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Complete Christian

April 26th, 2017

I have a deep amount of respect for other’s religions. People have good reason to believe what they believe. I respect the Satanist. I do not agree with them but the events that builds one’s life leads them to the religion they practice, if they practice religion at all. I could not find a church home that I was comfortable with for the reasons listed below. I have now defined my belief system and proclaim that it is still Christian, and can’t be defined otherwise. As the world turns there are Awakenings or Renaissance that take place time to time. I believe we are in for one as I type these words. Certainly I believe we will see it in our lifetime. Beyond every Awaking we should come out as better people. I feel born again, again. I have finally made peace with my belief in Christ Jesus and the people around him. I’m not saying that I’m not open to other ideas that are reasonable and feel correct, so if you disagree please explain your objection in the comment section. Maybe I will have to refine my beliefs and we will both become better people. For now I define myself as a Complete Christian. It looks and sounds like this.

Complete Christian

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There are 7 Keystones and a foundation to being a Completed Christian. There is also a roof on this building to make it complete. Finally, a building, whether it is a church or a house is useless without inhabitants. Jesus Christ is the inhabitant in this building and Christ Jesus alone.


  • We are saved by the teachings of Jesus not his Murder.


  • Everyday is a holy day.
  • Others can be saved by others teachings if they are Christ like.
  • Homekeeping is an occupation whether it is acknowledged or not, due to children.
  • The Bible must be interpreted.
  • Taking the Lord’s name in vain is using it without consideration of the Lord.
  • Unprotected sex is the equivalent of marriage. (Becoming one in the flesh)
  • Multiple marriages are not sinful but it is sinful to irreversibly hurt your spouse(s) physically or emotionally.


  • God is Omnipotent,Omniscient, and Omnipresent.


  • A Complete Christian believes in the teachings of Jesus and no-one else. (Any other’s teachings must concur with what Jesus said or did. So, if it doesn’t add to it or take away from it must only be so that we can reflect only on what Jesus said.)


I believe this is what Jesus, the Lord God, and the Universe demands of us along with the Ten Commandments and any Commandment before them that establishes free will and health in a sociological environment. Jesus himself reduced the Ten Commandments to two when he said that if you love the Lord God with all your heart and soul and do unto others as you would have others do unto you. you will be following all of the Ten Commandments. God does not change but times and people do, and should. We are in the Space Age, Information Age, Computer Age, and Atomic Age. We exist in a global community. The way some Christians practice their Christianity the world can never be united. Jesus taught us unity, tolerance, and forgiveness. If we practice the way Jesus taught us to live we will easily achieve unity, tolerance, and forgiveness. We as a world, have not yet achieved these things. Some Christians are expecting a great damnation of some and a salvation of others and can’t live without it. Jesus did not teach us to feel this way. He was very harsh only with the harsh. To others he was very forgiving. I practice my Christianity in a way that accepts that the world may receive salvation in living the way Jesus taught us to live. Does that mean that Revelations will not take place? I believe Revelations takes place over and over again and has been since the crucifixion, which I call the murder of Christ Jesus. The sky rolling back like a scroll could be anything from cloud cover to a hole in the ozone layer. I believe the Earth has always run in cycles. Jesus’s life and murder changed those cycles.

Next I will explain the foundation, each keystone, the roof, the inhabitant, and the reasons I that I believe I am a Complete Christian.

We are saved by the teachings of Jesus not his Murder.

