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Why Not Equifax ??? 9-27-2017

I’ve been working a great deal on my book “Geneople,” so much so that I’ve used guest pieces and re-runs in the place of a blog many times since February 2017. I was about to run another when the Equifax Cluster F*#$ took place. It’s something that is certainly blog worthy but I’m simply not prepared. In place of this month’s blog, I will pose a couple of questions…

Why Not Equifax??? September 27th, 2017

Let’s say for example, I’m me. I took everyone in towns personal information from the transactions they conduct all over town, to include Social Security numbers, without any of their permissions. I proceeded to conduct business transactions that I procured billions from, while the town’s people didn’t see one red cent. That brings up business ethics questions to say the least. Finally I lost the information to black market criminals forcing those who could afford it to purchase identity protection services. Oh yeah, I also sell identity protection services. What should the town’s people do? I think the Government would come after me for liability and perhaps criminal proceedings. So… If the Government would come after me…, why not Equifax?

Until next month; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Occupational Parenting 8-30-2017

Occupational Parenting   August 30th, 2017

I’ve run Occupational Parenting as a blog before and it’s one of the permanent pages of I’m running it again because it is of overwhelming significance in the salvation of America and then the world. It is the reason for the book I’m writing “Geneople” which is a science fiction, action, thriller, hopefully to come out next year. I’ve never read “Dianetics” but from the results I’m seeing in Scientology, I’d be willing to believe they’re polar philosophies. Occupational Parenting is fully dependent on the wholeness and fullness of the United States Constitution and the freedom of choice. Please enjoy Occupational Parenting.

There are six types of persons that block progress. Some are afraid of change unless it’s a sure thing and everyone else is on board. There are those who are so addicted to their misery and suffering that they really don’t want answers because they would then have nothing to complain about. There are others who try, fail, and give up. They believe no one has the answers because their answers didn’t work out. Some folks don’t agree with anything that doesn’t personally benefit them. Some people will just not admit they’re wrong. There’s a sixth type of person that just doesn’t care. I think Occupational Parenting is a sure thing and hopefully I can convince you of the same.

occupational-parenting-diaper-changeThe American Government isn’t working as well as we need it to and the correct response will be unconventional. We’ve become complacent because the answers today don’t seem a hell of a lot different than the answers yesterday and they seem just as ineffective. Presently we have to admit that today’s answers are less effective because America’s financial situation just keeps getting worse. Other countries are beginning to acknowledge a financial importance to parenting. I want to be on board. Changing diapers, washing dishes and teaching our young is real work and it should have real pay. Our society accepts that it’s OK to pay anyone to raise your children except you. If we want to secure our Nation, our world, Occupational Parenting must become a reality. There’s no better way to secure the future than securing our children. “Venezuela to pay pensions to full-time mothers“. I do not submit that Venezuela should be our model but an inspiration.

occupational-parenting-father-and-sonI checked to see if Venezuela followed up on the plans to pay home keepers (this will be way predominantly women) and they have with Venezuela’s new labour law. Venezuela is also committed to the redistribution of wealth through this process. Could it be that one of the most influential nations in the world has something to learn from a country that is less renown. There’s still plenty of room for the United States and other world leaders to take an example and leave an even better one with the number of men who would take part in Occupational Parenting and the way it is administered.

When determining “what makes a human their best”, the first thing that needs to considered is “What is a human?” The very next thing to consider is “What’s the human’s best environment.” Occupational Parenting puts an immediate focus on our environment and promotes other energy consumption and conversion ideas beyond fossil fuels. It also creates jobs for those in the fossil fuel industry.

occupational-parenting-money-houseIt would cost approximately 3.5 trillion tax dollars. The beautiful thing about it is the 3.5 trillion dollars goes directly to “We the People”. It would turn our economy upside-down which would be right-side-up from where we are now. We have a consumption based economy and from what I understand it’s not sustainable because it depends on buying more tomorrow. We need something new. There’s just not a better place to put our money than future human progress. Everything that ensures that there will be a future human would be driving the economy. The tax increase would be absorbed mostly by the 540 billionaires that live in America. The middle class would have an increase according to their tax bracket and the lower class making $31,200 per year would have an increase. (Also see Retraction for Implications Of Raising The Minimum Wage) It’s money not given but earned in learning and teaching the best methods of child raring to turn out the best individual possible. Though there is not agreement on what the best individual is, it should be a given that individuals who will not destroy the the planet around them or blow themselves up with nuclear devices or oppress others based on their beliefs are better. The competitive American landscape is the perfect ground for Occupational Parenting. It puts one parent back in the house for the sake of the child and for the sake of the future. Occupational Parenting turns around the devastating economic decision to take both parents out of the house. This way both parents are working and the children are receiving an industry driven, economically backed not to mention loving upbringing. There is no down side to this. Unless our Country does something different it will fail. I truly believe if America fails so will the world. That is if no-other nation bases the growth of the economy on the growth of the human individual.

occupational-parenting-blocksI don’t suggest that a person should get paid by the number of children they have. Welfare is a terrible example of Occupational Parenting. It influences senseless population growth with no focus on the individuals it’s turning out. Occupational Parenting would not pay individuals by the number of children they have but where they test out in their bracket of difficulty. Though the test would be administered by the Government, the Government would have no role in preparing children for the test. That would be totally up to the private sector. Parents would hire the firms or Homekeeping companies that they want to help them raise their children or they could choose to raise their child independently. This is where the free exchange of information is important. Quinebaug  Valley Community College needs to have the same information as Harvard. The way they manipulate the information on child raring is up to them. The better result should get more money but, with the same information and the allowance of competition Quinebaug could be Harvard tomorrow. The parents would have the final say in what they decide to teach their children and in what style. Quinebaug and Harvard have to be able to get a better result than raising the child independently or they will not be able to stay in the business of human development. As long as the child meets the minimal progress of assessments the parent will be paid. If they can not meet these needs the child will be placed in a foster home or be adopted. Bare in mind the assessment will determine mental, emotional, physical, and cognitive health. If someone abuses their child in any way they will be fired. (Quality not quantity) The point is that we put no economic focus on raising an independent healthy human elements. We put the focus on buying more stuff tomorrow. Occupational Parenting would start a possible $31,200 a year and have only a menial increase per child. An economist in support of Occupational Parenting may say $31,200 is low a starting pay. Parents can start to make real money by their increase for where their children test out in their bracket of difficulty and how much they have developed themselves as a parent. The incentive is to have fewer children and raise them as best you can. We are in the Space Age and if we need to increase the population to settle the Moon or Mars we simply increase the menial per child pay. This is not welfare and we don’t need to make a growing population problem worse.

There is the concern about equal access to quality in raising children. The Government would be responsible making sure “Johnny with a single Dad making $40,000 a year” gets as good a quality upbringing as “Johnny with a parents that make $600,000,000 dollars a year”. It will make sure they have access to the same information, processes, and technology. I personally will seek professionals to institute HomeKeeper University; an institution dedicated to helping the Government with inequality issues. HomeKeeper University will also be dedicated to helping people become the best home keepers they can be. If, God willing, it becomes a reality, It would be one of the institutions parents could choose for assistance in raising their young and home keeping.

Homekeeperu also supports product caps in the market. A 300% markup on technology would be illegal. It’s not illegal to sell a candy bar to a kid for $300.00 but it should be, It’s at least unethical. This would help keep home keeping technology (computers, automotive, cell phones and such) accessible to everyone in the future. The Government and business would have to pool all of psychology, sociology and product resources into testable measures for parents and children. Our biggest problem then would be, what to do with no crime, decadence, and decay. That problem, too, is solvable.

occupational-parenting-seperationToday’s life style has put more separation between parents and their children than ever before. Institutionalization is taking a new domain; our children. It’s daycare, school, and the institutions that offer extra curricular activities. While these things are good with parental involvement they become sinister without it. Parents are being taken out of the lives of their children. If someone were to ask “how can the family structure of a nation be weakened?” it would look exactly like what we’re doing now. The home is the first thing that needs to be secured when securing the Homeland. This is about true Social Security.  I suggest that we acknowledge what science, technology, psychology, and sociology can do and what they will be able to do in the future.  I found a video featuring mind and bodily control technology. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Could Your Brain Be Hacked

What’s next? This technology has what it takes to control someone’s hand when slapping an individual in the face or when pulling the trigger of a pistol. It can all be done from a computer keyboard, some algae, and a laser. There’s also technology that the average consumer doesn’t know about for decades. The question with whatever the advancement of technology throws at us is, “should the parents be more involved with their children or less involved”? I opt for more. I worry about the children 100 years from now or even 50 years. Will they be little childbots.

childbot   cyborg or bionic robot child. mix of kid and computer parts in futuristic nightmare

We are closer than what the general public even knows –

“ABC NEWS Introduction of the human biochip implant or microchip”

What starts out as convenient micro-chipping could snowball overnight. I want to be able to talk to my daughter and grandchildren about the way it used to be and what it could become; about what’s good for the future of her family and the future of humanity. The less separation between children and parents the better. I’m the last one to stand in the way of progress but we need everyone present and informed.

occupational-parenting-living-quartersWe exist in the information age, atomic age, computer age, and space age. There may be other ages that I’ve not even mention all coming to fruition at the same time. With the dawn of subatomic manipulation, genetic codes, and everything known in psychology and sociology we have to be more aware of ourselves and our impact on existence as we know it. With Occupational Parenting at the base of our economy we will be learning more about the human and the human condition than ever before. Nosce te ipsum, “know thyself”. It is imperative to living in the 21st century and beyond. The day is approaching where we can do anything we want with science.

