Word Play

Word Play

January 20th, 2016

Word play isn’t just for geeks. After reading this you may think it’s better left to them. As I said on the Occupational Parenting page I think the Homeland has a purpose. Our forefathers may not have seen Occupational Parenting as the end all solution that I believe it to be but they certainly wanted a Government that would provide the means to find that end all solution. We’ve gone astray. I think they’ve left behind evidence as to their intentions; that we all may find a higher equilibrium and existence.  Do you wonder about the evolution of words and symbols. Did the developers of the American language have a higher design in mind or is the nature of these words and phrases meaningless gibber. Here are some words to think about.

Words are funny. Funny meaning interesting here. I’ll start with some military and government terms. How important is the word occupation to the military? It’s just as import to every American and human being. The home is the first thing to secure when occupying  the Home Land.

military babyEvery infant growing up through toddlerhood needs their basic training and who better to guard over our infants than the infantryman or perhaps infantrywoman in the future. Is she called woman because she’s the man with the womb (womb-man?)  It’s the information age and our military should be in formation for the task at hand. As long as the earth is turning we should always be prepared for the next revolution; what kind and where it fits. The British Invasion of the 1960’s was all about the music and I certainly consider it to be a revolution. You’ve heard “aaannd ac’tion” on the set. Well some soldiers are looking for some action in what ever theater they’re deployed to. Yes it’s actually called a theater of war. Is it a coincidence that warship and worship sound alike? It’s pretty important so that when we bow our heads to pray, we don’t become prey.

When I think of states of consciousness I think of more than the subconscious, conscious, and unconscious. I think of the superconscious where in is a state of consciousness of everything that exist. These states should be united.

These United States; this Home Land was argued into existence to end the tears and tiers of tyranny both alien and domestic. I’m sorry that was supposed to be foreign and domestic. Still it’s the space age so maybe alien will apply in the future.

The military and the United States government have been using the word transparent a lot lately. The prefix trans means across, beyond, or through. When placing it in front of the word parent it can seem very negative or very positive. I like to think of it as meaning, through parenting everything else will be made clear.

Everyone likes to talk about money. I’ve mixed this one up a little with electricity. What the heck, electricity’s fun too.

money electricityIf we think of current or currency we think of electricity or money. You may also think of a river or ocean. A sea fairing vessel is just the crossover that we need to electricity in the word ark. I just noticed that elect is in the word electricity. We elect persons to be in charge. Also everyone needs an outlet when times are too taxing.

Persons are real money; more so than paper, metal, or plastic. That’s why there are denominations of persons and denominations of money. A talent can be an ability and Biblically it’s a coin. So a person’s currency is the flow they use to communicate with the Universe they are a part of. I think it was in the 80’s persons actually called each other “money”. It should be understood to be more than slang.

I use the word persons instead of people. I look at the individual as a per/sun. Each person has their part in the energy conversion process.

Vibration and sound walk hand in hand. I’ve already stated that sound, in a Dimensional Space Continuum, is highly underrated. Music has a healing effect in the Universe. There is a flow inward and outward in which the Universe uses the human element as an outlet for stress and pressure caused by dimensional rifts, e.g a blues rift. It can be a very pleasant flow as well. Each flow is constantly changing and effecting the other. There are things in the Universe always being locked away and unlocked. Keys, whether on a piano, on a ring, or in the measure we sing is a very fitting term. Word play on persons who make their fortunes in the music industry is as simple as making a space between the R and the T. So it’s “for tune”.  There’s a cord and there’s accord; there are keys played jointly on an instrument and the wires we use to plug in our appliances, then there are the cords we receive nutrients through in the womb through a process called osmosis. I think so much of the Universe functions by this method. Accord is also persons in a oneness of thought, voice, or behavior.

music universeI’m sure there’s a lot that can be done with the words radio, radio waves, and radioactivity. There is also elements that exist in radios and other appliances. There are atoms which form elements which make molecules are on the periodic table, and we hear the weather spoken of as the elements. Of course there’s my favorite the human element. Maybe I’ll address these next time I’m on this page, or maybe some scientist or word geek will do it for us. I hope I don’t offend anyone by using the word geek. For me it’s not a bad thing.

Electricity and energy

energy electricityBack in the day it was difficult to define energy and its purpose but using electricity was an adequate substitute. Today the need for such a substitute doesn’t exist except for comparison. Today we have email, e-trade, eharmony, and emoney. I’d like to use one that has been around for quite a while; e-motion. It’s the motion and work of energy. I’d like to mention our solar plexus again; hand in hand with emotion and our currency to and from the Universe that we are a part of. Though feelings are underrated in our hierarchy of existence and communication with the sun; I don’t want to sell reason or re-sun short. The sun never has to supernova or become a red giant.

