The Perceivable Universe

This is where I think my thoughts may not be out there in right or left field; so not even in the park. Hopefully this is an out of park home run and not a no show forfeit. As it stands with America’s consumption based economy and science’s belief in a cold, callous Universe, Lord Vader is up to bat. We really need to look for Leia even Han Solo is preferable. I’m going to expound on my belief of Universal workings. The fact is that I believe that God is made up of everything in the Dimensional Space Continuum; everything perceivable and non perceivable. I came to that conclusion when I was sitting at my table trying to imagine how it is that I exist. Our systems of mathematics do not calculate for infinity or eternity yet these constructs are all around us. I’ll speak more about that later in the page as well as how I believe gravity works and the Universe’s marvels in the Superconscious . Until our mathematics can account for infinity and eternity these things have no place in science. If they are real than science is playing catch up to what I’ve presented here. My definition of energy in the glossary gives account to all that we perceive and synergy is when energy is noticeably compounding. Science will eventually see that our Perceivable Universe is communicating with us. I believe the Dr. Quantum-Double slit experiment is letting us know it’s going to take more to manipulate matter on a grand scale than seeing thing’s atomic behavior very close up. As the technology and tools to manipulate elemental space become more advanced so to must the human applying the manipulation. If this is true it sure would be a great safety net for perceivable existence. There are many unexplainables in science. Hopefully this page will muse the scientific mind into imagining other possibilities for things that are not yet explainable. Even if some of the rules I present prove to be ridiculous, don’t through out the baby with the bathwater. The Rule of Eternal Human Survivability and Dominion along with The Rule of Human Need warrant economic and social change. The rest of these rules are an attempt at showing how the Universe will embrace Occupational Parenting more fully. It’s what the Universe wants us to do. If one accepts that there is a will in the Universe, there is yours, mine and ours collectively, one should ask does the Universe respond to that will?  If we do communicate with our Universe it’s not a stretch to believe that The Perceivable Universe is responding to how we’re raising the young. I’m going to attempt to bring this one back to basic home keeping as we think of it with (Jimmy and Elihjuan). I actually think it’s content is basic training to the happy little home keepers we should all become. You’ll notice that I use a plural form of continuum. It’s the best way for me to describe the infinite and nearly identical existences we occupy. This is new so I’m hoping for some argument.

Imagine, if you will, a Psychon; a part; a particle; an element of thoughts and emotions. We’re looking at something when picture a thought in our mind and feeling or emitting some vibe of ourselves, other people, and things around us. They must be made up of something. I’m calling them Psycons. When they all work together, everywhere in the Universe, or in part, I call it Psychonics. I believe Psychonics influence matter and there would have been no Big Bang without them. Without Psyconics there would be no perception and without perception, in the Universe, it is without reason. Some believe we exist this way. I believe the very fact that we’re in the Universe, gives it reason. We witness Psychonics in everyone’s manipulation of their environments every day. So where do they exist and how are they called upon. I believe their existence is inter dimensional and inter continuum one, which I will explain later. In their inter dimensional grind they can birth electrons, protons, and neutrons of elements of their own existence. This far beyond our rules of everyday physics but I’m sure when we discover Psychons we’ll also discover that they too have rules. Allow me to address how we use them to communicate with our Dimensional Space Continuum as follows.


My idea of a Dimensional Space Continuum is an existence made up of common continuums. A common continuum would be like a sheet of paper between other sheets in a ream (package) of paper. Each sheet of paper holds it’s own form and is separate from the other sheets. Each sheet represents a common continuum but is only one dimension of the next sheet which is it’s own common continuum. From our one common continuum all other common continuums should be as separate dimensions; one nearly exact to the next. Make the paper spherical, infinite, and eternal, then have an infinite number of reams and it’s a Dimensional Space Continuum.

common contiuum (2)         common contiuum

There is a flow of energy, synergies and Psychonics in and out through the sheets of paper that allows them to remain separate. When the flow of emissions or Psychonics come from the human or animal element I call it individual synergy.

A dimensional rift is anything that distorts the perception of time and or light. The key word here is perception. I know that gravity distorts time but I’m saying the human element, when perfectly healthy, can and should compensate for those differences to perceive time and space as undistorted segments.