Instead of “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change. The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.

The Serenity Prayer should be updated to read-

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I should not change. The courage to change the things I should and the wisdom to know the difference”.

occupational-parenting-statueIn this time we should focus on the quality of every individual person. I envision a day that Albert Einstein would marvel at; a day when love and every other emotion can be calculated. Imagine genetic mapping that’s applied to reading the deficits and equities of each child born and how those traits are impacted by social and scientific measure. Paid parenting would mean more education for the very best purpose. It would mean more room for the place automation is taking and it would mean zero unemployment. Businesses could build entire firms dedicated to knowing and acting on what’s best for every individual child and the adult they will become. Parenting probably shouldn’t be the highest paid position but it should have it’s place as the most important occupation that the human is responsible for. If the offspring aren’t raised to a healthy state of independence the specie will die. Occupational Parenting also encourages a 20 hour work week for the other parent so they will be present during the child’s upbringing. The parents could alternate Occupational Parenting, like, every four years or two years. For the sake of the economy a parent would be paid until the child is 20 years old or until they have their own child, if still living at home.

Occupational Parenting supports as I mentioned product caps and at some billion to trillion dollar interval profit caps for the same reason their are salary caps on politicians and athletes. It ensures that capitalism will endure and keep the economic structure from threatening the government structure. It also encourages a manufacturing tier to the economy so that the wealthy will not have to change their lifestyles. They’ll make it less expensive in America. I believe we can not stand in the way of monetary incentive but at some point it’s stupidity to believe that billion dollar price tag isn’t enough incentive. If we last long enough into a Space Aged future someone will become a trillionaire, with product and profit caps no-one will be able to buy the world we live in. At some obscene profit cap a company will pay over flow to one of their businesses’ governments. They could avoid paying this overflow by reinvesting in their company’s personnel and upkeep and we’d have better businesses.

occupational-parenting-economy Money is wrapped to the well-being of our existence. Even if you build your own house from logs and hunt your own meat you’ll probably purchase  tools and a rifle or crossbow. For the industrial human money resides at the essence of our existence. To base the economy on parenting is merely the first step. Basing an economy on gold, is pretty close to rock worship. Oil will run out. Oranges are renewable but are they really more important than our offspring. A consumption based economy depends on spending more tomorrow. How much are we really going to have to buy tomorrow and what point will those who can not purchase fall off the edge of industrial existence?

occupational-parenting-coinsThe first tax paid should go to quality parenting. The payment would then circulate back to the economy in the form of buying things as big as houses and as small as paper clips. Only one parent would get paid for the quality of parenting while the other would build machines that build cars, manage a company, or reconstruct houses, etc. The “American Experiment” (George Washington) could be a real success story. I haven’t given up. I’m not sure how the rest of the world would respond to this change or how it would effect international economics, If any one does know, feel free to comment. Maybe a state inside the United State’s economy would reflect the United States in a global economy. America is no stranger to the leadership role and now is not the time to stop capitalizing on a good thing. Over 200 years ago America had to go big because there was no going home, We are the Homeland now and I believe there’s a reason for that. (A little off topic) The Word Play page is fun and wonders why we don’t know the details about the images on our own currency. I think the symbols and writings are there to guide and keep our Nation in times when we may forget it’s purpose. We have the opportunity to take what some call the worlds greatest problem “GREED” and put it to work for us instead of against us. Imagine GREED only promising better individuals. And let’s face it, Hitler would not have given rise to the Nazi Empire had he been raised better. Occupational Parenting gives our Country the chance at a future that it doesn’t have now. Please… don’t be a person that blocks progress, rather one who embraces it. While things may appear to be going fine for us, do you think they are for the future of America; for the future of our children. Talk to someone about Occupational Parenting. I’d love to respond to any arguments against it.

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Blog – Satanism 7-26-2017

Satanism July 26th, 2017

I’d, first, like to blog about encyclopedia brand Satanism. I used Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia and i will continue to use Wikipedia carefully because it’s just such a good, American idea. Malwarebytes blocked and I will be referencing a 23 year old Grolier encyclopedia disc as well. After that I will be blogging my take on Satanism which is also the Complete Christian’s take because as far as I know I’m the only Complete Christian.

Satanism can be loosely reference with early Christianity labeling other people’s Pagan deity’s as demons. That’s Satanism’s root. There are 2 other Wikipedia references. The first cosmic level evil being that we know of is Angra Mainyu, which turns out to be a Final Fantasy character, of the Persian religion Zoroastrianism. Later in the 13th century, a women named Lucardis headed the Luciferians. Luciferians wanted to see Satan reign in Heaven. These are Wikipedia references and anyone could have added them. But seemingly more reasonable in Wikipedia, satan was a common noun originally. It meant adversary. So while we would be satan to isis, isis would be santan to us.

Today there are atheistic Satanists and theistic Satanist. The theistic Satanist are the guys dancing around a fire, sacrificing living beings, trying to get a horned deity to appear. Atheistic Satanism rejects the idea of supernatural deities. Instead they hold to materialistic non-spiritual brand of life. “What you see, is what you get, and there is nothing more; nothing spiritual.” This type of atheistic Satanism formed a church under Anton LaVey in 1966. There was a splinter movement instituted in 1975, by Michael Aquino called the Temple of Set. Some do not consider it Satanism because it follows an ancient Egyptian deity, Set. Setians do believe in the supernatural. Both of these movements are a part of what scholars call Western esotericism.

A solidifying factor of all the encyclopedias’ is the belief in indulging some of human’s more natural traits. “If it feels good, do it.” Whether it be incest, cannibalism, or murder. Satanists commonly want to shake off the moral disciplines of other organized religions and societies. Some Satanist may stringently uphold social norms if they cause derision or dissension. The Grolier encyclopedia that I referenced over 20 years ago, when studying the topic, made mention of some adherence to nature and the natural. The Complete Christian’s view of Satanism looks at the appeal of nature in it’s fullness. Some were astonished at the inverted cross in the the image for the Blog Complete Christian. It is not Satanic. It is in fact a Christian symbol called Saint Peter’s Cross. Simon Peter requested to be crucified upside down, being unworthy of the same crucifixion of the Lord Jesus. I use Saint Peter’s Cross for reasons I explain in the blog. I hold myself under Jesus’s teachings and know his example in life to be a righteous one. That doesn’t mean I don’t still have questions. Questions that the religious institutions of today don’t adequately answer.

Satan and the Beast are commonly associated. To me there is nothing more Satanic than eating the blood spilled carcass of a living, screaming being. Yet, in the wild, it happens everyday. The spirit it takes to indulge such an activity is a dangerous one. It is the spirit of Satan. This spirit is fully ruled by the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, One True God. I believe God created us through evolution and 7 phases called days or yoms. The savage being that would carry out such a horrifying task is in all of us. Being the being, that’s getting eaten is also apart of us. Some lean more to the savage and some lean more to the prey. The prey is sometimes just as guilty of the savage behavior, a cat that kills a mouse and a dog that kills a cat. And sometimes the prey hurts nothing else except some vegetation; a rabbit or a lamb. There is every degree of people.

The being that does NO harm is the beings Heaven is made up of. There is more than one Heaven. Ultimately it is a place where nothing has to harm anything else to exist. I am sure that I am not ready for, nor am I worthy of  that Heaven. It is the place of creation and only creation; no destruction, or The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential. All of the hearts imaginings are harmless there. I think there are many Hells, the ultimate being a place of total destruction; no creation, or The Fulfillment of the Destructive Potential. All of the hearts imaginings are harmful there. Heaven must always be stronger than Hell to perceive existence. If Hell is ever stronger, we’re on the road to destruction or nothing perceivable. My entire philosophy is based on the fact that God or the Universe wants to be perceived. That is possible through us and our behaviors.

