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Parenting Tips is a page to be developed by any viewer. I’d really like HomeKeeperU to connect with the Martha Stewart and Parenting side of home keeping. If you have anything worth knowing about parenting please leave it in the comments section below. If your Parenting Tip is appropriate and unique it most probably will make it onto the page.

Could I Get Another Try

I’m a Libra; known for indecisiveness if you believe in that sort of thing. I didn’t want my daughter to have a hard time with decisions. While she was still a baby I had an idea about choices. When it was time to feed her I would put two jars of baby food in front of her which ever she touched first was the one I would feed her. The same with toys , brushes, crayons and so on. Of course I let her make random decisions as well; like a box of crayons. Sometimes I made the decision without a choice for her but most times she had a choice. It worked out great for awhile but it was very difficult to maintain because the fatigue I was experiencing was so extreme. I really slacked off and never got back to it. My daughter’s indecisive today (epic fail) but we’re still working on it in different ways. So I guess this is a would be tip. Hopefully someone can find merit and success in the idea.

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