Jesus was not a Christian and he was hardly a Jew. He was trying to teach us a way outside of the norm. The way people lived was crazy to him. Instead, he saw a world where people could live together and have differences. A world in which parents could tell their children “Well, the world is fair.” He saw Heaven. Jesus taught us to do unto others as you would have others do unto you, if you were them. Some people would say I want to be mistreated so it’s OK to mistreat others. “If you were them you really wouldn’t want to be mistreated. It’s a distortion of malfacets in their lives. So we treat them as we would want to be treated if the distortion was not there, Distortion is only good on electric guitars. This concept was unheard of in that day. You were to live the way you were told to live and hate who were told to hate. If you did not you would be an outcast and maybe die. Jesus taught his disciples not to simply do what they were told to do nor rebel against everything they were told to do but to make sense of what was correct. I accept that from Jesus’s perspective he was dying that we may gain but for me that doesn’t excuse the behavior of the people that speared him, tortured him, and nailed him to a cross. To look at him as a sacrifice lets those who murdered him off the hook because sacrifice was acceptable in that day. But to look at it as murder makes those who did it the murderers that they are. That behavior is unacceptable. Cheering while Jesus bled until he could bleed no more. I hate, wholeheartedly, what they did. I don’t see how Jesus had it in him to forgive them but he did. What’s to stop it from happening again? Just look at what “isis” is doing in the Middle East. Look at Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. If Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t have been murdered the South wouldn’t have been ransacked by the North. Jesus was weary of repeating himself to ears that would not listen and he tested his disciples to see what they had learned. They failed. Judas accepted the sop as command. He did not have to turn Jesus in. Would Jesus have condemned him for not going to the Pharisees or religious leaders? He prayed in the garden “If this cup may pass. Please let it Father.” It is for certain that he didn’t want to die but the people were so hung up on prophecy they would believe nothing else. The soldiers came without warning because the disciples could not stay awake. Peter cut off the ear off of a servant to protect Jesus against the Pharisees and religious leader’s servants; a fight he probably could not win but he was willing to die trying. Jesus reprimanded him and said this is the way of the world today. They rule by it. Do not take part. So Peter put away his sword and there after doubted that Jesus was the one of prophecy until after his death. If I were Peter I would have started slicing throats but then they would have been guilty of a crime. Pilot said he has committed no crimes why don’t you take him back as is tradition? And the people said give us the murderer, Barabbas instead . The people said he proclaims himself to be a king. We have but one ruler and it is Caesar. Pilot asked Jesus are you the King of Jews? Jesus said if everyone keeps saying I am then I will be. Pilot washed his hands of Government verdict and people cheered for the murder of an innocent man. I believe in cycles and whether you’re the tax collector, or the reformed harlot, or the scholar, or any of the people of that day in this day, the goal is to be  in  the Jesus role and not get murdered doing it. Jesus did not intend to leave a legacy of sacrifices after himself but teachings that the world could grow and change by. No-one truly wants to be Jesus because we all know what happened to him and churches today glorify it. John 10:17-18 interlinear translation reads “because of this me the father loves, because I lay down the life of me that again I might take it. No one takes it from me but I lay it down of myself. Authority I have to lay it down and authority I have again to take it”. I can not nor would I want to discredit the Gospel of John but if there is one thing Jesus taught us, it is to question what authority does. The Gospel of John was written at the request of bishops in Asia Minor to help settle disputes within Christianity. John was written decades after the other Gospels and though it is a arguably an eyewitness account it leaves one with the impression that Jesus wanted to die, and in a way he did. Jesus saw the writing on the wall and that his teachings were so far removed from the practices of that day that it would lead to his murder at hands of man. Even if someone says, “I want you to shoot me”, you would still be committing murder to do so if the person is without charge or guilt. Jesus did not say I want you to kill me. Jesus was murdered. Jesus saw that in his murder his teachings would spread so it had an upside. The prophecy would be fulfilled but that’s not a good thing. It was written that men would do horrible things so no-one could accept any different. They wanted to fulfill the prophecy. What if Jesus would have lived until he was 125, teaching to the nations the entire time. It is written that the world must end; even from the mouth of Jesus himself. I pray continuously to Jesus and God that it may pass. That everyone may find salvation through the love of God and the love of their neighbor; a world without end. Will my Father in Heaven and my Savior condemn me for these prayers just because it is written that something more terrible will happen? Or will my Father and Savior embrace me and my prayers. Sometimes terrible things are written of mankind because it is known they will fulfill it. I want for us to be a people who will almost always do the correct thing and let God and all the prophets of old be well pleased in us. God does not demand brutal and loathsome sacrifice. The most disturbing thing about sacrifice is it makes God out to be some all powerful vampire, needing blood for the wrongs people commit. I think God in an earlier day wanted people to realize there is a deadly price for sin so the sacrifice was to be a highly prized animal. It would be like killing one of your pets. God wanted us to realize that with sin comes great loss. Jesus’s murder was greatest sin of all. I believe Jesus said, “God demands not sacrifice but obedience”. People had gotten so crazy with sacrifice that they would just sin all they wanted and kill an animal. God made us intelligent. It honors him to think about and discern what truth is. The truth is that murder does not get salvation. Ask yourself how does the blood of Christ take away our sins?  It’s very clear how to see the teachings do it. Jesus never said his blood gets our redemption; that’s man’s. He did say his death would get our redemption and maybe more so than if he taught until he was 125 because it fulfilled a prophecy. I will never call what happen to Jesus a good thing. The only good of it is what he was willing to endure. I do believe that violence and war has it’s place, not in heaven, but here on Earth. For example I would kill or die to save a spirit as beautiful as Jesus. And to me that’s the the only reason for violence. I am a soldier and believe in staying practiced for that reason. In heaven there would be no reason to do so. Jesus existed in Heaven while those around him did not. My goal is not to offend anyone but I am offended by the way our ancestors treated Jesus and now we glorify the wrong part. I am not an expert on the Bible but I will make it a life’s goal to figure out why the Gospel of John is so different from the other Gospels. Jesus did not want to die. He said so himself. He foresaw his death and knew there would be benefit in the martyrism and even if he did want to die it does not justify teaching such a deplorable thing as murder, as salvation.

