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Why Not Equifax ??? 9-27-2017

I’ve been working a great deal on my book “Geneople,” so much so that I’ve used guest pieces and re-runs in the place of a blog many times since February 2017. I was about to run another when the Equifax Cluster F*#$ took place. It’s something that is certainly blog worthy but I’m simply not prepared. In place of this month’s blog, I will pose a couple of questions…

Why Not Equifax??? September 27th, 2017

Let’s say for example, I’m me. I took everyone in towns personal information from the transactions they conduct all over town, to include Social Security numbers, without any of their permissions. I proceeded to conduct business transactions that I procured billions from, while the town’s people didn’t see one red cent. That brings up business ethics questions to say the least. Finally I lost the information to black market criminals forcing those who could afford it to purchase identity protection services. Oh yeah, I also sell identity protection services. What should the town’s people do? I think the Government would come after me for liability and perhaps criminal proceedings. So… If the Government would come after me…, why not Equifax?

Until next month; keep your homes well.

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