The Environment

These rules are about manipulating and shaping our surroundings and how our surroundings can manipulate and shape us. I’ll end this page with a pet tip about my cat.

The Rule of Manipulated Shelter

The advancement of manipulated shelter can deteriorate the mutative ability to a characteristic unrecognizable to the unmanipulated shelter.

The environment flying squirrelExplanation: Flying squirrels work for this explanation. If the trees are too far apart and the squirrels keep getting eaten by predators something has to change or the squirrels will go extinct. Random mutation is too sloppy and there’d be like a billion mutations to find the one that works. Fortunately for the squirrels they fill a niche and serve a purpose. Every portion of their existence flows to the superconscious like a prayer. At some point a squirrel is born with skin flaps between it’s front and hind legs and  has to spend less time on the ground because it can glide tree to tree. Or maybe it wasn’t a mutation at all and the environment dictated what should evolve. Like the flying squirrels humans have to fill a niche. Squirrels only have to do it in an earthy capacity but humans, being the Command Specie, must fill a niche in both an earthly and Universal capacity.

If we consider our dimensional flow of Psychonics through the plants and birds and rocks and things there is a communication like our constant communication with the Sun and Universe. So does one rock have a more sophisticated energy than another? Yes, depending on how much and what kind of synergy and Psychonics are interacting with the rock. It is by these interactions, with other beings and our surroundings, that bodies know when it’s time to mutate.

mother yelling at children

mother yelling at children

When a child is raised they interact with their surrounding. So, the individual synergy that is produced is held as resonance in the in the walls, ceilings, and floors and perpetuated by all the home’s residents. If a child lives in an environment where negativity is perpetuated the resonance and emissions will be negative thus paving the way for a child to grow into a negative adult. So we could say all dwellings are haunted whether their friendly or unfriendly. When a child says “You suck!!!” it may very well be true or may not but there is a reason for it. A child’s resiliency is dependent on The Rule of Human Need (on the Health and Happiness page) and The Rule of Socialized Genetics (on this page). I believe in a blank slate but the colors of chalk are already there in the individuals genetic build and a child’s surroundings can write “You suck”.

I was trick or treating with my daughter one Halloween and arrived at a apartment one town over. We knocked on the door and a woman modestly girded from head to toe, in a burka I believe, answered the door. She invited us into the dwelling which is a little out of the ordinary. Usually folks just treat you at the door. The difference inside the apartment is almost indescribable. A lightness of feeling all around and even inside me was astonishing. While in her space it felt like there wasn’t a problem in the world. I’ve never been back there but I’ll never forget that experience. I want to be able to do that for my house and my family. It’s probably something that one member of household can’t do alone. I think it must be a family undertaking including the treatment of the pets. It no doubt takes a lot of work and dedication. If it was negativity instead of positivity that I experienced the beast inside me would have been crashing the gates and I’d be very uneasy.

Some say the intelligence that humans possess today is a mutation of earlier humans. It’s ironic that the same intelligence could separate us so far from our environment that we have no mutative potential in the raw. It is important to remember while reaching for the stars we should also maintain our roots.

The Rule of Guarded Group Individualism

To sacrifice emotional and or cognitive perceivability is to degenerate individual manipulation of the environment when safety is in a direct correlation of like minded individuals.

The environment peer pressureExplanation: This is a catch 22. It’s a continuous compromise. If we give in to much to the group we allow others to make the decisions we should be making for ourselves. When this happens we have lower self esteem and can give into behaviors like bullying (doing or saying something that contradicts ones own feelings or beliefs)  to appease a group dynamic. If our decisions with our group aren’t cohesive enough we could lose the safety that the group provides. We fall vulnerable to attacks on our emotions, intellect, and physical well-being. Still we have to find our own path to be independent and confident. I think an individual’s or group’s success can be measured by how well they do with this rule.

The Rule of Preservation

If there is a desire for diversity do not remove that which separates into spectrums  or the spectrums will no longer exist. Do not let any one variable consume the spectrum or the spectrum will no longer exist.

the environment diversityExplanation:  I’m going to approach this from the person angle. I visually enjoy a wide range of skin tones, hair color, eye color, languages, traditions etc. but I hated the strife these things caused among different persons. At one time I wished every skin color, hair color, and any other difference would marry, merge, and bleed into one. Then there wouldn’t be any differences to murder, maim, and war over. As I look back now those thoughts reflect a lot of hostility and resonate of “final solution”. The diversity we have is a blessing so we shouldn’t try to fix what’s wrong by destroying what’s right.

The Rule of Socialized Genetics

Through industry and artistic innovation the human does manipulate their own evolution. (This rule fits under “The Human Element” but I’ve put it here as well because of the importance of the environment.)

the environment generationsExplanation: Most agree that humans don’t function on instinct but maybe early humans or pre-humans did. Weather it developed slowly or overnight, humans grew thumbs and learned to manipulate their environment more so than the animals around them. I believe there is a genetic recorder of sorts that allows the ability we aspire to, the difficulties we overcome, and the changes we forge in ourselves to be passed on to the next generation. The confounds that we don’t solve are passed on too. These recordings are being engraved to our being in every present moment. The more equities we use as solvent for deficiencies the easier it becomes for our offspring to deal with the same difficulties and succeed in The Rule of Human Need. Change in an environment to the specie or the specie to the environment is always tandem. We effect the environment as the environment effects us, on an infinite scale and in all dimensional space. So, too, this happens with parent to child and the living to the deceased in both noticeable and unnoticeable measure.

Gotta love cats. Pet tip 2

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2 thoughts on “The Environment

  1. joe

    you deffinatly look at things deeply.. Its a great idea, one lifetime wont be enough time …. we all need to be on board, and fix the whole system too

    1. Post author

      Fixing the whole system starts somewhere. I can’t think of a better place to start. It is the humans’ highest calling. It just doesn’t make sense to start somewhere else unless it’s in the pursuit of Occupational Parenting. I challenge you to find something more important.


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