I think between Heaven and Hell, or in The Gain, Satan must always exist in it’s appropriate balance and the Universe will constantly expand, with more and more worlds being created everyday. I do not believe ours is the only world with sophisticated life. I think we are part of a process God has fulfilled many, many times, eternally before the Big Bang and will fulfill eternally after. Perhaps the Big Bang itself is a result of losing that balance in The Gain or Earthly existence. Our perception of a more populated Universe would increase dependent on our place in the 3 dimensional planes; The Fulfillment of the Creative PotentialThe Gain, and The Fulfillment of the Destructive Potential. “If we were living better. We’d have more neighbors.”

My idea of Heaven is really Paradise, like the Garden of Eden but with all the technology we can muster, in balance with existence. I don’t want the Heaven where I do no harm and have no harm done. Some would say that, not wanting that, makes me worthy of Hell. I say that’s for Jesus and God to decide. I’m a worker bee. I want to work for the existence of Heaven not entering there in. I want to work to ensure the creative forces of the Universe always out weigh that of the destructive forces so that infinite worlds can find Heaven or Paradise for eternity. Jesus left us with spoon fulls of wisdom that could be absorbed by the people of that day and still what he did leave got him murdered. There was an even bigger picture that he did not disclose. If Jesus came to teach today. I’m sure he would use the things we know today to teach us as he used the things people knew 2000 years ago to teach them. God and the Universe are more boundless than the practitioners of religion and scientist teach.

I gave 4 years of my life to soldiering. I both loved and hated it. Still, until the birth of my daughter, it was the most worthwhile pursuit I had ever accomplished. So feeling the way I do about Jesus how could I justify serving a military who’s highest distinction, the Medal of Honor, is an inverted pentagram. When I entered the Army I wanted to provide a life for the women I loved and had no skills to do it. Because of my belief in Jesus, I told my girlfriend, at that time, I couldn’t kill another human and for that reason I may not return home. She said, “We if someone’s trying to kill you, I think you should kill them.” By the time the tires of the plane hit the runway in Saudi Arabia, I instantly began to see things her way. Does this mean I choose her advice over Jesus’s teachings. I absolutely believe Jesus’s teachings are the way into Heaven and I would kill or die to protect someone practicing them. I practice them my self except the belief in violence for self-defense and defense of others worthy of being defended. I express to Jesus, in prayer, that’s though it’s not “turning the other cheek” and unworthy of Heaven, might it gain me a place in paradise. For me the Constitution upholds the same. Love thy neighbor as self. It doesn’t allow us to mistreat each other… I don’t believe in trying to die for your Country. I believe in trying to make the other guy die for theirs and that takes violence, and a good measure of it. I would not want to go into battle without Satan behind me. That’s the spirit needed to win. Some of my Christian brethren would point out you can’t serve 2 masters. My simple answer is I don’t serve Satan. He serves me.

Because it is such a powerful spirit one can easily become lost to it. It happens to soldiers all the time. An animal can carry out a violent act and get right back to business as usual. It doesn’t contemplate the good or evil of what’s it’s just done. Even with animals the best policy is a swift kill. Cats sometimes play with their wounded and suffering prey. For this reason I nicknamed my cat Lucifer. Humans, since the tree of knowledge have a higher calling, to make sense of whats good and what’s evil and thereby become closer to God. Some would seek to keep us as the animals not knowing right from wrong and simply doing what we’re told. It’s to late. The fruit, symbolic or not, has been eaten and we must move forward serving, God and creation, or Satan and destruction in our intelligent capacity. The Christian soldier and those like them have the highest charge, not to be taken by the Evil One when carrying out their duties. We in the United States Military are killers. We are not murderers and we allow folks to carry out whatever religion they choose as long as they don’t seek to mistreat others by it.

To the Christian brethren who say “a house divided against itself can not stand,” I say a house has one Rule. That doesn’t mean there is no disagreement in the house. Each resident must know their desire is beneath that of the Rule. That’s how I interpret what Jesus was saying. Satan left to his own devices would destroy all of perceivable existence but God and creation is the Rule. Something as aggressive as insects, without birds and spiders to eat them, would take all of Earthly existence, while something as passive as a tree, without it’s branches to block the sun, would grow over all the ground until there was none to walk on. The tree and the insect must fall under one Rule and that is creation. Jesus said you may speak against him and still find salvation but if you speak falsely of the Holy Spirit you are in danger of eternal damnation. He cast out, what we take care of today with medication, using the Holy Spirit. He was accused of using the spirit of Satan to do it. We nearly ignore the spiritual existence today and we keep 7 spirits more evil than the first from coming back with medication but we haven’t solved the afflicted’s spiritual deficit… Jesus did… When that person passes, and has no medication, they still have to deal with their demons. We must get the world in a position to use medication but still solve the deficit, I think, it’s not blasphemous to cast out devils with medication but it’s arrogant to think the job is all done. People need be aware of where they stand in existence.

The spirit of Satan tried to take the lead in Peter’s assault on the servant, when the authorities came to take Jesus. Jesus said get the behind me Satan and Peter was subdued. Jesus wasn’t trying to get rid of Satan but would not let him have the lead. In the temple when Jesus overturned the money changers and belongings of the profiteers Satan was behind him and Jesus used the violent spirit to carry out his righteous deed, Not a man in the vastness of the temple’s court stood against him.

So the Complete Christian’s take on Satanism is it has it’s place and never the Rule. Until next month keep your homes well.

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Blog – Church Is Good For Seniors 6-28-2017

This week’s blog is from a guest blogger named Jason Lewis. Jason’s concerned with the debilitating effect aging can have on folks. It turns out church can be the answer for Grandparents and loved ones who have gotten on in years. Church can present a longer happier life and many studies support it. Without further, adieu, lets see what Jason has to say.

Church Is Good For Seniors

June 28th, 2017

A lot of physical and mental health changes occur when one grows older. Growing old is a time when life seems to slow down, children are grown and spouses and close friends pass away. The mental health of many seniors is in a poor state because of their lack of social support and feelings of isolation. Fortunately, something as simple as attending church regularly can help boost their mental health and restore happiness. Here are a few reasons why attending church is good for the health of seniors.

Provides a Sense of Belonging

The number one problem that leads seniors to isolation and depression is feeling like they don’t have a place to belong. Many seniors reside in assisted living facilities which never feel quite like home, and the activities they used to frequent are no longer an option. Going to church regularly provides the opportunity to get out and have fellowship with like-minded people. Through church related organizations and outings, seniors will have the chance to meet new friends, which is something that is very difficult to do later in life. These new friendships will help them escape isolation and also restore their sense of belonging. Many older adults develop a pessimistic outlook on life, which can lead to negative behaviors or have a negative effect on their physical and mental health. Church outings will give them something to look forward to and will help them to begin looking at life from a positive viewpoint.

Church members become extended family to seniors because of their willingness to be there in hard times, such as the lost of a relative or ill health. This form of social support is the backbone of the church and will be welcomed amongst older adults who lack belonging. Kind displays from the congregation shows that someone indeed cares about them and their well-being.

Develops a Spiritual Practice

As seniors grow older the body tends to break down. This physical change is very hard for older adults to grapple with, which causes feelings of resentment and despair. Attending church can help them deal with these changes more constructively because even as their body deteriorates, they will be taught that their spirit is still capable of growth and renewal.

Churches teach their congregation to move forward in faith, which is having complete confidence and belief in something or someone. This confidence will give them the feeling of being a part of something larger than them, which is very comforting. The practice of faith in God, others, and themselves will allow seniors to grow in love, wisdom, and joy, which will help any feelings of depression subside. A strong spiritual practice is what keeps many afloat during emotional storms and it has been said that people who practice regularly live longer, healthier lives.

Creates a Routine

For seniors that live in assisted living or nursing homes, a routine schedule is the best way for them to function. Many seniors do not cope well with abrupt changes, and a routine is what they need to feel safe and secure. At a time when their physical health is waning adding church to their routine will give them a sense of independence and purpose, which will do wonders for their mental health. Their confidence will increase and the stress brought on by the aging process will decrease.

The golden years are supposed to be a great time in those adults fortunate enough to still be here. Unfortunately, the changes that come with aging leave many seniors feeling as though they no longer have a purpose for living. Going to church will help restore their sense of purpose through fellowship, faith, and love. Even in old age life is worth living.

I’d like to thank Jason for this month’s blog and invite anyone who’d like to be published to submit a blog. It’s a good way to get what’s on your mind out there. Just submit your article to the email address listed below. Until next month; keep your homes well.

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Blog -Retraction For Why Not Cuss 5-31-2017

Retraction For “Why Not Cuss?”

May 31st, 2017

Below is the blog “Why Not Cuss?” as it ran, updated 5-19-2017. Below that I have typed the retraction.