Time is not a thing. It’s an idea. It’s increments that we apply to the length of a motion. The more rapidly a motion or an event takes place the less the amount of time. Gravity pulls on every structure. This pull stretches every part of every structure slightly. A bead traveling around an elastic band will take longer to complete the loop if you stretch the band out in any direction. This causes motion closer to a gravitational force to be slower than motion farther away, so time moves more slowly on earth than in near space. But time moves more slowly on the space shuttle due to velocity which is the greater of the two forces effecting the shuttle. If I’m correct the greater the effect of gravity the more slowly time will flow.

space shuttle (2)Consider the human element in an infinite dimensional capacity. Each dimensional human element interacts with the objects and persons in the next common continuum and theirs with ours. through our individual synergies and Psychonics. The human’s sophistication of energy or better yet synergy through their Psychons can keep it tight; all of it. This type of perception locks the continuum away from other continuums that are in dimensional rift. This is also on path to where “The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential” exists.

human energySo if living on an approach to “The Fulfillment of the Creative Potentialis desirable we must focus on the sophistication of our energy or our synergies. The sophistication of synergies doesn’t just depend on perpetuating a specie. It’s more dependent on how we perpetuate our specie. As the Universe beholds all the  different beings it has contingencies. For a lion or tiger the Universe is like “I can live with this” but a human should want the Universe’s response to be “I can flourish and expand with the human.”

When we tell little Jimmy or Elihjuan how they are a part of the Universe; everything around us and everything in us, we show them as well. As the boys’ families attend to their daily tasks (making for a cleanly and healthy environment and perhaps cooking a meal) the superconscious is forging and enhancing or destroying and confounding appropriate places in the near and far Universe according to the boys’ families undertakings. If there is abuse and negativity afoot the Universe comprehends that it can not flourish. Of course it’s not just the undertakings of Jimmy’s and Elihjuan’s families but the activities of all the individuals of all the families in The Perceivable Universe or Dimensional Space Continuum. In every present moment paths are being drawn to the future here and the future here after. Which path goes to our destinations is being decided in every present thought, judgement and gesture. The smallest things really do count. Creation and destruction in their every capacity hinge to our daily activity.

I’ll start with The Rule of Governing Energy.

The Rule of Governing Energy – E Pluribus Unum

The most sophisticated synergy (or compounding energy) in the Universe governs all energy in the Universe. (I include this rule here and in The Human Element because it applies to both)

Explanation: To fulfill the Universe’s bias, to exist, it grants ultimate manipulation of elemental space to the forms of energy most likely to maintain a Dimensional Space Continuum without causing dimensional rifts.

The Rule of the Variance of Matter

The variance of matter determines the perception of matter.

Explanation: Everything in the Universe is vibrating and every vibration is different; specific to cause and effect and sophisticated energy or synergy with free will. These variances of energy flow from all matter both outward and inward. The reason we don’t perceive all matter is the vibration and variance is far to slow or far to fast for us to perceive. The molecules in a glass window are constantly flowing downward. One can measure the thickness of window at the top and bottom. Given enough time the thickness at the bottom will be wider and the thickness at the top narrower. The naked eye can’t observe this because it takes place too slowly. The energy that makes up unperceivable matter is infinitely slower and infinitely faster than that. So fast and so slow that we pass trough them and them through us like your hand through a beam of light or a beam of light through a glass window. The objects of this energy get smaller as they flow inward and larger as they flow outward. If the the synergies or energy ever achieve just the right density by variation of vibration they become perceivable. If an illusionist could manipulate these properties they could make things appear and disappear for real. Jesus could feed thousands from a couple of baskets. So what would keep this synergy from getting weaker and weaker as it flows outward until they no longer exist or so intense as they flow inward (like hydro blasting for gold in an earlier day) that they obliterate?dimensional earth If the flow has too much resistance it will cause combustion. (spontaneous human combustion). If the flow doesn’t have enough resistance nothing would take shape or form. The energy bonds of each continuum act as staging and source for new energy. The flow has all the appropriate release valves built right in. The blue print has always been there and will always be there for the appearance of all the futures and all the pasts and all other possibilities. Well how far into the past or into the future do the illusions go? All the way back to before the Big Bang and further. All the way ahead to Earth’s many demises and it’s many eternal futures; forever. It is at this point we can not fathom infinity or eternity. Another perception is to imagine that everything is still;  a framework of frozen ripples. The framework is infinitely large and small and due to the variance of vibration there are an infinite number of them meshing through each other. Each ripple is slightly different than ripple before it and the ripple after it. Now imagine each being and object as compounding energy or synergy flowing through the still ripples infinitely inward and infinitely outward at the same time with a signature eye for your synergy as it moves. Your signature eye would perceive the passing of time and events. Your signature eye would also perceive the flow passing though you rather than you passing though it. So the frame would be God’s perspective of existence while a flow though us would be ours.

