Pet Tip 2

We have a cat that was probably taken from the litter a little too soon. To make matters worse the full grown cat we already had treated him like hell; no love. no affection just hissing and growling. Needless to say the kitten grew up with a few psychological problems. He had no “family cat” role model so he had to find his own identity as a cat. He did this trough hunting. I have no problem with that but he was kinda antisocial and a little aggressive with my daughter. He almost never meowed or purred. I wanted to show him that he humbly needed us. The older cat meowed all the time so I simply used the word outside or inside and would wait for her to meow. Then I’d let her out or in. This quickly became routine and the younger cat couldn’t help but notice because he loved going outside. He was very reluctant at first but quickly learned that he had to perform a task to get what he wanted. With lots of attention, cat treats, and vocal demands his meow has become louder and he even purrs. His aggressiveness has subsided. He’s more affectionate and I think  he feels more secure of his place in the family. It’s hard to believe that placing one simple demand on him could get all these changes but that’s how it went down. The older cat still hates him but he can defend himself now. Sometimes he bullies her.  It’s never more than some pawing and growling; no nails I think Jackson the cat whisperer would be happy with results of this untrained amateur. Simply making the cats acknowledge that they had a need we humans must address got a little humility.


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