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Dog and I (1) (2)A little about me: I’m from Generation X; 1965 – 1984. I first thought Generation X was an insult meaning unknown capabilities/productivity. We come from the baby boomers (questions about overpopulation), a lot of LSD and other experimental behaviors. I think many of us are turning out fine. Some better than fine. I’ve had my share of experimental behaviors, run ins with the legal system, defeat, and hopelessness but there have been some successes as well.

I have many likes and not a lot of dislikes. I don’t like people who don’t like children. They creep me out. If a person doesn’t like children it’s pretty sure bet that they don’t even like themselves. I love good friends and family and if I’ve met you for more than 2 minutes I’ll probably love you too. I have much affection for all my Facebook friends especially for those friends beyond Facebook. Children and animals are awesome!  I couldn’t live without them. I’m kind of a homebody and I love to blog. My niece who is a young adult now, told me a joke. Why do seagulls live at the sea? Because if they lived at the bay they’d be bay-gulls. The innocents of childhood fights to stay with us well into our teens. By the time we reach adulthood it’s just a memory, not even a feeling anymore. We may have that kind of wonderment for a second or two then it’s gone. Though I no longer have that crisp and clear innocence I love to see it in others. It’s well worth nurturing and protecting. It’s worth Occupational Parenting.

As a child I had an abundance of hope and recently that was renewed by the birth of my daughter. I say recently because 13 years ago seems like yesterday. I’ve pulled my hair out trying to divert her from some of the spirit breaking revelations that I’ve experienced. My ex-wife thinks it’s time to let go a bit and see how she does. I agree. I consider her to be a young adult. She’s very mature and can almost look me eye to eye.

about me Mya (2)Her generation is called the Millennials  or Generation Y; early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. In Generation X we’ve seen the invention of the microwave oven, the cell phone, the PC, and computer cars. The Millennials have reality TV, dubstep, and a lot less scorn and judgment for the folly folks can find themselves in. I can’t help but wonder what the future of their children will hold.

We’ve tried to teach them to use good judgment without a belt across their ass: as was done when I was growing up. It didn’t teach me to use good judgment; just to live in fear. The Army can teach a person to use better judgment and in my case it did. I think the hands off approach to child raring can go too far as well. A child needs to know that a parent can just eat them like in the wild (just kidding). I’ve spanked my daughter twice in 13 years and hopefully it served her well at those times that she really needed to know that I’m the boss. She’s way past the spanking age now and I just ground her from her technology.

I mentioned the Army; one of the successes in my life but it came at a price. I suffer with Gulf War Syndrome and awaiting a diagnosis of PTSD if it applies . Anyone who has had either can tell you It’s very hard to motivate yourself to do anything among many other discouraging features. Still my daughter is my driving force now.  I only wish that I would have started this website sooner.

I know I would be a much better parent if the focus of our economy was on raising our children and I would have been a better person if Occupational Parenting was the case for my parents. There’s nothing I want more for the Millennials than to provide a life in which they achieve happiness. I believe that happiness and contentment are languages the Universe can understand. Unfortunately they’re languages that many people do not understand.

I am a Complete Christian. You’ve probably never heard of one. I am the first one that I know. I love teachings of Jesus but could find a church home I was comfortable with. If you click on the link it should explain why.

Last which really comes first is if need be I would take a bullet, stand in front of a moving car or go to jail for my daughter. Thant’s the most important part of who I am.

That’s enough about me and mine for now. Read the rest of the website and demand meaningful change.


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  1. joe

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