I often think of dark matter when thinking about The Rule of the Variance of Matter and The Rule of Dimensional Space (up next). As the Universe manipulates the energy conversion process it can leave indicators as to what will happen next. I think dark matter may be the potential for matter that isn’t visible yet. We can see the gravitational effects of what is to be. When the variance of vibration of matter matches ours and ours theirs. Planets, solar systems, and galaxies will seem to appear out of empty space while other of these heavenly bodies will seem to disappear. The Universe is reaching in and out of all the different sizes and speeds of matter to manifest all eligible matter to “The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential“. Ineligible matter gets reduced to The Fulfillment of the Destructive Potential. We’re moving toward one or the or the otherFor those on the other side of Geneople, we will be appearing to them.

The Rule of Dimensional Space

In the conversion of energy to solid mass from any dimension to a common continuum the extreme disparity of variance and size between energy bonds is absolute necessity to the expression of any one continuum. (Sub-continuums can exist between our quarks as we can exists between the quarks of a super-continuum.)

Explanation: If the extreme disparity of variance of vibration did not exist for larger and smaller dimensions, or continuums, living in the Universe would be like living in a marshmallow with no perceivable boundaries. The variance of vibration determines perception.

Parallel-continuums could exist outside of each other’s common continuums and are located at the Universe’s convenience. They are the same size and move at the same speed as our continuum.

Super-continuums and sub-continuums have a time disparity because of size and a common reference. This links the time signature one dimension to the time signature of the next continuum with the common speed of at least one or severlal particles to the next larger dimension and one or several particle the next smaller continuum as well. I have to rule out common size because parallel continuums may not exist. I believe the closer they are to each other the more exact they are to each other. Two contiuums can be separated by the difference in the movement of any of it’s parts. The more space between dimensions the more drastic the change. The person that represents you may have different hair color, eye color, ethnicity or you may not exist at all in the super or sub dimension given enough distance. A good way to describe it is music. I hope I get this correct because I don’t read or write music. If one instrument is playing a 5 over 4 time signature and another instrument is playing a 3 over 4 time signature the 3 over 4 instrument will be playing slower. The 4 common to both signatures in 5 over 4 and 3 over 4 would be the reference particle or particles. I like to think the reference particles are beings that are perceiving. This allows the illusion of time travel. This doesn’t just happen for the illusion of time travel but so that one destructive event doesn’t bring about The Fulfillment of the Destructive Potential. There’s always an adequate amount of time and dimensional space for change; enough to evade impending doom.

The present is the most minuscule window of time through which the future becomes the past yet it is infinitely and eternally present. There would be the appearance of time travel to peer into these dimensions; the further out into the larger ones the further into the multiple futures of the framework, the further into the smaller ones the further into the multiple pasts of the framework. There may be inverse properties of the frame work, where looking out gets the past and looking in gets the future. None of these are the true past or future of our common continuum.

If someones daughters, Rebecca and Kim, want to be time travelers when they grow up they would have to realize they’re not performing time travel but dimensional or intercontinuum travel with the illusion of time travel. They would have to match the speed of all their molecules and subatomic particles to the next faster or next slower dimensional speed or to the speed of whatever continuum they desire depending on how far into the past or future they would like to travel. They would also  have to grow or shrink a great deal. How in Gods name they would do that I don’t know. It seems like they would stretch themselves to obliteration in any such attempt. Hopefully on the approach to The Fulfillment of the Creative Potential Rebecca and Kim will be smarter than you or I and the advancement and safety of technology will be more adequate. When ready to pass away and wondering what will these kids do, I want to be like “they got this.”

To look at our existence further let’s consider distance and infinity. Zeno proposed that if one were walking toward an object that one would have to go half the distance to the object before going the full distance, before going half the distance, one would have to go a quarter of the distance, before a quarter an eighth and so on. So how does a person ever arrive  at the object when the fractional range is infinite.

