All in all I think our forefathers weren’t of the mind that the American dream would be realized overnight but rather the American experiment (George Washington) could evolve to meet the happiness and prosperity of every man, woman, and child.

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I think the thoughts of Americans in that day revolved around the Bible. I remember reading something along the lines of “All a man has is to take joy in is his toil”. It’s in quotations but I’m sure it’s not exact. Anyway a woman or a man getting paid to raise their baby just wasn’t going to happen. I think our society still lingers a little bit in those words whether they are solvent for today’s problems or not.

I capitalize Universe for the same reason I capitalize God. (I know I’m on thin ice but I did say I’d give a reason for capitalizing Universe) To me they are one an the same entity. God is perfect order in the Universe. One true God, one true Universe. Any other universes are only a part of the Universe, Any smaller versions of god are only a part of God. There are no bigger versions of either they are infinite and eternal. If the earth was undone tomorrow the Universe would not be undone. I believe in perfect order in the Universe even among the most ravenous chaos and for me it is the equivalent of hope and tranquility because I know I will pass to The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential.

I believe our planet and solar system can be revitalized, our planets colonized and our perceivable continuum sealed. This can take place if human kind can fill it’s niche in the Universe. It all begins with parenting correctly. When and if this happens for us; I call it Geneople.

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HomeKeeperU has gotten some good comments. Thank you. I do have one request. More input. I want you to give up some ideas about the Universe and or your tips on home keeping. It will become more and more prevalent what one has to do with the other. I hope to hear from you soon.

It is the information age and the way to honor it is not to stifle it. Don’t get me wrong everyone should get credit for the information they come up with or prove but once the information is realized it should be put out there for everyone. Institutions such as colleges and universities that charge money for information would be and should be changed but these institutions aren’t going anywhere except further into the home. So when I type free exchange of ideas I’m not saying the information age shouldn’t be part of our economy, I’m just saying everyone should have access to the same information and the money for the information they choose to fortify and put to use. There’s just too much bottle necking, when Geneople opens a brand new day of discovery. The freeexchange of ideas forges a better future for all.

Finally a society has to look thoroughly around every corner with a firm grip on the past.

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It can not teach hate or oppression and murder in the name of God, Allah, supremacy, or science. A society must find its place in the Universe or lose its place completely.

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We can’t just sit stagnant either; afraid to move forward because of the past. It will take both our reasoning and emotional sensibility not repeat past mistakes or create brand new ones. The Universe does recognize us. We are intimate and can remain so eternally. We can discover that the Universe isn’t cold and careless but warm and with reason. Think about the Universe daily, feel about science, and measure your love.

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