I’ve always let my daughter cuss. Before you get distressed hear me out. I do not favor swearing and consider it to inherently and expressly different than cussing. Instead of “I swear to God” or “I swear on my mother’s grave”, Let your yes be yes and your no be no. By that concept there is no reason to swear.

Cussing on the other hand is arbitrarily making a word bad. A word is phonetic sounds grouped together to form words. There are no good sounds or bad sounds so why is there good words and bad words. If in an older time there was the need to minimize the change in any specific language over the miles and reduce the development of dialect there is no such need now. Technology has all of us right next door to each other; purely tribal persons excluded. Since I couldn’t explain to my daughter why one phonetic sound was bad and another was good I let her cuss. In the name of healthy socialization she was only allowed to cuss around me; no other adults or children.  Folks really get steamed when you tell them there’s nothing wrong with saying “fuck”. They cling very tightly to bad sounds and good sounds. It reminds me of:

Monty Python’s Knights of Ni.

Some words have a bad meaning such as “hate”. I explain to my daughter that it’s a very powerful word and she should only use it when she couldn’t feel or think worse of a subject but I don’t stop her from using it. “Nigger” has become the granddaddy of all bad words. Though it is rooted in ignorance it is only more ignorant to make it unspeakable. It should be redefined to fit everyone.

Nigger: A person that is ignorant to any degree as it pertains to existence.

Niggerism: One’s degree of ignorant thought or behavior as it pertains to existence.

These definitions seem much more productive to me instead of saying The “N” Word like we’re in first grade. This still leaves plenty of room for nigga a word of comradery among some African Americans. There should be an appropriate time and place for every sound we can make. No bad sounds; no good sounds just  meaningful sounds and un-meaningful sounds.

There is an emotional take on cussing as well. Sometimes emotionally only the cuss will do. To scream “fudge” after hitting ones hand with a hammer doesn’t carry the same sense of satisfaction as yelling “fuck”. So why the difference in emotional satisfaction. The Rule of Socialized Genetics on The Environment page holds the answer. We’ve actually bred in the emotional taboo and shock value of the word or words. Some are desensitized to the taboo and shock. Everyone could be desensitized to “Bad Words”. It’s just a matter of what’s best for society.

The last paragraph on the Word Play page is a blurb on this topic. Until next week. Keep your homes well


The correction I’d like to make has to do with what I call the emotional take on cussing. I believe horrible things have been done over the ages, and associated to our cuss words. All those events reside with us in our socialized genetics. The emotional release we feel when screaming “Fuck!!!” comes with a price. The stress we are encountering mimics a stressful event(s) in our genes. They’re probably unresolved issues and we carry on in the course of the day with those unresolved issues begging to be solved. It’s all going on emotionally and our conscious mind has no idea what our emotions want want us to do. I think cuss words are powerful words for this reason.

I don’t believe the the emotional triggers should stay buried in their unstable states. They need to be vented or they will have extraordinary power over us when they are used. That being said. I think it was the wrong decision to allow my daughter to cuss. I think it sounded emotions from her genetics that she was not yet ready to deal with. She always had very adult expectations of life but no where near the ability to fulfill the demands of those expectations. It didn’t make for a happy person. She’s 17 now and her abilities are starting to catch to her expectations. I think we’re finally coming out from under the dark cloud that followed her around. I mean she wasn’t constantly depressed but she did have some anger issues. Of course there are many other variables to be assessed in my princess’s state of existence but looking back I would have had her hold off on the cussing.

In conclusion I still do not regret my behavior. I wished my parents or any adults could have said to me, anything similar to what I’ve presented. Actually it could have been totally different than what I’ve presented, as long as it made sense to me. “Because I said so,” is the STUPIDEST and most ARROGANT answer ever given. I despise the behavior of those who simply do what their told; never questioning it. It’s totally un-American; hell, it’s un-Christian . I served in the military for 4 years and I know how to take orders and carry them out. If their is ever a problem with those orders I should know why I’m performing them. If my Country ask me kill another individual, I will do it. If my Country asks me to murder another individual I will have no part in it, I believe there is a difference between killing and murder. I can explain that difference to my daughter and now when she, God willing, has a family, I can give her my opinion on letting her children cuss and I’ll have a reason why. Because if parenting isn’t about answering your children’s questions, it isn’t about anything at all.

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Blog – Complete Christian 4-26-2017

Complete Christian

April 26th, 2017

I have a deep amount of respect for other’s religions. People have good reason to believe what they believe. I respect the Satanist. I do not agree with them but the events that builds one’s life leads them to the religion they practice, if they practice religion at all. I could not find a church home that I was comfortable with for the reasons listed below. I have now defined my belief system and proclaim that it is still Christian, and can’t be defined otherwise. As the world turns there are Awakenings or Renaissance that take place time to time. I believe we are in for one as I type these words. Certainly I believe we will see it in our lifetime. Beyond every Awaking we should come out as better people. I feel born again, again. I have finally made peace with my belief in Christ Jesus and the people around him. I’m not saying that I’m not open to other ideas that are reasonable and feel correct, so if you disagree please explain your objection in the comment section. Maybe I will have to refine my beliefs and we will both become better people. For now I define myself as a Complete Christian. It looks and sounds like this.

Complete Christian

3-21-2017 Updated 7-6-2017

There are 7 Keystones and a foundation to being a Completed Christian. There is also a roof on this building to make it complete.


  • We are saved by the teachings of Jesus not his Murder.


  • Everyday is a holy day.
  • Others can be saved by others teachings if they are Christ like.
  • Homekeeping is an occupation whether it is acknowledged or not, due to children.
  • The Bible must be interpreted.
  • Taking the Lord’s name in vain is using it without consideration of the Lord.
  • Unprotected sex is the equivalent of marriage. (Becoming one in the flesh)
  • Multiple marriages are not sinful but it is sinful to irreversibly hurt your spouse(s) physically or emotionally.


God is Omnipotent,Omniscient, and Omnipresent.


I believe this is what Jesus, the Lord God, and the Universe demands of us along with the Ten Commandments and any Commandment before them that establishes free will and health in a sociological environment. Jesus himself reduced the Ten Commandments to two when he said that if you love the Lord God with all your heart and soul and do unto others as you would have others do unto you. you will be following all of the Ten Commandments. God does not change but times and people do, and should. We are in the Space Age, Information Age, Computer Age, and Atomic Age. We exist in a global community. The way some Christians practice their Christianity the world can never be united. Jesus taught us unity, tolerance, and forgiveness. If we practice the way Jesus taught us to live we will easily achieve unity, tolerance, and forgiveness. We as a world, we have not yet achieved these things. Some Christians are expecting a great damnation of some and a salvation of others and can’t live without it. Jesus did not teach us to feel this way. He was very harsh only with the harsh. To others he was very forgiving. I practice my Christianity in a way that accepts that the world may receive salvation in living the way Jesus taught us to live. Does that mean that Revelations will not take place? I believe Revelations takes place over and over again and has been since the crucifixion, which I call the murder of Christ Jesus. The sky rolling back like a scroll could be anything from cloud cover to a hole in the ozone layer. I believe the Earth has always run in cycles. Jesus’s life and murder changed those cycles.

Next I will explain the foundation, each keystone listed above, the roof and the reasons I that I believe I am a Complete Christian.

We are saved by the teachings of Jesus not his Murder.

