getting worse. Other countries are beginning to acknowledge a financial importance to parenting. I want to be on board. Changing diapers, washing dishes and teaching our young is real work and it should have real pay. Our society accepts that it’s OK to pay anyone to raise your children except you. If we want to secure our Nation, our world, Occupational Parenting must become a reality. There’s no better way to secure the future than securing our children. “Venezuela to pay pensions to full-time mothers“. I do not submit that Venezuela should be our model but an inspiration.

occupational-parenting-father-and-sonI checked to see if Venezuela followed up on the plans to pay home keepers (this will be way predominantly women) and they have with Venezuela’s new labour law. Venezuela is also committed to the redistribution of wealth through this process. Could it be that one of the most influential nations in the world has something to learn from a country that is less renown. There’s still plenty of room for the United States and other world leaders to take an example and leave an even better one with the number of men who would take part in Occupational Parenting and the way it is administered.

When determining “what makes a human their best”, the first thing that needs to considered is “What is a human?” The very next thing to consider is “What’s the human’s best environment.” Occupational Parenting puts an immediate focus on our environment and promotes other energy consumption and conversion ideas beyond fossil fuels. It also creates jobs for those in the fossil fuel industry.

occupational-parenting-money-houseIt would cost approximately 3.5 trillion tax dollars. The beautiful thing about it is the 3.5 trillion dollars goes directly to “We the People”. It would turn our economy upside-down which would be right-side-up from where we are now. We have a consumption based economy and from what I understand it’s not sustainable because it depends on buying more tomorrow. We need something new. There’s just not a better place to put our money than future human progress. Everything that ensures that there will be a future human would be driving the economy. The tax increase would be absorbed mostly by the 540 billionaires that live in America. The middle class would have an increase according to their tax bracket and the lower class making $31,200 per year would have an increase. (Also see Retraction for Implications Of Raising The Minimum Wage) It’s money not given but earned in learning and teaching the best methods of child raring to turn out the best individual possible. Though there is not agreement on what the best individual is, it should be a given that individuals who will not destroy the the planet around them or blow themselves up with nuclear devices or oppress others based on their beliefs are better. The competitive American landscape is the perfect ground for Occupational Parenting. It puts one parent back in the house for the sake of the child and for the sake of the future. Occupational Parenting turns around the devastating economic decision to take both parents out of the house. This way both parents are working and the children are receiving an industry driven, economically backed not to mention loving upbringing. There is no down side to this. Unless our Country does something different it will fail. I truly believe if America fails so will the world. That is if no-other nation bases the growth of the economy on the growth of the human individual.

occupational-parenting-blocksI don’t suggest that a person should get paid by the number of children they have. Welfare is a terrible example of Occupational Parenting. It influences senseless population growth with no focus on the individuals it’s turning out. Occupational Parenting would not pay individuals by the number of children they have but where they test out in their bracket of difficulty. Though the test would be administered by the Government, the Government would have no role in preparing children for the test. That would be totally up to the private sector. Parents would hire the firms or Homekeeping companies that they want to help them raise their children or they could choose to raise their child independently. This is where the free exchange of information is important. Quinebaug  Valley Community College needs to have the same information as Harvard. The way they manipulate the information on child raring is up to them. The better result should get more money but, with the same information and the allowance of competition Quinebaug could be Harvard tomorrow. The parents would have the final say in what they decide to teach their children and in what style. Quinebaug and Harvard have to be able to get a better result than raising the child independently or they will not be able to stay in the business of human development. As long as the child meets the minimal progress of assessments the parent will be paid. If they can not meet these needs the child will be placed in a foster home or be adopted. Bare in mind the assessment will determine mental, emotional, physical, and cognitive health. If someone abuses their child in any way they will be fired. (Quality not quantity) The point is that we put no economic focus on raising an independent healthy human elements. We put the focus on buying more stuff tomorrow. Occupational Parenting would start a possible $31,200 a year and have only a menial increase per child. An economist in support of Occupational Parenting may say $31,200 is low a starting pay. Parents can start to make real money by their increase for where their children test out in their bracket of difficulty and how much they have developed themselves as a parent. The incentive is to have fewer children and raise them as best you can. We are in the Space Age and if we need to increase the population to settle the Moon or Mars we simply increase the menial per child pay. This is not welfare and we don’t need to make a growing population problem worse.

There is the concern about equal access to quality in raising children. The Government would be responsible making sure “Johnny with a single Dad making $40,000 a year” gets as good a quality upbringing as “Johnny with a parents that make $600,000,000 dollars a year”. It will make sure they have access to the same information, processes, and technology. I personally will seek professionals to institute HomeKeeper University; an institution dedicated to helping the Government with inequality issues. HomeKeeper University will also be dedicated to helping people become the best home keepers they can be. If, God willing, it becomes a reality, It would be one of the institutions parents could choose for assistance in raising their young and home keeping.

