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2 thoughts on “Blog

  1. James r meadows

    Are you a ‘Feminist’?
    I’ve been asked this question several times, typically by more liberal socially leaning people. The response to my opinion on ‘Feminism’, I do not consider controversial, however the recourse I receive is that of being repulsed.
    1. I have never hit a women, do not particularly plan on it in the near future. However I’m not against it what’s so ever. This is truly because of my ‘Feminist’ values. I remember a man in handcuffs explaining to the arresting police officer why he hit a girl outside of the nightclub they had patronized. “If you ‘step’ to me like a man, I’m going to oblige you with that respect.” I pondered and pondered, hoping I would find some flaw in his logic. I couldn’t.
    She came at him, screaming, insulting, and assaulting with slaps. He responded.
    I’m 190lb.’s, I’m also 43 years old, my agility isn’t what I fictionally imagine it once was. The idea of me aggressively approaching a 6’5″ 280lb. Muscle bound man, screaming, insulting, and attempting to assault him, and he swiftly extinguishes my advance; I doubt there would be much sympathy, I honestly wouldn’t expect it.
    This man was vilified, for what I saw as being completely justified. Her demeanor went from aggressive, attacking ‘Alpha-Male’, to a petit, broken, crying, defenseless broken angel, when the police officers arrived. It pissed me off.
    One of the arresting officers, that was standing ‘2nd string’ as four other officers subdued this gentleman, waited until he was restrained; the police officer, with teenaged growth whiskers on the upper-lip, brushed cut hair, leather ‘battle-combat’ gloves tightly wrapped around her baton, reached up 7 inches and grabbed his collar and immediately started goading him and remarking on his hitting a women. Me…’The Feminist’, sincerely resisted, but immediately thought she deserved to a good broken nose.
    I believe women should be Army Rangers, Special Ops, Combat Pilots.
    I don’t believe the Standards for those should be changed. I think it’s insulting, more so, counterproductive to those required missions.
    I do not believe in ‘Gender-biased’ Laws in any regard.
    18 yro. Fla. Man, took a pregnant woman to court, because he wanted the child, and she didn’t. He lost the case, and she aborted the pregnancy. If the roles were reversed, it wouldn’t even have gone to court. The man would at minimal, been financially responsible for the next 18 years.
    I ‘AM’ very pro-choice. This shouldn’t, however be ‘gender-biased’. She ‘chose’ to have intimate relations, unprotected equally knowing as her counterpart, the consequences. What happened because of ‘her’ chosen direction that she took her body is nothing more or less than biology. Once again, if roles were reversed, like I’m sure many have heard in argument to combative ‘dead-beat dads’, “you should have never put your penis in her, if you weren’t ready for the consequences, of course you are responsible for caring for the child.
    This reverse sexism irritates the bejesus out of me.
    In a lively debate about this subject with a female over the hypocrisies and “have you cake and eat it too” mentality many female ‘Feminist’ have, I explained that I fervently believe women have the ‘right’ to any of the lob-sided privileges that a person of the male gender has. This woman had actually said what I’ve seen first hand in the corporate environment many times over personally; “If my boss is cute, and I can possibly get promoted, it’s “Flirting”, if he’s ugly, and there’s no ‘inside’ to my ambition, he could say the same exact inappropriate things, then it’s ‘Harrassment’. How many men have woken up to a girlfriend or wife sexually on top of them unpermitted? This could easily be a jail term for any man, committing this (and should be, if unsolicited). I If you’re a man that has actually had the audacity to ‘reject’ a female partners sexual advance, you might attest to this experience of absolute “unaccepting-angry-combative” reaction that would be a scene in a Nora Roberts book portraying a abusive male figure, impeding on a women’s progative to say ‘no’. Equal to men? Absolutely!!!, But that also means, they also get the downsides of the male gender:
    A speeding ticket because of not flirting.
    Accepting sexual rejection gracefully
    Paying child-support, even though they wanted to ‘opt-out’
    Getting punched in the face when they use terrible judgment in deciding who ‘they’ willingly confronted opposition.
    Doing push-ups in the Army. (“Welllll….women don’t have the same upper-body strength). And they never will if the expectation is lowered for them.
    If anyone wants the benefits of something, but doesn’t want any negative side effects that comes with them, that doesn’t make them a ‘Feminist’, that just means they’re a ‘Teenager’.
    The Feminist Movement came in 2 noted ‘phases’ of periods. The First phase or movement began in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s, Women’s ‘Suffrage’, primarily being over voting and educational rights. The second began in the late 50’s, peaking in the early to mid 70’s, and was predominantly over equal pay, and classism.
    Both having very strong and positive impacting outcomes. The first with women’s right to vote and attend previously restrictive universities and studies. The second? Well if you’re old enough, you’ll remember ‘9 to 5’ and a male bandaged boss. CEO’s of Hewitt-Packard, Angie’s List, Magazine Editors, University Dean’s etc. Smoking Virginia Slims along the way, shoning and showing nothing less than superiority and condescension to any woman that ‘decided’ to be a stay-at-home mom. Usually working longer and harder hours then their new aged (biological clock ignoring) corporate shark.

    Being a ‘Feminist’. Doesn’t mean having a sexist attitude toward men, ‘Man-bashing’. Not acknowledging the negative aspects of the Feminist Movements on Society etc.

    1. Post author

      You have no argument from me. I disagree with a woman aborting a man’s wanted child with the argument that it’s her body. From the time of conception the couple share her body. Half the chromosomes of that unborn life are his. I am personally pro-life but I don’t believe that my personal values should be the legislation of other people’s choices. I am also a feminist. If a woman is going to talk the talk she should also walk the walk.


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