Jesus was not a Christian and he was hardly a Jew. He was trying to teach us a way outside of the norm. The way people lived was crazy to him. Instead, he saw a world where people could live together and have differences. A world in which parents could tell their children “Well, the world is fair.” He saw Heaven. Jesus taught us to do unto others as you would have others do unto you, if you were them. Some people would say I want to be mistreated so it’s OK to mistreat others. “If you were them you really wouldn’t want to be mistreated. It’s a distortion of malfacets in their lives. So we treat them as we would want to be treated if the distortion was not there, Distortion is only good on electric guitars. This concept was unheard of in that day. You were to live the way you were told to live and hate who were told to hate. If you did not you would be an outcast and maybe die. Jesus taught his disciples not to simply do what they were told to do nor rebel against everything they were told to do but to make sense of what was correct. I accept that from Jesus’s perspective he was dying that we may gain but for me that doesn’t excuse the behavior of the people that speared him, tortured him, and nailed him to a cross. To look at him as a sacrifice lets those who did off the hook because sacrifice was acceptable in that day. But to look at it as murder makes those who did it the murderers that they are. That behavior is unacceptable. Cheering while Jesus bled until he could bleed no more. I hate, wholeheartedly, what they did. I don’t see how Jesus had it in him to forgive them but he did. What’s to stop it from happening again? Just look at what “isis” is doing in the Middle East. Look at Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. If Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t have been murdered the South wouldn’t have been ransacked by the North. Jesus was weary of repeating himself to ears that would not listen and he tested his disciples to see what they had learned. They failed. Judas accepted the sop as command. He did not have to turn Jesus in. Would Jesus have condemned him for not going to the Pharisees or religious leaders? He prayed in the garden “If this cup may pass. Please let it Father.” It is for certain that he didn’t want to die but the people were so hung up on prophecy they would believe nothing else. The soldiers came without warning because the disciples could not stay awake. Peter cut off the ear off of servant to protect Jesus against the Pharisees and religious leader’s servants; a fight he probably could not win but he was willing to die trying. Jesus reprimanded him and said this is the way of the world today. They rule by it. Do not take part. So Peter put away his sword and there after doubted that Jesus was the one of prophecy until after his death. If I were Peter I would have started slicing throats but then they would have been guilty of a crime. Pilot said he has committed no crimes why don’t you take him back as is tradition? And the people said give us the murderer, Barabbas instead . The people said he proclaims himself to be a king. We have but one ruler and it is Caesar. Pilot asked Jesus are you the King of Jews? Jesus said if everyone keeps saying I am then I will be. Pilot washed his hands of Government verdict and people cheered for the murder of an innocent man. I believe in cycles and whether you’re the tax collector, or the reformed harlot, or the scholar, or any of the people of that day in this day, the goal is to be  in  the Jesus role and not get murdered doing it. Jesus did not intend to leave a legacy of sacrifices after himself but teachings that the world could grow and change by. No-one truly wants to be Jesus because we all know what happened to him and churches today glorify it. John 10:17-18 interlinear translation reads “because of this me the father loves, because I lay down the life of of me that again I might take it. No one takes it from me but I lay it down of myself. Authority I have to lay it down and authority I have again to take it”. I can not nor would I want to discredit the Gospel of John but if there is one thing Jesus taught us, it is to question what authority does. The Gospel of John was written at the request of bishops in Asia Minor to help settle disputes within Christianity. John was written decades after the other Gospels and though it is a arguably an eyewitness account it leaves one with the impression that Jesus wanted to die, and in a way he did. Jesus saw the writing on the wall and that his teachings were so far removed from the practices of that day that it would lead to his murder at hands of man. Even if someone says, “I want you to shoot me”, you would still be committing murder to do so if the person is without charge or guilt. Jesus did not say I want you to kill me. Jesus was murdered. Jesus saw that in his murder his teachings would spread so it had an upside. The prophecy would be fulfilled but that’s not a good thing. It was written that men would do horrible things so no-one could accept any different. They wanted to fulfill the prophecy. What if Jesus would have lived until he was 125, teaching to the nations the entire time. It is written that the world must end; even from the mouth of Jesus himself. I pray continuously to Jesus and God that it may pass. That everyone may find salvation through the love of God and the love of their neighbor; a world without end. Will my Father in Heaven and my Savior condemn me for these prayers just because it is written that something more terrible will happen? Or will my Father and Savior embrace me and my prayers. Sometimes terrible things are written of mankind because it is known they will fulfill it. I want for us to be a people who will almost always do the correct thing and let God and all the prophets of old be well pleased in us. God does not demand brutal and loathsome sacrifice. The most disturbing thing about sacrifice is it makes God out to be some all powerful vampire, needing blood for the wrongs people commit. I think God in an earlier day wanted people to realize there is a deadly price for sin so the sacrifice was to be a highly prized animal. God wanted us to realize that with sin comes great loss. Jesus’s murder was greatest sin of all. I believe Jesus said, “God demands not sacrifice but obedience”. People had gotten so crazy with sacrifice that they would just sin all they wanted and kill an animal. God made us intelligent. It honors him to think about and discern what truth is. The truth is that murder does not get salvation. Ask yourself how does the blood of Christ take away our sins?  It’s very clear how to see the teachings do it. Jesus never said his blood gets our redemption; that’s man’s. He did say his death would get our redemption and maybe more so than if he taught until he was 125 because it fulfilled a prophecy. I will never call what happen to Jesus a good thing. The only good of it is what he was willing to endure. I do believe that violence and war has it’s place, not in heaven, but here on Earth. For example I would kill or die to save a spirit as beautiful as Jesus. And to me that’s the the only reason for violence. I am a soldier and believe in staying practiced for that reason. In heaven there would be no reason to do so. Jesus existed in Heaven while those around him did not. My goal is not to offend anyone but I am offended by the way our ancestors treated Jesus and now we glorify the wrong part. I am not an expert on the Bible but I will make it a life’s goal to figure out why the Gospel of John is so different from the other Gospels. Jesus did not want to die. He said so himself. He foresaw his death and knew there would be benefit in the martyrism and even if he did want to die it does not justify teaching such a deplorable thing as murder, as salvation.

Everyday is a holy day.

There isn’t a day that goes by that we shouldn’t practice the teachings of Christ Jesus. Fellowshipping in Jesus’s name is a must for a Christian and it’s good to recognize a day of rest as God did in creation. God wants you to practice rest and doesn’t care if it is on a Monday or Sunday. The church does. Ultra-religious people of yesterday would issue harsh penalties for breaking the Sabbath. Some Christians practice the Sabbath on Saturday. Does mean they’re going to hell? Jesus taught us to honor God, and to not to be ultra-religious. It honors God to rest and appreciate all that he has given us. Some people do not know how to rest. I’m a little guilty of it myself and sometimes have to be told to take a break, to just sit down and relax. The church has changed many holy events to coincide with other religions to make conversion more appealing. I’m fairly sure that God did not have Sunday through Saturday at the foundations of the Earth but he did take 1/7 of his time to appreciate the work of his will. I think it’s sensible for us to the same and keep everyday that we breath as Jesus taught us to do. Learn more about God every day.

Others can be saved by others teachings if they are Christ like.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No-one comes to the Father but by me”. I can not believe that Jesus taught “people worship” so I’m more inclined to believe that Jesus was saying “No-one finds God unless their perspective is like mine.” Therefore if someone has found God through a Christ like perspective, I will in no way condemn them. We should learn about each others religions and figure out where they are the same and learn to settle our differences. When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge they were no longer like the other animals in that they knew they were naked. They knew there was a difference between good and evil. That is our legacy. There’s no going back to being an unintelligent animal. Now we must embrace that and go the other way. Be more God like everyday until we find Heaven, if that is your desire. We must be able to discern what is good and what is evil and to do that we must learn. A dog doesn’t know why it can’t shit in the house; only that it can’t. It is for us to know it is unsanitary. It is for us to know all that we can so that we may judge good or evil and pray for God’s guidance as we do it. God has created us that we can know why something is good or why something evil and when we’ve discovered it our will will be more like his. Don’t be the dog. There’s no going back.

Homekeeping is an occupation whether it is acknowledged or not, due to children.

I believe that the Kingdom of Heaven does belong to those who are childlike in their innocence but innocence can produce some pretty evil results if not guided. I also believe America and Nations like it are the only place one can live the way Jesus taught due to freedom of religion and the ability to question authority. Both the Bible and America have failed the child. Neither give even close to enough attention to the importance of raising a healthy individual. I believe Jesus probably spoke much more about it than what we’ve read and the Constitution is so caught up in quibbling over State and Federal rights that the individual protection can only be assumed in the 9th Amendment. While the Constitution is one of the 2 most important State documents ever written it does not adequately provide for child raring. The Great Inflation of the 1970’s demanded that both parents work and the children, our future pays the price. I’ve dedicated to this issue.

The Bible must be interpreted.

There are 105 versions of the complete Bible. Wars have been waged over which is correct or that the Bible itself is correct. This alone is reason to know that if the truth is to be found we must interpret what we read. It is no secret that religion has been used as a means of controlling societies. To be like Jesus you must cut through the bullshit to know what is correct. Much of the bible is poetry and visions. In their nature these demand interpretations. When and if Occupational Parenting has taken its place as our economy. I will study the stories of the Bible in Cuneiform, Hebrew, and Greek and translate them to American as closely as possible and leave nothing out if it can be contained in one book.

Taking the Lord’s name in vain is using it without consideration of the Lord.

I believe taking the Lords name in vain is exactly that. If I say “God damn it”, believe there is a situation at hand that should be corrected. When I say Jesus Christ I am usually at a prayerful need or in awe. The key for me is to remember these great entities when using their name and always question my motivation and intentions. In years past people would actually say “The name of him that we can not name. That’s crazy and over pious. Some people have a toned down version of the same thing today. It’s to be careful about cussing, which is different than cursing, but that can get to be nuts. I wrote a blog about cussing. I will have to update it because cursing and cussing is more than an issue of phonetics. I believe over time in the socialized genetics horrible things have been done to curse these words. We still need to desensitize ourselves to them but it’s better that children do not. I will print the retraction next blog.