Homekeeperu also supports product caps in the market. A 300% markup on technology would be illegal. It’s not illegal to sell a candy bar to a kid for $300.00 but it should be, It’s at least unethical. This would help keep home keeping technology (computers, automotive, cell phones and such) accessible to everyone in the future. The Government and business would have to pool all of psychology, sociology and product resources into testable measures for parents and children. Our biggest problem then would be, what to do with no crime, decadence, and decay. That problem, too, is solvable.

occupational-parenting-seperationToday’s life style has put more separation between parents and their children than ever before. Institutionalization is taking a new domain; our children. It’s daycare, school, and the institutions that offer extra curricular activities. While these things are good with parental involvement they become sinister without it. Parents are being taken out of the lives of their children. If someone were to ask “how can the family structure of a nation be weakened?” it would look exactly like what we’re doing now. The home is the first thing that needs to be secured when securing the Homeland. This is about true Social Security.  I suggest that we acknowledge what science, technology, psychology, and sociology can do and what they will be able to do in the future.  I found a video featuring mind and bodily control technology. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Could Your Brain Be Hacked

What’s next? This technology has what it takes to control someone’s hand when slapping an individual in the face or when pulling the trigger of a pistol. It can all be done from a computer keyboard, some algae, and a laser. There’s also technology that the average consumer doesn’t know about for decades. The question with whatever the advancement of technology throws at us is, “should the parents be more involved with their children or less involved”? I opt for more. I worry about the children 100 years from now or even 50 years. Will they be little childbots.

childbot   cyborg or bionic robot child. mix of kid and computer parts in futuristic nightmare

We are closer than what the general public even knows –

“ABC NEWS Introduction of the human biochip implant or microchip”

What starts out as convenient micro-chipping could snowball overnight. I want to be able to talk to my daughter and grandchildren about the way it used to be and what it could become; about what’s good for the future of her family and the future of humanity. The less separation between children and parents the better. I’m the last one to stand in the way of progress but we need everyone present and informed.

occupational-parenting-living-quartersWe exist in the information age, atomic age, computer age, and space age. There may be other ages that I’ve not even mention all coming to fruition at the same time. With the dawn of subatomic manipulation, genetic codes, and everything known in psychology and sociology we have to be more aware of ourselves and our impact on existence as we know it. With Occupational Parenting at the base of our economy we will be learning more about the human and the human condition than ever before. Nosce te ipsum, “know thyself”. It is imperative to living in the 21st century and beyond. The day is approaching where we can do anything we want with science.

Instead of “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change. The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.

The Serenity Prayer should be updated to read-

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I should not change. The courage to change the things I should and the wisdom to know the difference”.

occupational-parenting-statueIn this time we should focus on the quality of every individual person. I envision a day that Albert Einstein would marvel at; a day when love and every other emotion can be calculated. Imagine genetic mapping that’s applied to reading the deficits and equities of each child born and how those traits are impacted by social and scientific measure. Paid parenting would mean more education for the very best purpose. It would mean more room for the place automation is taking and it would mean zero unemployment. Businesses could build entire firms dedicated to knowing and acting on what’s best for every individual child and the adult they will become. Parenting probably shouldn’t be the highest paid position but it should have it’s place as the most important occupation that the human is responsible for. If the offspring aren’t raised to a healthy state of independence the specie will die. Occupational Parenting also encourages a 20 hour work week for the other parent so they will be present during the child’s upbringing. The parents could alternate Occupational Parenting, like, every four years or two years. For the sake of the economy a parent would be paid until the child is 20 years old or until they have their own child, if still living at home.

Occupational Parenting supports as I mentioned product caps and at some billion to trillion dollar interval profit caps for the same reason their are salary caps on politicians and athletes. It ensures that capitalism will endure and keep the economic structure from threatening the government structure. It also encourages a manufacturing tier to the economy so that the wealthy will not have to change their lifestyles. They’ll make it less expensive in America. I believe we can not stand in the way of monetary incentive but at some point it’s stupidity to believe that billion dollar price tag isn’t enough incentive. If we last long enough into a Space Aged future someone will become a trillionaire, with product and profit caps no-one will be able to buy the world we live in. At some obscene profit cap a company will pay over flow to one of their businesses’ governments. They could avoid paying this overflow by reinvesting in their company’s personnel and upkeep and we’d have better businesses.

occupational-parenting-economy Money is wrapped to the well-being of our existence. Even if you build your own house from logs and hunt your own meat you’ll probably purchase  tools and a rifle or crossbow. For the industrial human money resides at the essence of our existence. To base the economy on parenting is merely the first step. Basing an economy on gold, is pretty close to rock worship. Oil will run out. Oranges are renewable but are they really more important than our offspring. A consumption based economy depends on spending more tomorrow. How much are we really going to have to buy tomorrow and what point will those who can not purchase fall off the edge of industrial existence?

occupational-parenting-coinsThe first tax paid should go to quality parenting. The payment would then circulate back to the economy in the form of buying things as big as houses and as small as paper clips. Only one parent would get paid for the quality of parenting while the other would build machines that build cars, manage a company, or reconstruct houses, etc. The “American Experiment” (George Washington) could be a real success story. I haven’t given up. I’m not sure how the rest of the world would respond to this change or how it would effect international economics, If any one does know, feel free to comment. Maybe a state inside the United State’s economy would reflect the United States in a global economy. America is no stranger to the leadership role and now is not the time to stop capitalizing on a good thing. Over 200 years ago America had to go big because there was no going home, We are the Homeland now and I believe there’s a reason for that. (A little off topic) The Word Play page is fun and wonders why we don’t know the details about the images on our own currency. I think the symbols and writings are there to guide and keep our Nation in times when we may forget it’s purpose. We have the opportunity to take what some call the worlds greatest problem “GREED” and put it to work for us instead of against us. Imagine GREED only promising better individuals. And let’s face it, Hitler would not have given rise to the Nazi Empire had he been raised better. Occupational Parenting gives our Country the chance at a future that it doesn’t have now. Please… don’t be a person that blocks progress, rather one who embraces it. While things may appear to be going fine for us, do you think they are for the future of America; for the future of our children. Talk to someone about Occupational Parenting. I’d love to respond to any arguments against it.

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