Everyday is a holy day.

There isn’t a day that goes by that we shouldn’t practice the teachings of Christ Jesus. Fellowshipping in Jesus’s name is a must for a Christian and it’s good to recognize a day of rest as God did in creation. God wants you to practice rest and doesn’t care if it is on a Monday or Sunday. The church does. Ultra-religious people of yesterday would issue harsh penalties for breaking the Sabbath. Some Christians practice the Sabbath on Saturday. Does mean they’re going to hell? Jesus taught us to honor God, and to not to be ultra-religious. It honors God to rest and appreciate all that he has given us. Some people do not know how to rest. I’m a little guilty of it myself and sometimes have to be told to take a break, to just sit down and relax. The church has changed many holy events to coincide with other religions to make conversion more appealing. I’m fairly sure that God did not have a Sunday through Saturday calendar at the foundations of the Earth but he did take 1/7 of his time to appreciate the work of his will. I think it’s sensible for us to do the same and keep everyday that we breath as Jesus taught us to do. Learn more about God every day.

Others can be saved by others teachings if they are Christ like.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No-one comes to the Father but by me”. I can not believe that Jesus taught “people worship” so I’m more inclined to believe that Jesus was saying “No-one finds God unless their perspective is like mine.” Therefore if someone has found God through a Christ like perspective, I will in no way condemn them. We should learn about each others religions and figure out where they are the same and learn to settle our differences. When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge they were no longer like the other animals in that they knew they were naked. They knew there was a difference between good and evil. That is our legacy. There’s no going back to being an unintelligent animal. Now we must embrace that and go the other way. Be more God like everyday until we find Heaven, if that is our desire. We must be able to discern what is good and what is evil and to do that we must learn. A dog doesn’t know why it can’t shit in the house; only that it can’t. It is for us to know it is unsanitary. It is for us to know all that we can so that we may judge good or evil and pray for God’s guidance as we do it. God has created us that we can know why something is good or why something evil and when we’ve discovered it our will will be more like his. Don’t be the dog. There’s no going back. Discover the truths and fallacies of other’s religions as well as your own.

Homekeeping is an occupation whether it is acknowledged or not, due to children.

I believe that the Kingdom of Heaven does belong to those who are childlike in their innocence but innocence can produce some pretty evil results if not guided. I also believe America and Nations like it are the only place one can live the way Jesus taught due to freedom of religion and the ability to question authority. Both the Bible and America have failed the child. Neither give even close to enough attention to the importance of raising a healthy individual. I believe Jesus probably spoke much more about it than what we’ve read and the Constitution is so caught up in quibbling over State and Federal rights that the individual protection can only be assumed in the 9th Amendment. While the Constitution is one of the 2 most important State documents ever written it does not adequately provide for child raring. The Great Inflation of the 1970’s demanded that both parents work and the children, our future pays the price. I’ve dedicated to this issue.

The Bible must be interpreted.

There are 105 versions of the complete Bible. Wars have been waged over which is correct or that the Bible itself is correct. This alone is reason to know that if the truth is to be found we must interpret what we read. It is no secret that religion has been used as a means of controlling societies. To be like Jesus you must cut through the bullshit to know what is correct. Much of the bible is poetry and visions. In their nature these demand interpretations. When and if Occupational Parenting has taken its place as our economy. I will study the stories of the Bible in Cuneiform, Hebrew, and Greek and translate them to American as closely as possible and leave nothing out if it can be contained in one book.

Taking the Lord’s name in vain is using it without consideration of the Lord.

I believe taking the Lords name in vain is exactly that. If I say “God damn it”, believe there is a situation at hand that should be corrected. When I say Jesus Christ I am usually at a prayerful need or in awe. The key for me is to remember these great entities when using their name and always question my motivation and intentions. In years past people would actually say “The name of him that we can not name. That’s crazy and over pious. Some people have a toned down version of the same thing today. We sometimes take the Lords name to be a cuss word no matter which side of the equation your on. The Lords name should not be treated as a cuss word piously or impiously. We should be careful about cussing, which is different than cursing, but that can get to be nuts. I wrote a blog about cussing. I will have to update it because cursing and cussing is more than an issue of phonetics. I believe over time in the socialized genetics horrible things have been done to curse these words. We still need to desensitize ourselves to them but it’s better that children do not. I will print the retraction next blog.

