The Human Element

the human element (3)The human element has the potential to be among the most sophisticated energy in the Universe. I propose that there are paths working with our subconscious and conscious mind to a superconscious. It’s meeting places for our collective thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Lets say that thoughts and feeling have a physical existence. When we envision something we’re looking at something in our minds eye. What is it? When we feel something there’s a dynamic. Some folks have already called them vibes. Well for the sake of the superconscious lets say they have both have a physical existence in a Psychon. When they’re working together we’ll call it Psychonics. When mediation of everyones Psychonics everywhere is consolable and compatible it regulates form and function throughout the Dimensional Space Continuum. Elemental space can be reworked to ensure the continuity of our continuum and it’s dimensional neighbors. When we are unconscious it takes consciousness out of loop and the subconscious and superconscious go at it on their own. That’s why miracles will happen as we dream. Crazy? We’ve found elemental space’s behavior can change just because it’s being observed, in this case electrons. I think the double slit experiment is just the beginning of how irregularly elemental space can manipulate itself merely by having a human observer. “Dr. Quantum-Double slit experiment“).

The Rule of Governing Energy

The most sophisticated energy in the Universe governs all energy in the Universe.

Explanation: To fulfill the Universe’s bias, to exist, it grants ultimate manipulation of elemental space to the forms of energy most likely to maintain a perceivable continuum without causing dimensional rifts.

So who is most likely to maintain a perceivable continuum? This next rule provides more insight as to who manipulates more energy and to what degree.

The Rule of Residual Synergy (E Pluribus Unum)

The osmosis of any energy transaction is governed by the nearest likeness of physical mass able to rule the transaction dynamics. (A dog’s physical mass governs more than a rock’s physical mass and a human’s more than a dog’s.)

nervoussystemExplanation: Think of each human element as a tree or a bush; our nervous system like it’s roots downward and our brain the fruit or flower upward; our solar plexus it’s most active portion.  Both our thoughts and emotions merge in our nervous systems to get actions and behaviors. The actions, behaviors, thoughts and emotions are Psychonics. The important thing to remember is that the human element is always communicating with the Sun and Universe beyond it.  Our sun doesn’t have to supernova or become a red giant because of our branches, roots and their Psychonics. It can be an eternal fuel source as long as we’re happy, healthy and our existence manipulates elemental space in a positive way. Helium and hydrogen could become local to our Solar System from any reaches of a Dimensional Space Continuum. The humans that do these things most effectively will attempt to bring all other elements into the Universe’s favor. This favor should never be embodied by one person as in times when our ancestors wanted to create gods. The Universe does play favorites however. It wants thinkers and feelers; individuals whose thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are conducive to the Universe’s existence. These persons are more inclined to what should be rather than what is. They want a reason for everything. These persons may be given to a lot of trail and error. They are usually contemplating what is true and where they fit into that truth. In many cases flipping and flopping to try and fit in at all when the truth is not evident. When the trail and error is all said and done their thoughts and emotions should be healthy and productive depending on how they were raised and where they are in The Rule of Human Need (on the Health and Happiness page) . Sociology and psychology are as recognizable to the Universe as the planet, moon, and stars, and they are key in the sophistication of energy and synergies.

The Rule of Anatomical Gender

Any specie of anatomically dependent birthing process will suppress x amount of advancement upon each birth that the two genders do not advance together.

Explanation: I’m making this about gender because historically women have been oppressed more. The type of genetic suppression I’m writing of applies to any oppressed group; men or women. The woman however has experienced oppression within oppression because of forced male dominance (I know in some cultures women have been considered superior but I don’t think it’s enough to weigh in here).  Women have to unlearned that it’s OK or at least tolerable not to express yourself. That it’s OK not to challenge belief systems and practices. That it’s OK not to be your best if it means being better than a man.

human element dnaThe genetic blend of both parents is in there but the one that manifest and expounds itself is the gender we were born to. The stuff we’re made of doesn’t just go away. It’s all in there. A male can carry the hardships of all the women in his line up to his mother but If the disparity between genders is socially severe he will deal with life according to his male genealogy and sociology. The same is true of a female and her genealogy. She will slip into that submissive role if that’s what her society tells her to do. Of course it’s crazy to think that’s always the case. The woman has gotten to where she is today because of the suffrage of  those who refused to accept that role. There are the men who have supported these women with their own kind of suffrage and temperance. Any society making a change toward equality should be cautious. To suddenly remove the oppression over night one has to expect “the kid in the candy store” analogy. I think to expect it is half of dealing with it. There may be a great number of things such as hostility that could manifest subconsciously. These are things that should be considered if one wishes to extend a hand to the oppressed of the world. It’s at least worth thinking about as we advance together.

The Rule of Socialized Genetics

Through industry and artistic innovation the human does manipulate their own evolution.

human element evolutionExplanation: Most agree that humans don’t function on instinct but maybe early humans or pre-humans did. Weather it developed slowly or overnight, humans learned to manipulate their environment more so than the animals around them. I believe there is a genetic recorder of sorts that allows the ability we aspire to, the difficulties we overcome, and the changes we forge in ourselves to be passed on to the next generation. The confounds that we don’t solve are passed on too. These recordings are being engraved to our being in every present moment. The more equities we use as solvent for deficiencies the easier it becomes for our offspring to deal with the same difficulties and succeed in The Rule of Human Need. The Human Element is the crown jewel in the hierarchy of this planet which alone governs the Solar System at this time. If we hope to keep unraveling the mysteries around us we need to understand ourselves as the tool, mind, body, and spirit by which such mysteries are solved.

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