Here we deal with infinite increments of distance. As always perception is key. We can not perceive infinity. It’s far too small and far too large, Far too fast and far too slow for us to see or fathom. It’s good that human perception is limited. It is at that limit we can begin to observe motion. In some dimensional capacity one is always preparing to move toward the object because the constant rippling of dimensional motion from or to any and all present motion. You have to think of a pebble thrown into the water and the ripples move inward as well as outward. The ripples represent the flow of emissions; synergies and energies. The pebble entering the water always has been and always will be entering the water times infinity.

ripplesThis allows the illusion of an infinite number of pasts and an infinite number of futures as well. Somewhere in the illusions of the past the person will always be arriving at the position where he or she was initially standing and somewhere in the illusions of the future they will have already gotten to the object. It’s kind of like flipping through pages where the image on each page has been altered slightly. We see the illusion of motion, except to our five senses the motion we experience is real and not two dimensional with an infinite and continuous flow of life through the dimensions or continuums. If the fractional part of distance or time is too small or large we simply do not perceive it. At the smallest fractional increment of distance that we can perceive we move forward toward the object we’re walking to.

The Law of Inertia Refined

An object in motion will stay in motion unless the specific behavior of mass is recalibrated internally or externally by another force. (Remember the double slit experiment)

Explanation: I’d like to use the idea of sub-matter,  super-matter, and parallel matter to make this explanation more plausible. The Human Element, through the superconscious, have the ability to avert asteroids by changing it’s mass, density, speed or location using the dimensional overlaps and folds of sub-matter,  super-matter, and parallel-matter. I think the Universe barrows and gives the energy conversion processes cross dimensionally all the time, everything from sound waves  to particles, for the correction of dimensional rifts. I think this is one of the explanations for deja vu. It’s when an individual is the focal point of dimensional loaning, borrowing and or sharing. Deja vu is the feeling that something you’re experiencing has taken place before and even the feeling that you should be able to predict the next thing. Suddenly the feeling’s gone, I think the Universe, through the superconscious, has just made a change to preserve the continuum. Deja vu could also just be neurons firing  to trigger memory at a time when we’re not trying to remember anything at all. Another example, which seems to happen less frequently in my perception, is when a person knows for sure they left an object somewhere (keys on the end table) but finds them on top of the refrigerator. The Universe may have just compensated for dimensional rift. If this is the case and it’s happening less frequently, it’s a good indicator that we’re headed the correct direction in Geneople.

    asteroids (2)          asteroid

About those asteroids. Human focal points can provide the perfect ebb and flow of energy to avoid disaster. The superconscious is the places where prayers are answered. This may sound to good to be true but who’s to say? Certainly not the dinosaurs. A specie that can’t survive it’s first assault by an asteroid is not going to last in the Universe.

The Rule of Energy

Energy does not create or destroy itself. It only converts it’s form.

Explanation: I define work as motion and motion as energy.  This rule considers everything to be energy or the potential for it, both perceivable and non perceivable.

Sound is pressure from an impact or motion. The pressure causes molecules to vibrate. Our brain and ears translate these vibrations to sound. In empty space there is no detectable sound because there are no molecules. I don’t believe the atoms are uneffected just because we can’t detect the effect. I have no reason to believe sound dissipates to nothing but rather converts to a form beyond our perception. I think sound is underrated in our understanding of the Universe. Interdimensionally through the superconscious sound could be what we call dark energy; allowing continuous expansion of the Universe.  Everything is an energy conversion process.

As long as we exist without the complete scientific knowledge of how it is that we exist, persons will and should speculate to give life as full a meaning as we possibly can. Science and math will rise to establish our existence more fully as time progresses. I don’t believe the world was created in seven 24 hour periods but rather 7 phases. I do believe in the good word of Jesus, but that the Bible has to be interpreted. When science does meet it’s calling we will be able to understand the Bible in it’s fullness. Until I then I think we should live by the teaching of Jesus and those like him. If science is true and the Bible is true as well, the two shall meet. With my theory they do. I’ve presented a work that I can not prove but it’s not easily disproved either. Science will eventually prove it or something very close to it. I can’t help but believe that God fills his creation through and though and wants us to be an everlasting part of him; if we can just listen very closely to what it is his telling us to do. A specie dying unless it’s offspring is raised correctly is blatant communication. How should we respond? My bid is Occupational Parenting. I’ve stated that the Universe wants us to raise our children correctly. On this page I’ve tried to establish how it communicates that to us and how it is that we communicate back to it or him. What is it that God or the Universe hears about our appreciation of our existence? The Universe doesn’t miss a thing so every wrong is known about and if the collective stench is ever foul enough the Universe or God will disown us. Let’s change our deficits to assets before that happens. Keep imagining our existence. Through understanding it we will understand what God demands of us. I mean, lets face it. If children were raised more correctly, atrocities like the Nazi Empire or terror attacks would never be realized.

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