Let’s look at recreation as re-creation. Re-creation in small doses is perfect like a tree that comes back year after year. Few want the mass re-creation; the death of our solar system and the birth of some nebulae else where. Play and enjoyment are essentials. I once heard a man say,” if you love what u do, you’ll never work another day in your life”. While scientifically that’s not true its meaning is clear. Happiness and contentment are languages the Universe can understand and respond to as productivity.

white water rafting       nebula

Seal – I don’t really know enough about the animal to use it in word play. Sorry. Well, a seal can be a stamp or bonding. Sealing can be part of a preservation effort as with driveways. It can be part of a repair. If we use a “sounds like” word it would be ceiling. Perhaps we could think of reparation to the earths atmosphere (our outside ceiling). It would be nice if the Great Seal was that profound.

Though most are not educated in the meaning of the symbols on our dollar bill I think everyone should be. It’s as much a part of our future as it is our history. Why don’t we learn about this in school? We look complacently at the symbols and words on American money and almost never consider their meaning. I did a small amount of research. I believe the Great Seal, on the back of the dollar bill, is about this age and sealing our planet, our Universe, our existence. “Novus Ordo Seclorum” translates to “New World Order”. “Annuit Coeptis” has a few translations. One translation is “God has favored our undertakings”. Another translation is “He has favored our undertakings” and one more is “Our undertakings have been favored”. There is also a few translations for “E Pluribus Unum” , “One of several” or “One out of many” or “One from many”. Our nation is made up of many other nations and at its birth it distinguished itself from all other nations. Take a look at your dollar bill while they still exist. Of course you don’t have to agree with me but clearly some American persons had a passion for something bigger than themselves when creating it. Hopefully you give a care to these things and remember the American spirit, “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God”. (Benjamin Franklin)

NSC       the great seal (3)

I have nothing against English persons. Lord knows some great musicians (healers and sealers) come from the British but I do not speak the Queen’s English. I’m not a British subject. I’m an American citizen therefore I speak American. The reason for mentioning this is the English language is different from the American language and I’m not sure where those differences lie. Did our forefathers forge new meanings of the English language or are the two languages more similar than I suspect?

I think a lot of the coincidence and crossover in language is due to a certain amount of programming. Each character, then groups of characters form words. The character was first realized then reinforced time and again in The Rule of Socialized Genetics. Be curious about all of your layers then be curious about the layers of all that surrounds you.


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2 thoughts on “Word Play

  1. Dildo bagnuts

    Just to get your goat… Some thoughts.
    Some halfway serious, some just to irritate you, and some for sincere thought. The puzzle lies within you figuring which is which. Because the ‘true’ play on words has always been their conviction changing depending on ego, reaction, attention etc. Someone may have a self-acknowledged half-wit idea like ‘humanity’ (what does that word truly mean?) they get someone else to sign onto the idea, and 200 people later, we have a government defined religion, with its founder now passionately beating his drum. Play on words….hm. If words can transform pending emotion, reception, emphasis, time, this must mean their definitions are virtually alive and endless. If this is the case, in fact this must mean they’re also meaningless. Sad possible conclusion. The bible is interpreted in at least 67 different ways. This is with it’s very existence subject to legitimacy. If it is in fact the word of god, who is man to ‘edit’ such a thing….what irony to what is supposedly written, at minimal, scripture defining God as the ALL Mighty. If this were the case, no editing would be needed. Not only this, but books having been written by Jesus’s closest disciples, are intentionally ommited? “The Book of Lilith”. Mary of Magalen, who many argue, not only Jesus’z closest and most faithful follower, but also his lover and confidant. Words like any other currency, has enticed people to weild for ‘humanity’s’ endless thirst for power. Lastly, it is impossible for there to be multiple universes, within a word begin in with ‘uni’.

    1. myhome@homekeeperu.com Post author

      I didn’t really find your thoughts irritating. I disagree that a word (words) are meaningless because no definition defines everything except maybe “everything”. I would love 200 persons to sign on to the idea of occupational parenting then later 400 and so on. It is what it is. I do think it’s funny that some scientist are using “uni” to describe multiple “uni”verses. I hadn’t thought of that. And lastly I think a government defined religion is a lot better than a religion defined government. Thank you so much for commenting. I really like input. Keep your home well.


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