Unprotected sex is the equivalent of marriage. (Becoming one in the flesh)

I think becoming one in the flesh does not have to result in birth. We still become one in the flesh when the male eggs become part of the female’s body. It is a matter of serious consideration and constitutes a marriage. A great deal of genetic information is being shared. I believe it’s not simply destroyed but absorbed. The two share of each other. As we look at things under a more powerful microscope we will discover that even protected sex incorporates sharing in the energies and synergies of the Transition Dynamics of E Pluribus Unum or The One of Several. There is no doubt that there is a physical marriage with full absorption. We should carefully consider what we expose each other to.

Multiple marriages are not sinful but it is sinful to irreversibly hurt your spouse(s) physically or emotionally.

In Jesus’s time people practiced polygamy yet Jesus never once spoke against it. We live in a more enlightened age and women have equal rights, even if they don’t have equal pay yet. Things can get very messy very fast with this consideration. To live the way Jesus taught, we’re not to going to go around hurting each other physically or emotionally because it leads to serious spiritual damage. Many folks can’t get one marriage correct never mind multiple marriages. Sometimes we are hurt at our own fault like when someone tells us a truth we really need to hear. Recovering from that hurt should make one a better person and us a better people. It’s still not correct to leave the one you love hurt without repair. Repairs are most important in marriages and growth I think no person in the world should have more than one marriage if there is not the utmost of fulfillment in that one.

God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

God is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere at the same time. Some Christians practice their Christianity as if God is not one or all of these. That Satan is a separate entity that has it’s own power of destiny. That’s giving Satan too much power. Some say it’s all good. I say it’s all God. God controls Satan’s outcome and not the reverse. To me Satan is the Master of Destruction which is only a part of creation. Because if it were the other way around we probably wouldn’t be here. God is the Master of Creation and only uses destruction that it may fair well with creation and existence while allowing for the freewill of all the Universe’s inhabitants . One can choose to be a force for destruction but creation is going to win. So is Satan a part of God. It’s all God. To disagree is to say that God isn’t Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent.


I don’t expect everyone to become a Complete Christian but I would like them to consider carefully what they worship and what it means for the society we all live in. I’m a Complete Christian because I believe Jesus would not condemn those who do not worship him but love God with all their heart and soul, and love their neighbor as self. We should consider that Jesus does not have a voice today except for the voice that those who practice Christianity give him. Would we have him say that “I’m suicidal” or “I kill myself” or can we agree that Jesus did not want to die. I believe in the Holy Spirit and that we’re all a part of it as is our Lord and Savior Jesus’s. Listen carefully to what Jesus is telling you. Until next month; keep your homes well.

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Blog-Is Wikipedia Reliable 3-29-2017

Is Wikipedia Reliable

March 29th, 2017

I was quite dismayed when my daughter came home from school and told me that Wikipedia was no longer allowed as a reference. If you’ve read my blogs you know I use them frequently and hold them in high esteem. So if they have lost or are losing credibility there is only one thing to do and that is to blog about them.

It is the Information Age. There is nothing more important to an Occupational Parenting economy than information and the free exchange of information is a must. Though I believe that one should have to possess the credentials to get the job, I do not believe paid education can go unchecked in the American system. America has chosen capitalism in which there must be competition. Our capitalism is not perfect yet but that’s another blog. Colleges and universities compete but that competition will only provide the illusion of capitalism’s goal. The only true competition to paid information is free information. Let paid information prove the benefit of your money. If we do not demand free sources of information we will wake up with no other point of view than the one that’s bought.

Wikipedia could not happen in Russia. That alone is reason to consider keeping it around. But, has it earned it’s stay? I think Wikipedia has got to decide if it wants to be a global chatroom or an encyclopedia. They will be the first to tell you that it takes time to become reliable information on their website. That will not work for young adults in high school. They need accurate information and they need it quickly. I have been mistakenly using them as an encyclopedia which is what I hope they decide their value is. The need for free information has been a must for I do not have extensive funds. Hopefully my veteran status will offer more in the near future so that I can buy an encyclopedia to cross reference.

About Wikipedia, offers their systems of collecting and checking information. Their underlying intent can also be discerned. They want to get everyone involved. They want to be able to update quickly and they don’t want information ransomed to the highest bidder. I think to go the encyclopedia rout and still stay a global chatroom, they could focus on their  version and reversion controls. I would be willing to donate at least twice as much as I do for that. A Stand Against Wikipedia establishes valid concerns about students using it as a citation but I’d like to make a point about streamlining information. I want to learn how to do everything but I can only choose one maybe two professions. The streamlining of information is necessity in this day and age. The multifaceted individuals that Occupational Parenting will produce will need to know the truth about everything and more deeply fortify information that pertains to their chosen occupation. I want to know how to fix my car but I don’t want to be a mechanic. This keeps mechanics honest and provides them with the challenge of me being able to do it myself; lower prices.

“Segments of this Blog are taken wholly or in part from Wikipedia; a valuable and free source of information” has appeared many times at the top of blog. I’m going to maintain that that is true and buy an encyclopedia in the mean time. I would love to know that my daughter’s school was able to reverse their decision to exclude Wikipedia in academics. If Wikipedia won’t be that go-to source of accurate and free information, I hope for America’s sake someone will be. Until next month; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Advanced Prehistoric Beings 2-22-2017

Advanced Prehistoric Beings

February 22nd, 2017

Who’s ever heard the term “missing link”? It’s been a concept that I’ve been fascinated with since childhood. How different are we from gorilla’s, orangutans and chimps; and so quickly. Millions of years of painfully slow evolution then 43,000 years ago Cro-Magnon or European early modern humans appeared out of nowhere. It took homo-erectus 10,957,000 years to become Cro-Magnon and look at us today. We’re exploring our solar system.

I thank James Blake for requesting that I do this blog. The research has been enthralling and I hope you come that same conclusion. I watched 6 documentaries and lectures and listened to one audio book. I’ve listed them as well as rated them for you. Though God is our Father and one of our makers I believe we will soon meet the the other; maybe within three generations. I’d be happy if it was today. I do believe the ones I am writing of, the Anunnaki, the Nephilim, or the Elohim do not pose a threat to us. If they wanted us gone we’d have already been wiped off of the face of the planet but we may pose a threat to space. Our ways are vile. We are polluters and destroyers. We really have to get our shit together for the near future.

I was a believer in the probability extraterrestrial visitation before writing this blog and after writing it I have doubled and tripled down on that belief. The thought of not being alone in the Universe scares the shit out of some people. If I was an Army general I’d certainly be on edge. We must always be prepared for war to avoid it as indicated in Should We Stay Practiced At War . Still God only lets specific types advance in the Universe. It’s a means of self preservation. gets into it a little bit in the definition of Geneople found in The Perceivable Universe and Conclusion.

Here’s the research material. I recommend using at least one of the research materials for the blog to have it’s intended meaning and impact.

Forbidden History of the Sumerians [FULL VIDEO] – 01:23:55 This one is the best and I give it 5 stars.

This lecture covers in depth the ancient Sumerians. Stanley is a pleasure to listen to and he’s humble. He gets into the facts of the world’s first civilization and how they could have possibly even plausibly been so advanced. You guessed it; the extraterrestrial intervention of the Anunnaki. Stanley speaks often of EN.KI or the serpent of the Bible. He draws many other parallels between Sumerian and the Hebrew tales, the Sumerian being over 1000 years earlier. If I had known all of this about the Middle East 26 years ago my time spent in Desert Storm and Humanitarian Effort would have taken on a whole new scope. I’d have gotten my OIC to take me to many of these sites. Again 5 stars; good job.

Ancient Astronauts Theory Anunnaki Nephilim Ancient Aliens Hidden Secrets Full Documentary – 02:02:35 Michael Tellinger keeps it interesting, Speaking first about the potential of sound in science and our existence. He covers important landmarks and gives pretty convincing accounts of how the ancients may have coexisted with extraterrestrials. Michael Tellinger also questions accurately drawn maps of Antarctica long before seismic equipment could pierce the 2 mile thick icecap to reveal landmass. Tellinger belongs to a political party called the UBUNTU Liberation Movement that believes we should get rid of money. I strongly disagree but you may not. The website is I give this one 4 1/4 stars. It’s very idealistic towards the end.

Traces of the Gods : Ancient Astronauts on Earth – 00:38:14 Gets into possible UFO sightings in cave art. We hear words from the skeptics as  well as UFO accounts involving Alexander the Great. The narrators make possible connections to the Bible of extraterrestrial origin. Traces of the Gods  also speaks of impossible construction feats at Tiahanaco. I give this one 3 1/2 stars.