Unprotected sex is the equivalent of marriage. (Becoming one in the flesh)

I think becoming one in the flesh does not have to result in birth. We still become one in the flesh when the male eggs become part of the female’s body. It is a matter of serious consideration and constitutes a marriage. A great deal of genetic information is being shared. I believe it’s not simply destroyed but absorbed. The two share of each other. As we look at things under a more powerful microscope we will discover that even protected sex incorporates sharing in the energies and synergies of the Transition Dynamics of E Pluribus Unum or The One of Several. There is no doubt that there is a physical marriage with full absorption. We should carefully consider what we expose each other to.

Multiple marriages are not sinful but it is sinful to irreversibly hurt your spouse(s) physically or emotionally.

In Jesus’s time people practiced polygamy yet Jesus never once spoke against it. We live in a more enlightened age and women have equal rights, even if they don’t have equal pay yet. Things can get very messy very fast with this consideration. To live the way Jesus taught, we’re not to going to go around hurting each other physically or emotionally because it leads to serious spiritual damage. Many folks can’t get one marriage correct never mind multiple marriages. Sometimes we are hurt at our own fault like when someone tells us a truth we really need to hear. Recovering from that hurt should make one a better person and us a better people. It’s still not correct to leave the one you love hurt without repair. Repairs are most important in marriages and growth I think no person in the world should have more than one marriage if there is not the utmost of fulfillment in that one.

God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

God is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere at the same time. Some Christians practice their Christianity as if God is not one or all of these. That Satan is a separate entity that has it’s own power of destiny. That’s giving Satan too much power. Some say it’s all good. I say it’s all God. God controls Satan’s outcome and not the reverse. To me Satan is the Master of Destruction which is only a part of creation. Because if it were the other way around we probably wouldn’t be here. God is the Master of Creation and only uses destruction that it may fair well with creation and existence: all while allowing for the freewill of all the Universe’s inhabitants . One can choose to be a force for destruction but creation is going to win. I’m a believer that God can do anything. I was once asked, “Can God make a stone so big that he can’t move it?” It may be beyond our ability to imagine how. That doesn’t mean he can’t do it. My answer was that he’d become a man. He would both be able to move the stone and not be able to move the stone simultaneously. There may be a better answer and I accept that it is beyond my current ability to grasp. To the Christian brethren who say “a house divided against itself can not stand,” I say a house has one Rule. That doesn’t mean there is no disagreement in the house. Each resident must know their desire is beneath that of the Rule. That’s how I interpret what Jesus was saying. Satan left to his own devices would destroy all of perceivable existence but God and creation is the Rule. So, I ask you, “Is Satan a part of God?” It’s all God. To disagree is to say that God isn’t Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent.

A Complete Christian believes in the teachings of Jesus and no-one else.

Though there were many good people around Jesus, their words are no more the Rule than yours or mine. Paul’s or John’s writings or even the whole Old Testament, is only to give give insight to Jesus’s words. Words that have been recorded differently by different people. When I get stuck on an issue of right and wrong. I ask myself “What did Jesus say and why did he say it?” I don’t believe in arbitrary rules or laws. If a rule doesn’t keep people from being mistreated it isn’t a good rule. There is reason for everything that came out of Jesus’s mouth. I find that reason and I find the truth. I do not believe Jesus was all knowing but every word out of his mouth was from God. While Jesus is the inhabitant of the house of the Complete Christian, I can not enter there in. I am a soldier at heart and my place is the guard shack. Though I know Jesus was correct that his murder would spread the word, still I would not be able to abide. Though I know there are Heavenly delights in his mansion, I desire an Earthly existence. I do believe as long as there is a Heaven. There must be a guard. I will look upon Jesus through the windows of the house of the Complete Christian and I will take my orders from no other.

I don’t expect everyone to become a Complete Christian but I would like them to consider carefully what they worship and what it means for the society we all live in. I’m a Complete Christian because I believe Jesus would not condemn those who do not worship him but love God with all their heart and soul, and love their neighbor as self. We should consider that Jesus does not have a voice today except for the voice that those who practice Christianity give him. Would we have him say that “I’m suicidal” or “I kill myself” or can we agree that, at the time of his murder, Jesus did not want to die; agree to have his life’s message be “Discern the times and people.” I believe in the Holy Spirit and that we’re all a part of it as is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Listen carefully to what Jesus is telling you. Until next month; keep your homes well.

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