B. E. A. U. T. I. F. U. L.


What can I say with so few characters

My feelings for who and what you are

Aesthetically pleasing the form yet so true up the ante

Cerebral nuance caressed soothed expanded diminished

By the hand of God or by perception who ever that may be

What to move by what method

Pressure light swirling left decent bare forward right

Remain still release

Let God be the probe

By perception or not let my hand fail not to do its part

It would be eternal sin

Livable but unfortunate

By no means your lot

Yours has opened windows intriguing wonderful fearful elated

These must be attended to

“We must listen to the children”

Sentiment wise beyond eons or cycles

Still a warning

An elated fearful wonderful intriguing warning

Let our lives be inter twined for learning sake

And rightly not unto self

Final and tantamount first and last

Love child love

You are no stranger to the percept

Innately embedded in the recesses of your being

Display array and every component there of

So well utilized by this tiny package before my eyes in my soul

Simplest of all spiteful of its abundant complexities

Encompassing engulfing all regions boarders be there any

Let our lives be inter twined for learning sake

Broadest in forgiveness and unto self

You have enabled this

To bless your heart is to touch mine

Warm is the blessing unto health

Love not given for vain or vanity

Let jealousy have no part

Already you know

Teach me and you will learn

You own my heart and I will have yours

Will we all

Every letter every word every percept

So much to characterize

Nine characters

B. E. A. U. T. I. F. U. L.

That is my child

Your child

Our children


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