Sumerian Artifacts & Ancient Astronauts – 0:39:14 Shows us the Antikythera Mechanism; an artifact out of time. battery powered light bulbs in ancient Egypt at 00:01:25. The astronomical alignment of ancient landmarks, the Flood Tablet, and symbolism are also touched upon in this lecture. I give this one 3 1/2 stars.

Chariots of the Gods 00:43:17 Richard Karn (Al Borland) and Erich Von Dahnieken speak of what some archeological digs have revealed and interesting aspects of some known landmarks. Some ancient temples are built as scale models of the solar system as well as the mystery of the Antarctica maps. They discuss what appear to be ancient landing strips and the Egyptian light bulb is again visited. I give this one 3 stars.

The Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets True Meaning Revealed – 02:01:55 is a little boring. The speaker throws some numbers out there as to the probability of the existence of life in the Universe. These can also be reviewed in Do Aliens Exist . (I recommend reading this blog. I’ll see what I can do to update it.) Though many of these documentaries and lectures cover the same material this one really offers nothing new. The speakers voice is monotone and I struggled to stay interested. He drones a little too long on language but he does however say something that intrigued me and that is to go to these sites yourself. See them touch what you can touch and develop a personal experience. I give this one 2 1/2 stars.

The 12th Planet written by Zecharia Sitchin (Audiobook) – 02:18:08 Seems a little snewtty but is very adept at covering mankind’s time on earth. Also the relationships of the “gods” to each other and to humans are covered. I give it 3 stars.

We are in the future and there’s a future still to come. We are not ready and every preparation possible should be on the agenda. As the Anunnaki observe their creation what are they thinking? We were built for work. What has that meant in our development? Do we have a higher work ethic and ability than Anunnaki themselves? Are we busier beings than the rest of the being in the Universe left to evolve slowly? Perhaps we need to slow down a bit and “BE”. I think Micheal Tellinger is great but I do not believe we should get rid of money. Money is a terrific motivator. That motivation is just misplaced it should be on the care of the young. Occupational Parenting is an ever lasting economy that focuses on preserving the human existence in the healthiest state of independence possible; not attaining and preserving rocks, minerals, and fruits (gold or oranges). They will have their place in the Occupational Parenting economy as will everything we know today. It’s the space age and information age. Let’s apply the information we gain to prepping and stabilizing our real space aged existence. Until next month; keep your homes well.

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Blog – 22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier 1/25/2017

This month we have a guest blogger named Jennifer . I’m a pet owner and dog lover. This article just gives 22 more reasons to love Rocket. He’s wearing goggles because the poor guy has Pannus and the sunlight makes him go blind. He wears his goggles and has eye drops twice a day and that should preserve his eyesight for as long as we possibly can. I thank Jenny for blogging this month and hope this article inspires you to get a four legged furry friend or love the one you have all the more.

A word about our guest blogger; Jenny was to add a testimonial about her personal experiences her with canine but unfortunately email communication between her and I have broken down. Please feel free to add the smallest or most extravagant description of you and your dog(s) to the comment section. Without further adieu here’s:

22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

January 25th, 2017

Dogs genuinely provide us with unconditional love. They also add real joy to our lives and we have come to accept them as our loyal companions. However, only a handful of people know one of the secrets to a healthier and happier life. Studies have shown that dogs can help improve our physical and mental well-being. So, pet dogs are in way the elixir of life.

Dogs make us healthier, physically and mentally, according to findings from various studies all over the world. You should thank your furry K9 companion for keeping you healthy. Growing up with dogs helps reduce and/or prevent allergies, especially for the young ones, and contribute to the development of a stronger immune system. Children who grew up with dogs, cats, or any other animal in the household typically have immune systems that are much stronger, thus developing reduced risk for eczema or asthma.

This is because dogs are mostly packed with dirt and dust and don’t forget most of them have thick furs. So early exposure to bacteria and allergens could help children develop immunity against the common causes of allergies and other diseases. This means less hospital bills, less visits to doctors, and children will be less likely to skip school because they are healthy.

You can check out the infographic below that we have created to see and learn the other health benefits that our pet dogs can provide for us. It also contains details and supporting research studies detailing why these health benefit impact us greatly.

Scroll down and see the enticing graphic so you can comprehend why dogs are truly important in our lives.

n22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

During a time of Occupational Parenting we will find that the relationships with not just our pets but all the animals of the world will be much improved. As it will be our paid profession to care for our young and their habitats we will in turn be caring for the habitats of all the wildlife which we so desperately need. As we give back to ourselves and The Environment we will surely reap rewards that coexisting with the animal kingdom offers and we will discover new ones every day. Until next month; keep your homes well.

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Blog – Syrian Refugee Crisis 12/7/2016

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Segments of this Blog are taken wholly or in part from Wikipedia; a valuable and free source of information.

Syrian Refugee Crisis

December 7th, 2016

syrian-refugees-map-syriaWell I’m going to start by getting the numbers out of the way. They’re very important but can still be a little boring for some readers.

There are 13.5 million Syrian refugees requiring humanitarian assistance according to the United Nations (UN). More than 6 million Syrians are internally displaced and 4.8 million refugees are outside of Syria. There are 1 million that have requested asylum in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and the European Union (EU) in 2016.  There just isn’t enough money being generated to help countries who want to assist. The financial distribution look like this:

Financial aid

Donor Funding to Dec 2015 (in USD)




 United States


 European Union


 United Kingdom










 Saudi Arabia










 United Nations
















You would think over 17 billion would go long way toward relieving the Syrian refugee crisis but it’s only $1261.48 a person requiring humanitarian aid. Other agencies and organizations involved along with the price tag of those services looks like this:

United Nations agencies
Food and Agriculture Organization FAO 42,103,122
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA 412,587,348
United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund UNICEF 1,339,721,581
United Nations Development Program UNDP 76,904,986
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO 16,275,456
United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR 2,928,091,009
United Nations Population Fund UNPF 51,352,953
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East UNRWA 687,533,705
World Food Programme WFP 3,127,400,730
World Health Organization WHO 225,102,831
Intergovernmental Organizations
International Organization for Migration IOM 169,490,783
International Non-Governmental Organizations
CARE International CARE 50,733,320
Handicap International 50,857,464
International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC 119,327,373
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies IFRC 28,615,689
International Medical Corps IMC 44,176,262
International Rescue Committee IRC 40,880,550
Mercy Corps Mercy Corps 79,182,554
Oxfam Oxfam 53,150,962
Save the Children International 89,549,837
International Religious Organizations
ACT Alliance (Ecumenical) ACT 17,301,378
Caritas International (Roman Catholic) CARITAS 44,291,764
National Organizations
Danish Refugee Council (Denmark) DRC 111,383,440
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation (Turkey) IHH 84,026,099
Islamic Relief Worldwide (UK) IRW 63,951,290
Norwegian Refugee Council NRC 160,106,509
Première Urgence (France) 44,403,652
Red Cross (7 branches) 47,535,819
Red Crescent (6 branches) 145,198,574

And the displaced population looks like this:

Total population: 4,812,993 refugees (registered, March 2016)
6,130,000-6,320,000 internally displaced refugees (based on UN estimate, March 2016)
Regions with important populations
 Turkey 2,724,937 (registered as of August 2016)
2,748,367 (the highest number registered since 3 March 2016)
 Lebanon 1,500,000 (estimated arrivals as of Dec 2015)
1,048,275 (registered)
 Jordan 1,265,000 (census results as of Nov 2015)
657,422 (registered July 2016)
 Germany 600,000 (registered by April 2016)
 Greece 496,119 (arrivals to May 2016)
54,574 (estimated in country May 2016)
5,615 (applicants to Dec 2015)
 Saudi Arabia 420,000 (estimated overstays as of 2015)
 Macedonia 400,000 (estimated arrivals)
2,150 (applicants to December 2015)
 Serbia (incl. Kosovo) 313,314 (applicants to December 2015)
 Iraq (incl. Iraqi Kurdistan) 1,139,000 (estimated in Iraqi Kurdistan)
956,000 (estimated rest of Iraq March 2016)
249,395 (registered)
 United Arab Emirates 242,000 (estimated overstays, government source, 2015)
 Kuwait 155,000+ (estimated overstays to June 2015)
 Egypt 117,702 (registered as of March 2016)
119,665 (UNHCR estimate as of March 2016)
500,000 (Egypt MFA estimate as of September 2016)
 Sweden 110,333 (applicants to December 2015)
 Hungary 72,505 (applicants to December 2015)
 Canada 61,452 (applicants to October 2016)
39,295 (approved as of November 2016)
36,223 (resettled as of November 2016)
 Croatia 55,000 (estimated as of September 2015)
386 (applicants to December 2015)
 Algeria 43,000 (estimated as of November 2015)
5,721 (registered as of November 2015)
 Qatar 40,000 (estimated overstays 2015)
42 (registered)
 Austria 39,131 (applicants to July 2016)
 Netherlands 31,963 (applicants to July 2016)
 Libya 26,672 (registered as of December 2015)
 Armenia 20,000 (estimated as of October 2016)
 Denmark 19,433 (applicants to December 2015)
 Bulgaria 17,527 (applicants to December 2015)
 United States 16,218 (resettled to November 2016) 
 Belgium 15,951 (applicants to July 2016)
 Norway 13,993 (applicants to December 2015)
 Singapore 13,856 (applicants to December 2015)
  Switzerland 12,931 (applicants to July 2016)
 France 11,694 (applicants to July 2016)
 Brazil 9,000 (approved)
2,097 (as of November 2015)
 United Kingdom 9,467 (applicants to July 2016)
5,102 (resettled as of August 2015)
 Spain 8,365 (applicants to December 2015)
 Russia 5,000 (estimated 2015)
 Malaysia 5,000 (estimated August 2015)
 Australia 4,500 (2015)
 Tunisia 4,000 (September 2015)
 Cyprus 3,527 (applicants to December 2015)
 Bahrain 3,500 (estimated June 2015)
 Argentina 3,000 (approved)
 Montenegro 2,975 (applicants to December 2015)
 Italy 2,538 (applicants to December 2015)
 Romania 2,525 (applicants to December 2015)
 Malta 1,222 (applicants to December 2015)
 Somalia 1,312 (as of January 2016)
 Finland 1,127 (as of December 2015)
 Gaza Strip 1,000 (as of December 2013)
Language: Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Armenian, Aramaic
Religion: Sunni Islam, Christianity, Shia Islam, Yazidism, Druze

Here is a List of Syrian refugee camps.

syrian-refugee-crisis-warI have mixed emotions about the Syrian refugee crisis because if the United States was in civil war I would pick a side and join the fight. Still I would want my daughter and her mom to be safe and find refuge somewhere. Imagine the U.S. at war. Your job and everything you know as stability is suddenly gone. Your friends and family are dying and being seriously injured. What do you do? Would you want the world to turn a cold shoulder and say it’s not my problem or would you want it to open it’s nations boarders to let in your loved ones and seniors. I hope there would be a safe haven that would treat them decently and with respect so that I could get on with the fight. Stability would have to be returned to this beautiful Country so they could come back. If the wrong side won I would hope to God that they had found a permanent sanctuary elsewhere.

AMMAN, Jordan _ In this photo taken Sunday, August 28, 2016, Syrian refugee Nadim Fawzi Jouriyeh, 49, speaks to reporters at the Amman, Jordan office of the International Organization for Migration. Jouriyeh is flanked by his sons Farouq, 8, and Hamzeh, 12. The six-member Jouriyeh family will head to San Diego, California, as part of a year-long program to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States.(AP Photo/Raad Adayleh)
NYTCREDIT: Raad Adayleh/Associated Press

The United States has 16,218 refugees as of November 2016 and has contributed $4.5 billion as of December 2015. I understand the need to look out for others and it is a need. The human specie would have died out long ago without it. I just wonder if $4.5 billion is excessive with the National debt we carry and the number of U.S. citizens who are in need. After the the Paris attacks 30 states led by republican governors and 1 state led by a democratic governor tried to block efforts to admit Syrian refugees. We should let in Syrian refugees with our monetary focus being on the ones we let in. Paranoia about terrorist attacks is not unfounded so it’s important to have a rigorous intake process. If we spent the money that we’ve contributed, on the refugees that we took in it would be $277,469.48 per migrant. We could reduce that money and let in more if we just focused on a National strategy. We’d be aiding more and paying less.

syrian-refugee-crisis-protestSince 2011, when the civil war broke out over protest against the Assad government, Baitulmaal  launched a humanitarian aid campaign and thousands of refugees found shelter in Lybia. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is overseeing the global crisis.

In 2012 Israel announced preparations to accommodate Alawite Syrian refugees in the occupied Golan Heights, should the Syrian government collapse. Refugees in the Kurdish region of Iraq reached 1,000 and were offered shelter and medical care in Domiz camp. Ethnic Kurdish refugees were offered military training to protect Kurdish-majority territories in Syria. The April offensive by the Syrian Army, preceding the April 10 ceasefire under the Kofi Annan peace plan, coincided with a peak flow of refugees to Turkey.

syrian-refugee-crisis-orthodox-christiansIn 2013 Orthodox Christian refugees began to arrive in the U.S. In September Sweden granted permanent residency to all asylum seekers and the right to family reunification. Brazil was the first country in the Americas to offer humanitarian visas to refugees.

In 2014 Iraqi refugees fled to northeastern Syria. There were people trying desperately to get out and people trying desperately to get in. “The Syria crisis has become the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era, yet the world is failing to meet the needs of refugees and the countries hosting them,” the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said.

syrian-refugee-crisis-passportIn 2015 the refugee number reached 4 million according to the UNHCR. Saudi Arabia claimed it had given residency to between 10,000 and 2.5 million people but those numbers are widely disputed. The countries who aren’t as well off monetarily really didn’t want an influx to there populations while richer countries welcomed the diversity. In September German Customs seized packages of fake Syrian passports for non-Syrians to be granted asylum in Germany. On September 3rd, Alan Kurdi (3 years old), his brother Ghalib Kurdi (5 years old) and their mother drown, as their family attempted to migrate by sea into Europe. The image of Alan Kurdi’s body washed up on a Turkish beach became a seminal moment in the refugee crises and global response. On September 21st, EU home affairs and interior ministers approved a plan to accept and redistribute 120,000 asylum seekers (not only Syrians) across the EU. The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia opposed the plan and Finland abstained. In October the UN’s Human Rights Chief claimed that the Czech Republic is holding migrants in degrading and jail like conditions. Under the Dublin Regulation, an asylum applicant in one EU country, must be returned to that country, should they attempt onward migration to another EU country. Hungary was overburdened by asylum applications during the European Migrant Crises, to the point that on June 23rd it refuses to allow further applicants to be returned by other EU countries. Germany and the Czech Republic suspend the Dublin Regulation for Syrians and start to process their asylum applications directly. Prostitution became more prevalent among women and teen refugees.

Turkish Border Guards Shooting Syrian Refugees Daily :Amnesty Intl

In 2016 a factory producing fake life jackets got busted in the same week that 30 people washed up on Turkish beaches having drowned in their attempts to reach Greece. A multi billion euro deal caused Turkey to slightly amp up it’s efforts against people smuggling. Refugee numbers in Greece will probably start backing up due to the number of nations restricting the number of refugees admitted, Namely Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Skopia. According to Amnesty International Turkish guards routinely shoot at refugees stranded at the boarder and returned thousands of them to a war zone since mid January. On May 10th, Human Rights Watch said Turkish border guards were shooting and beating Syrian refugees trying to reach Turkey, resulting in deaths and serious injuries. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan denied it. On May 18th, lawmakers from the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) have said that Turkey should not use Syrian refugees as a bribe for the process of visa liberalization for Turkish citizens inside the European Union. syrian-refugee-crisis-sexual-assaultOn June 3rd a Turkish cleaning worker, at the Nizip camp in Gaziantep got caught sexually assaulting refugee boys. He was sentenced to 108 years and said he wasn’t the only one involved. He said he paid the boys, who were between 8-12 years old, between $.70 and $1.70 before molesting them in the bathroom. On June 18th, UN chief Ban Ki-moon has praised Greece for showing “remarkable solidarity and compassion” towards refugees and he also called for international support. On the night of June 18th, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces Turkish security forces killed several Syrian refugees who attempted to cross the border into Turkey. The Turkish Foreign Ministry denied the claims. After the 2016 Turkish coup d’état attempt in July, Greek authorities on a number of Aegean Islands have called for emergency measures to curtail a growing flow of refugees from Turkey, the number of migrants and refugees willing to make the journey across the Aegean has increased noticeably. The Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) warned about the prospect of another flare-up in the refugee/migrant crisis due to the Turkish political instability. The UNHCR calls for refugees to work toward self-reliance in their host countries.

syrian-refugee-crisis-familyThis is really happening. People are dying and suffering. I thank God it’s not my family. When you look at your husband or wife, children, siblings, parents or grand parents tonight imagine them being in a refugee situation; you yourself as well. Give praise to the Government it’s Citizens and the good Lord above that you’re not. If Occupational Parenting started right here in America it would spread to the world in no time and once it spread to the world it would be the end of war except the practice of it. Until next month; keep your homes well.

The Syrian Crisis: Catholic Relief Services is one way to help out and there are many others.

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